WTC Demolition Participant Murdered?

Vatic Note:   This makes about a dozen or so of witnesses or perpetrators to 9-11 that have been murdered or otherwise killed, supposedly by their own hand or by accident.  In this case it was pretty clear that someone who has drowned is not found facing up.  You read and decide.   My question is "What did they know that would prove something other than the official story....????   That has me very curious.  Was it truly the vending machines or something else? 

We know that a maintenance man was also killed shortly after 9-11 because he saw the explosions and skin coming off other workers faces who were near the blast area and eventually died from it.  We also know that O'Neil, a senior FBI  agent who resigned and was hired by Silverstein was killed because of his probe into the USS Cole event and the Israel ambassador to Yemen asked that they quit making inquiries into Mossads role in the blowing up of the USS Cole that killed many of our sailors and was blamed on the  Yemenis. 

Like I have said,  Its simply amazing what we do not know.  History is no longer history, its fiction and fantasy.  

WTC Demolition Participant Murdered?
By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, November 17, 2014

Michael Calabrese was found floating upright. "Accidental drowning" ?!
Michael Calabrese was found floating upright. “Accidental drowning” ?!

Was Michael Calabrese murdered to prevent him from talking about his participation in the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7?

That is the explosive charge leveled by an anonymous source calling himself “Dave Adam.” According to former NSA officer turned whistleblowing journalist Wayne Madsen, “Adam” fears for his life in the wake of Calabrese’s apparent murder.

In an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio, Wayne Madsen explained that pseudonymous source Dave Adam came forward during the past two weeks, apparently first contacting Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and then Madsen. According to Madsen, Adam “claimed he was involved in placing vending machines containing detonation and relay switches inside the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center” and that Calabrese, a former Navy Seal, was part of the operation.

Calabrese was found dead on May 24 2012, floating in a harbor in Camden, North Carolina. The odd thing was that his body was floating vertically, not horizontally, indicating it had been weighed down. Though Camden County Sheriff Tony Perry called the death “suspicious,” it was officially ruled an accident.

Madsen spoke of his “experience investigating these types of deaths – many of which were in the Chesapeake Bay – such as John Paisley, a former Clandestine Services Officer for the CIA, who was found floating in a similar manner, was weighed down with anchor chain next to his boat in Chesapeake Bay a week before he was supposed to testify to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. 

Same with William Colby, the former CIA Director. And then there was a guy named Phil Merrill, who was a well-known publisher in the DC area. There’s a journalism school named after Phil Merrill at the University of Maryland at College Park. Merrill was also a member of the Export-Import Bank, which has been in and out of news on corruption over the years. 

And Merrill may have had some information on how all this massive amount of cash was sent to Iraq (and billions disappeared)…he was found suspiciously floating next to his yacht in the Chesapeake as well, wrapped up in anchor chain. 

They said he committed suicide…Wrapped himself up in anchor chain and then shot himself…My experience with water deaths like this is that water is a favorite way to get rid of people, because the toxicology is immediately thrown off. Because the longer the body is in the water, anything like poison or any sort of injection basically disappears.”

According to Madsen, Calabrese’s background was consistent with the foul-play scenario. “He had been in the news a year before during Hurricane Irene. He lived on his boat with his girlfriend in Portsmouth, which is right next to Norfolk, where a lot of retired military people are. And so that made sense if Calabrese was a former Navy Seal (as alleged by Dave Adam)…Hurricane Irene was coming up the coast, and he put out to sea rather than suffer damage with his boat in port. 

Like many Navy ships do: They sortee ships to ride out the storms in the open sea. And he decided to try to outrun this hurricane. But he was not successful. The yacht, with him and his girlfriend on it, was beached in Oceanview, which is off the Willoughby Spit in Chesapeake, very close to the Willow Creek Naval Amphibious Base, where I believe four Navy Seal teams, including Seal Team 2, are headquartered. 

Oddly enough, after that happened, somebody torched his boat after it was on the beach and he was under orders to remove it…he said he received all kinds of threats, which he passed to the Norfolk Police, that his boat was going to be burned. And threats against himself. 

So why would this guy, who was featured on the local news after being rescued from his sinking boat in a storm, why would anyone start threatening him and his property? My feeling is that he was probably living on boats to stay off the grid.”

“None of this is verified, but…if it’s true that Calabrese was his (Adam’s) supervisor (in prepping the WTC demolitions) we now have a suspicious dead body in 2012. That would tend to support (Adam’s) allegations. Adam came forward just in the last few weeks…In the interim I met some former Navy special warfare operations people who worked in NAS Pensacola. 

The Florida Panhandle has a lot of special forces people, current and retired…I was invited to speak speak face-to-face to some of these Navy special warfare people. And they indicated to me that they knew who Calabrese was, they verified the fact that he had been in the Navy…and he was known to these Navy special warfare people. That’s a very small community by the way.”

At the time of his death Calabrese was writing an autobiographical book entitled Angels at Work. Like JFK’s girlfriend Mary Meyer, who was killed while writing a book detailing how CIA people she knew (including ex-husband Cord) had killed JFK, and Philip Marshall, a former CIA drug pilot who was murdered along with his two children while writing a book about what really happened on 9/11, Calabrese may have been killed to prevent him from publicizing his involvement in a “national security case.”

Dave Adam claims that he worked for Calabrese as part of a CIA-linked special operations team that flew in from Montana’s Malstrom Air Force Base, operated out of Military Sealift Command Atlantic in Bayonne, New Jersey, and placed detonation relay switches in vending machines in the World Trade Center Towers. 

Madsen says he “checked to see who had the contract for the vending machines in those two buildings. It was a company called Aramark Services. They were just in the news recently. They got a contract with the Chicago public school system. And it looks like there were payoffs made to provide school lunches…courtesy of Rahm Emmanuel…the other thing is, they also provide catering services to passenger planes. (VN:  Rahm is Mayor of Chicago, a son of a ugan terrorist for Israel)

That may open up an entirely new door in this whole investigation. I’m not saying they knew anything about these (rigged-to-trigger-demolition) vending machines. And I would assume that if the vending machines were in a public area, they had to be somewhat functional, unless they were just moved in as vending machines and put in a closed area not seen by the public.”

The same source, Dave Adam, says the WTC demolition team’s activities were disguised through the help of a team of “performance artists” brought into the Towers for that purpose. The two performance teams, E-Team and Gelitin, were given 24-7 access to the entire World Trade Center for the entire four years leading up to the attack.

According to journalist Jonathan Elinoff, who broke the story in 2009 on Truth Jihad Radio, these “art students” were detained as part of the Israeli spy ring that conducted the biggest-ever espionage operation against the US during the run-up to 9/11. These “art students” had three or four tons of boxes in the World Trade Center, along with blueprints of the buildings and maps of security check points. “They had passes to bring in whatever kinds of construction material they wanted,” Madsen says. “Since the World Trade Center had been bombed in 1993, this did raise eyebrows.”

According to Madsen, Dave Adam says that E-Team and Gelitin were “diversionary people known to him and his team” whose role was “to divert attention to what they (the CIA-linked special ops team prepping the demolitions) were doing in the buildings.”

Madsen pointed out that some of the E-Team and Gelatin “art students” –  like the hundreds of Israeli spies disguised as art students swarming all over the US during the run-up to 9/11used fake credentials from nonexistent art schools. 

Madsen noted that Jeb Bush, who was governor of Florida in 2001 and personally participated in the cover-up of the Israeli spies, Arab patsies and fake flight schools, is expected to announce his candidacy for president soon – which should bring renewed attention to his nefarious activities in 2001.  (VN:  we published a blog about Jeb Bush, who, as governor of Florida, signed on Sept 7, 2001 an executive order declaring MARTIAL LAW FOR FLORIDA, TO BE EFFECTIVE ON 9-11-2001.  How did he know on 9/7, what was going to happen on 9-11?  Was he in on it?  He had to be, to do what he did on 9/7/01)

Madsen agrees with my suggestion that Dave Adam (assuming he is a genuine whistleblower) should drop the pseudonym and go public by giving trusted people multiple copies of video showing him telling everything he knows.

“We know what the NSA is able to do, thanks to the Ed Snowden revelations. Just because you use a pseudonym doesn’t mean they can’t track you back to the computer it was sent from. The other thing is, he claims he now suffers from PTSD and a host of other things. So he’s got some major problems. 

But he’s not the first person who’s come forward after these 13 years with information. I’ve talked with others who have sat on information for years, but either because they were suffering from PTSD themselves, or they were afraid to talk, waited for a long, long time to say anything. So that’s not unusual.”

So Dave Adam, if you’re reading Veterans Today right now, please get your story out in a complete, definitive, non-anonymous manner and stay safe! I guarantee that if you blow the 9/11 case wide open, Alan Roland will be happy to help you with his highly effective therapy for overcoming PTSD.

And by lancing the suppurating boil of 9/11 with the sharp needle of truth, you’d also be helping your country overcome the possibly terminal case of PTSD it’s been undergoing during the past 13 years.  (VN: and it would prosecute the real terrorists who did 9-11 and put it to rest finally with JUSTICE FOR ALL VICTIMS INCLUDING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.)

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