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Now for the blog part......The Contributors Note on this really does tell it all.  Both the Federal Reserve and the IRS are working for global entities.... The IRS's Headquarters are in Puerto Rico, why?  Because its an offshore entity and collection arm of the IMF and not of the USA.  I dont' need to tell you that the Fed Reserve is owned by the international bankers and control our economy. The twin star is here as you may have noticed today, so that is why the globalists are disappearing and gas has dropped to record lows compared to the past 8 years.

Time to find those vent openings, the fibre optics and water....  We truly should share the same outcome as these insane ones.  If there is justice in the universe, then we will find it all. 

Contributed by email, Ron Woods, Dominican Republic, 11/15/2014

CONTRIBUTORS NOTE:   This  is one of the most revealing videos I've ever seen regarding the  formulation of the current UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  It reveals the  transformation from the Republic to its current corporate self and fully  explains forward from the 14th Amendment, bankruptcy  entanglements, through the formation of the privately  owned Federal Reserve Bank Act, and Internal Revenue Act.   

Part 1 - 


This video is a two part  series with the most revealing being the second part, which is only  five minutes long explaining where our money goes and too who.  For your  knowledge as provided in Video II not one penny of your money paid into  the Internal Revenue Service goes into the Treasury of the United  States, its forwarded to external sources.  If you want to see the law watch this video. 

Part 2 -


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