There is actually some "good news" out here!!! Community Campaigns.

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 Vatic Note:  I put this up because we need some good news for a change, however, that does not mean abdicating our responsibility to verify these groups are legit and manned by those of us we know are legitimate activists.   Its part of our responsibility to be "vigilant" in preserving our freedoms as envisioned by our founding fathers.

Read the Federalist papers and you will see what I mean and what they were going through back then, that resembles right now.  Remember, Soros funded and ran "Occupy Wall STreet" from the Lucis trust offices in the United Nations building.  We must not let that happen again, since it was controlled opposition and did absolutely nothing, as it was suppose to, and thus was a waste of our time, and money. 

Once that is done, and confirmed, then we can learn from the successes of these groups.  As Vatic Project has been saying all along, that when our reps do not heed our calls, then its time to do everything ourselves.  Right now, these groups are in the middle of warning our elected reps,  "get back to representing us, or we will do it ourselves".

So, get involved in your local community,  help to establish with the PTB, that we are able, willing and ready to take back control of our government if they force us to do so.  Lobby your local city, town and county commissioners, and boards.  Offer the sheriff of your country, your support and volunteer as a posse member to be called upon at a moments notice.  Finally, never give up your guns.  The Russians warned us about that.

Read this below and see what you think.  There will be more articles like this that we can save, study and reach out to these groups for assistance in setting up resistance within our counties. 

People Power not Corporate Power

All of the communities we work with are seeking to take control of their local destinies and to subordinate corporations to local democratic control by passing rights-based laws. 
In so doing they link arms with over 150 communities across the U.S. that have stopped working defensively against specific corporate harms and taken courageous action to assert their right to decide in the place where they live.
Our role as rights-based organizers in California 
In California, Global Exchange is the contact organization for community rights organizing. We are currently working with the following communities on active rights-based campaigns: 

Nevada City, CA - The Right to Local Food Sovereignty

Who decides what food systems and farming look like in a community? Who has the right to make decisions about where food comes from or how it is grown? Communities or corporations and state regulatory agencies? 

We are working with residents in Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA who have become increasingly concerned about the issue of food sovereignty including the right to access locally grown, organic food and to share items like vegetables, sustainably raised meat, and raw milk with their neighbors.

This past spring, shortly after a community-wide screening of the film Farmageddon, Community Rights Program Director, Shannon Biggs, was invited to speak at a community meeting held in Nevada City around the question 'who decides what we eat, grow, and sell in our community'?

The meeting was organized by the group, Local Food Freedom Nevada County, and was attended by a diverse group of over two hundred members of the Nevada City / Grass Valley community including farmers, doctors, lawyers and tea partiers. Aside from Shannon, other speakers included California farmer Patti Chelseth whose farm was raided by the CDFA for sharing milk from her two cows; and local health care practioner Dale Jacobsen.

Since then, residents in both communities have been engaged in an energizing discussion around the issue of the local right to food sovereignty in Nevada County and potential next steps in moving forward with a campaign to adopt a rights-based ordinance that would assert the community's right to grow, eat, and share locally farmed, organic food without intervention from state and federal regulatory agencies.

If you live in the Nevada County area and would like to learn more about the issue of food sovereignty and the organizing work that has been done by residents in the area please visit their website. 

Further resources on food sovereignty and community rights
Watch the trailor for the film Farmageddon:
Farmageddon - Movie Trailer from Kristin Canty on Vimeo.
Other such activities within California

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