Boehner: I might sue Obama over Iran deal

Vatic Note:   What a joke this is...... both parties are controlled by the khazar bankers and will do whatever Rothschild or Israel tells them to do, so this is just for public consumption with a touch of election manipulations for the upcoming primaries.  If we ever finally have a Nuremberg type trials for these criminals and traitors,  I want the MSM PRESS included in the indictments.

What no one has mentioned is that Iran has not invaded or attacked another country in over 360  years.   They have defended themselves, but they have never aggressed..... these people know this and are playing with us just to get that fear and hate meter running.

Boehner is no less sold out than Hillary Clinton is and its time we stopped all this "TREASON" running rampid in Washington DC.  Its getting old and time for action to move this nation forward and to stop all the war mongering, false flags, and other manipulations.   If Israel attacks Iran,  let her, and let Iran take care of her.  Most real Jews have already left Israel and are now residing in either New York, Chicago or London.

Boehner: I might sue Obama over Iran deal  


Speaker John Boehner said Thursday he might sue President Barack Obama again.

The Ohio Republican said Obama has not turned over the entirety of the Iran agreement for congressional review as mandated by law. Boehner said legal action is “an option that’s very possible.”

“If you read the provisions in [the congressional review law], it’s pretty clear that the president has not complied,” Boehner said Thursday during his weekly news conference. “Because it makes clear that any side agreements and any other type of an agreement — including those that do not directly involve us — must be turned over as part of it. I do not believe that he’s complied.” 
The speaker said the agreement is "worse than anything I could’ve ever imagined."

House Republicans have a pending lawsuit against Obamacare, which a judge ruled this week can proceed.

Congress lacks the votes to stop the Iran agreement, but a lawsuit is one way for Boehner to prolong the fight over the nuclear accord. The House will vote Thursday and Friday on several pieces of legislation related to the pact, including an up-or-down vote on approving the deal, and another to rebuke Obama for not submitting so-called side deals between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran. The agreement will be in place by Sept. 17.

Boehner also said the House might vote on disapproving the agreement, a move that would bring it in line with the Senate, which is set to vote Thursday on whether to proceed on a measure to disapprove of the pact.

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