New Article From Jim Stone Absolutely Verifies Russian Aircraft Turning Off US Aegis Cruiser's Defenses!

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Vatic Note:   What the big story here is,  All the sailors on board resigned immediately while still on ship, from the Navy.  Now why is that?  It has to be bigger than them being afraid or demoralized.  I could buy one or two of them getting to that point, but the entire crew?  What did they know or see, that made them mad enough to resign?   They understand full well that military service is a risky business for those that serve in the military including the navy, so WHY did they resign. All they probably kept thinking about was the USS Liberty.

What did they know or figure out that make them do so enmass.  The officers must have resigned as well.   Is it because of the purging in the Pentagon and the men know more about it than we do???  Is it because it is so obvious that our feigned incompetance is known by the sailors to be a feigned condition and if so then did they make a connection between these facts and a third world war that we are suppose to fight in and lose?

Think about it,  a press announced demoralized condition of the fighting men, is suppose to do what?  Make Americans afraid?  If our fighting men resigned, what does that say about the politicians and those in the military remaining after Obama's purge?  It says something stinks to high heaven.  Was this intentional to demoralize the American public?  Who even knows if it true.

The weaponry is right on, but the rest of it?  Not so sure.  I trust Jim Stone, no end, but this is making it seem as thought he is the only one we can trust. You read and decide.   We have included comments within the body of the article.  Check back and see how it goes.

New Article From Jim Stone Absolutely Verifies Russian Aircraft Turning Off US Aegis Cruiser's Defenses!
By Northern Truthseeker,  November 13, 2014

Several months back I put up an article that stated that a Russian SU24 fighter plane buzzed an American Aegis Cruiser, the USS Donald Cook, while the ship was near Russian territorial waters near the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea. (Read my previous article here).   
That Russian aircraft then proceeded to do the unthinkable by "turning off" the Aegis cruiser's defenses using new state of the art Russian electronic jamming technology!

The plane then was able to do several simulated bomb runs at the helpless cruiser without one shot being fired from the cruiser itself... It was a shocking display of how far the Russians have come in terms of electronic warfare technology and a severe slap in the face to the American navy and the US government itself....

Since the time of that initial report, I have had some horrendous comments put up at that article that have called the article "laughable" and "ridiculous"... Knowing what I do know about radar and telecommunications, and how far ahead Russia has always been with their radar technology, I absolutely refused to dismiss the article's findings....

Now, I feel vindicated... For Jim Stone, over at Jim Stone Freelance (www.jimstonefreelance.com) just put up an article the other day that absolutely backs up my initial report about this Russian plane being able to blind an American cruiser!   Right now, I want to present that Jim Stone article right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Thus far, America has never in recent times done battle against a real military. Russia made an active demonstrated threat last April that never made the mainstream press which no doubt proves that Russia and all current Russian allies can probably blow the U.S. Navy away.

From Voltairenet.org

What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 (Su-24) fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare device. On 10 April 2014, the USS Donald Cook entered the waters of the Black Sea and on 12 April a Russian Su-24 tactical bomber flew over the vessel triggering an incident that, according to several media reports, completely demoralized its crew, so much so that the Pentagon issued a protest.

The USS Donald Cook (DDG-75) is a 4th generation guided missile destroyer whose key weapons are Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of up to 2,500 kilometers, and capable of carrying nuclear explosives. This ship carries 56 Tomahawk missiles in standard mode, and 96 missiles in attack mode.

The US destroyer is equipped with the most recent Aegis Combat System. It is an integrated naval weapons system which can link together the missile defense systems of all vessels embedded within the same network, so as to ensure the detection, tracking and destruction of hundreds of targets at the same time. In addition, the USS Donald Cook is equipped with 4 large radars, whose power is comparable to that of several stations. For protection, it carries more than fifty anti-aircraft missiles of various types.

Meanwhile, the Russian Su-24 that buzzed the USS Donald Cook carried neither bombs nor missiles but only a basket mounted under the fuselage, which, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta [2], contained a Russian electronic warfare device called Khibiny.

As the Russian jet approached the US vessel, the electronic device disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up - or about to be - with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, similar to turning off the TV set with the remote control.

The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft - unarmed - repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

Read more here

This confirms that Russia has an inexpensive plane mounted device that can incapacitate the Navy and allow even an insignificant military force to blow it away. GAME CHANGER. Discuss this on the forum

NTS Notes: I will not gloat.. I will not gloat..... But again, I absolutely do feel vindicated.... I want to thank Jim Stone for finally getting onto this information that I came across over 6 months ago!

Being a man of science and one that knows about light, radar, and telecommunications, I absolutely do believe that what the Russians did in the Black Sea to the USS Donald Cook to be true... Yes, the original article did embellish some of what possibly happened to the crew of the Donald Cook afterwards, but the facts of what the USS Donald Cook was subjected to stands....

The US is playing a very dangerous game with the Russians, and many Americans have been falsely led to believe for too long that their "technology" is vastly superior to anything the Russians can produce... I for one am not blinded by the American propaganda, and know full well about some of the advancements that the Russians have made over the last few decades... I know that Russia has always been a leader in terms of radar and radar blinding technology and I can say that what happened was very real and quite a slap in the face for the US Navy!

The bottom line is this.. If the US thinks it will be a cakewalk if they try to go to war with Russia over the stupidity happening right now in Ukraine, then they are due for a major and very rude awakening... The Russians are right now superior to the Americans in terms of so many technologies including aviation, rockets, and radar.... The insane warmongers in the American government would indeed get a bloody nose from the Russians if they are actually contemplating war.....

More to come


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