CIA Agent Deathbed Confession: “I Was Part of the Assassination Team That Killed JFK”

Vatic Note:  What we are seeing below, is a massive huge crime that has never been investigated and here is all the evidence one needs to demand an investigation with the results ending in trials and punishment for both the perps  who had done this, as well as the nation involved.

JFK was killed because he was disbanning the Federal Reserve and returning control of our currency back over to the US Treasury.  The Rothschild cabal could not let that happen and the creation of Israel was to give Rothschild the tools a nation would have to thwart such actions and he used them.  As you will see it was not only Israel, but treason from within our government, by those who worked for Israel on this issue.  

The Israeli scientist Vanunnu told our press that Israel had done 9-11 and had killed JFK, with insiders of our government ensuring the coverup of both attacks against our nation by the country involved and their operatives within our government acting as ensurers of the cover up and prevention of any investigation and its results ever being exposed. You will hear it for yourselves from the Lyndon Johnson phone tapes talking with Hoover about the cover up.

That is proof positive of their complicity in this treasonous criminal act and should be shown in all history books and records and Johnsons library should be closed or used to highlight his role in this act of treason. 

Now you will know when you listen to all this below.  EVERY SINGLE VIDEO IS A MUST WATCH.   THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON THIS CRIME, thus it should be investigated and prosecuted and Johnson should be named as a co-conspirator in both the USS Liberty and the JFK assassination and his role in history must be reported accurately and his treason exposed.  

CIA Agent Deathbed Confession: “I Was Part of the Assassination Team That Killed JFK”

Hunt was one of the people who brought down the Nixon Administration during the Watergate scandal.

Made famous for being one of the “Plumbers” in the Watergate Hotel Break-In which eventually forced Nixon to resign.

Never before seen, the 1987 confession of James E. Files on the killing of President John F. Kennedy:

After 50 years of hidden files, the Warren Commission was a fraud and the public has the right to know the truth once and for all.

LBJ and Hoover discuss the COVER UP of JFK Assassination:

The reason: JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschild’s Federal Reserve

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