Discrimination Against Russian Jews in Israel

Vatic Note:  The first question that came to mind as I read this was "Are these real semitic Russian Jews, or are they the "Khazar Zionist Russians called "Ashkenazi Jews"? The Distinction is important since the latter are not Jewish by DNA.   They are not the semitic Jews of the Bible.  They are Turks and Mongols mixed with the escaping canaanites of the Bible.

Remember, they were created in Genesis 1, verse 26 and God did not blow into their nostrils, like he did with Adam and Eve, much later, and I believe gave them a soul and His spirit.. And yet, the God of the old testament told Jacob to kill all the cananites including every man, woman AND CHILD.  Does that sound like the God of the New testament???

Here is something I found that I believe explains this relationship between America, British and Israel.   and its a must listen and watch and read.  When you do, I believe you will feel the same as the first commenter on this video.  It explains why Israel is always attacking us and murdering our citizens and why they are trying to destroy our economy.

IT IS A MUST WATCH  VIDEO. The next question is "Is the Israeli agenda for dominating the globe, related to taking back control of the tribes of Israel and turning them into satanists, since they believe satan is their god??" Is that why these khazars kill off all Christians in massive numbers whenever they take over a nation???  Lots of questions and without meaning to, I believe this guy has given us the answer. His intent was to tie us together, and he did but without realizing what he was saying.  It explained so much for me after doing all this research. I could find no credible explanation for these Israeli's willingness to murder the citizens of one of their best allies.  NOW WE KNOW.

Published on Jul 30, 2015 https://youtu.be/t8Lf_rYX3Lg
The Bible contains an explicit prophecy about a coming break-up between America and Israel. No one is talking about it. These two nations have enjoyed a special and enduring alliance, but a cataclysmic event will soon rock America, Israel and other Western nations, ending this bond. You need to know what is coming and why!    VN: so my new question is...... what tribe of Israel are the Russians????  Depending on the answer, might explain why the khazar bankers invaded Russia in 1917 and made it into a communist country occupied by the Zionists, AND MURDERED 63 MILLION CHRISTIANS and sent the church underground.  Same with Germany in WW II.  Was the issue between Germany and the Zionists a bigger one than we had been lead to believe?   It appears that may well be the case. 

Were they satan worshippers that was their old testament God?  That is in direct conflict with the Christ delivered New Testament where Jesus references God as "the father", and no where in the old testament is that the case.   WOW, LOTS TO PONDER HERE.  I believe this video speaker is innocently speaking on behalf of the evil ones but gave us references in the Bible that would prove the opposite of what he intended...... how ironic. 

Just considering the ramifications listed here, is mind blowing and causes one to pause and reflect history in the context of what is happening today.  Is that why Bush Jr, gave Israel billions of dollars to build underground bunkers, back in 2003?   Barry Chamish proved that was the case and even had photos of the entrances to THE NUKE HARDENED BUNKERS THE ISRAELI'S BUILT.  It appears the Israeli economy is heavily built on WAR as a way of life.

It would also explain this below. 

Discrimination Against Russian Jews in Israel
By Steve Lendman, of Steve Lendman Blog, September 1, 2015 

America is the developed world’s most unequal country economically. Israel is close behind - a chasm in both nations exists between rich and most others, growing exponentially. Social injustice is rife. (VN: why is anyone surprised that Israel is like America?  Israel Rothschild bankers owned practically all the businesses in America.)

US Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1956 - 1941) once said nations have a choice - democracy or concentrated wealth in few hands, never both. America and Israel were never democracies, for sure not now.

Beginning in the late 1980s under Mikhail Gorbachev, hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews emigrated to Israel - for large numbers, failing to find what they came for, driving many to leave.

On August 29, the Jerusalem Post headlined 26 years of Russian aliya: Segregation, poverty and police brutality,” saying:

Since the late 1980s, “(o)ver a million repatriates from the former Soviet Union came to Israel, where they became ‘Russians.’ “

New arrivals included doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals. Despite contributing to Israel’s economy and culture, “their problems aren’t addressed but rather keep piling up, while being completely overlooked.”

Russians face discrimination. “(R)acist slurs and stereotypes” taunt them…The glass ceiling is more impenetrable than ever.”

“(T)he percentage of ‘Russians’ in senior positions and public office is much lower in proportion to their percentage within the Israeli society. There are no ‘Russian’ CEO’s in the ministries, which means that they are being ignored and not considered for promotions.”

They’re harassed, beaten by police and wrongfully detained - children treated as abusively as adults. Authorities admit harsh treatment, even though they’re good, law-abiding citizens.

Around 200,000 elderly Russians will “get peanuts for pensions” at retirement - even though they spent up to a generation in Israel’s workforce. 

They’ll get the equivalent of around $750 dollars a month maximum - sub-poverty in Israel’s high cost of living economy if they have no other sources of income or enough savings.

Otherwise, they’ll have to rely on children for support. A newly created Forum of Russian-speaking Israelis includes “journalists, researchers, sociologists and PR professionals,” said the JP.

They “united to work on solving all the problems mentioned above before” - raising awareness, organizing protests and seeking ways to “ease the burden” of elderly Russian nationals approaching retirement.

They intend pressuring Netanyahu for help. Various MKs support them. Media coverage helps their cause. They got results. A government commission will look for ways to solve their problem - including stopping police brutality discussed above.

Forum members want Russian Jews treated as equal citizens. About 720,000 Russians now live in Israel. Their numbers are shrinking as many vote with their feet and leave.

At one time, 20 Russian nationals held Knesset seats. Today it’s 13 out a 120-seat body. The Russian immigrant tide left for a better life in Israel. Most were hugely disappointed.

They’re frustrated and angry for good reason. They were sold a bill of goods to come - empty promises they discovered. For many, the cost of living is overwhelming. Low pay and dwindling benefits make it hard to make ends meet. They pay high taxes and get little back in return.

Widespread emigration is an ongoing process getting little media attention. It’s a politically charged topic. Departing Russians either go home or head to Western countries willing to accept them.

Ex-pats leaving way outnumber new arrivals. Life in Israel rewards its privileged few. Russian immigrants get short shrift.

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