Russia Amends Law on Firearm Possession for Self-Defense

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Vatic Note:   Well, this is an amazing turn of events.   We, the American people, received a public warning from the Russian People through their News telling us "DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS."  They said that giving up their guns prior to the 1917 Russian revolution is what brought their nation down and we should not allow that to happen.   We did a blog on that fact back when they gave us the warning.  Read this from a real Jewish person about what happens when you give up your guns.....  Its brutal so don't go there if you are sensitive.     http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2014/06/bolshevik-khazars-calling-themselves.html

Russia Amends Law on Firearm Possession for Self-Defense
by Admin,  Sputnik News, Russia,  November 18, 2014

Russian legislation has been amended allowing citizens to carry lethal weapons for self-defense purposes.

MOSCOW, November 18 (Sputnik) — Russia has updated its legislation to allow civilians to carry firearms for self-defense, according to an amended decree on lethal weapons that appeared Tuesday on the official database of Russian laws and legal documents.

The previous edition only allowed using licensed firearms on special occasions, such as hunting, sports events and shooting training courses. The new amendment says that firearms can also be carried "for self-defense purposes."

Until now, Russian laws permitted the civil population to carry two types of weapons:

lethal ones such as shotguns and rifles for hunting and shooting sports, and so-called non-lethal trauma guns firing rubber bullets for personal protection only.

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