Saturday, Sept 12, is Vatic Masters Day OFF. She will be back on Sunday the 13th

Please avail yourselves of the 6700 blogs or so, that have been posted over these past 6 years and see just  how close to calling the game that we have come, and did so very early on.   Starting next week we are going to begin working on how WE ALL CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE FORCED END OF THIS ATTACK UPON THE PLANET BY THE GLOBALISTS.

PLEASE TUNE IN AND GET ON BOARD SINCE WE ARE GOING TO NEED ALL OF US TOGETHER TO END THIS COUP ATTEMPT UPON THE WORLDS SOVEREIGN NATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS.  Many of these blogs have given our readers deep insight into what we can expect should they ever take over this planet from us and how we must NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN.  NOT EVER.  God bless you all and keep you happy and safe.

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