VATIC CHANGE OF PACE: Best Hippie Songs Of All Time

Vatic Note:   This brings back memories of the period when America was waking up to so much negatively that was going on and these hippies not only turned it around through exposure of the facts and "TRUTH", but also overall changed how people interacted with each other.   The hippies became the perveyors of "Love and Peace" and from that came creativity, adaptability and colors.   Its the time when I discovered that "music" was food for the soul. 

I remember thinking about how colorful they looked and how colorful their VW vans were.  They made us happy to look at them and we marveled at their courage in the face of adversity and their adaptability to the point where the evil ones could AFFECT THE ATTITUDES of most of us in a positive way and were frustrated because that was not their objective.

So, lets get into the spirit of these songs and the music that touched us and relive those moments again and renew our commitment to reclaim that time for this period of our lives and that of our nation.

We have a restaurant in our little town called "Two Chicks and a Hippy".... who started the restaurant.   Its visited by everyone in town, along with many of the tourists that come here.  Relax, and get into the mental state we once had being absolutely sure that we would overcome all adversity.   And we did!!!!  That means we can do it again.   

Best Hippie Songs Of All Time 
Published by deonal on Jul 8, 2014
Here are my faves from this historic era of freedom, expression and rebellion.

The Band, Canned Heat, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival and a snippet from Richie Havens.  (VN:  we can find that heart of gold within  ourselves and when we do, we will see it in others. WHEN THIS ENDS, CLICK ON THE SCREEN FOR "PART 2" AND LISTEN TO MORE OF THEM.  ITS WELL WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT. )


VN:  Now for a little jog down memory lane with Simon and Garfunkel.

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