William Ramsey: Abomination-West Memphis Three Satanic Murder Travesty

Vatic Note:   This was extremely fascinating and another view of reality as a result of the murder of these three children no more than 8 years old and killed in a brutal manner by Satanic teens who were around 16, 17 years old.    This is up because this is what is happening to our youth and the deterioration of our society through the demonic spiritual assaults upon our lives and especially our children.            

This is fascinating and bodes not well for our future if these satanists who are the globalists are able to cointinue to recruit our young people into this dark, dangerous, type of life.  Ramsey does a good job of explaining what happened and the perversion that took place in dealing with the prosecution of these teens and the strange results.  This is important for us to understand who these satanists are.

William Ramsey: Abomination-West Memphis Three Satanic Murder Travesty 
Published on Mar 9, 2013
OffPlanet Radio Live - March 6, 2013 - Randy Maugans with William Ramsey

Researcher-author, William Ramsey, returns to present the stunning narrative of the May 5, 1993 West Memphis, Arkansas ritual torture-rape-abuse-murders of three 8-year old boys by a teenage Satanic Cult, led by a popularized media figure now known as Damien Echols.

Tried, convicted, with a full confession by one of the participants, Jesse Misskelley; Jason Baldwin received a life sentence, and Echols was senstenced to death.

What followed was a massive effort by Hollywood occultists, led by Johnny Depp, director Peter Jackson (-Lord of The Rings-), Dixie Chicks' Natalie Maines, and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), to create a cause célèbre with massive fund raising, legal assistance, and a huge media campaign. The result was an aborragation of justice, and the unleashing of a cult personality to glamorize Satanism.

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