ECIPS Calls Arrest Warrants for Bank Directors and CEOS Who Aid Terrorism Finance in Africa

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Vatic Note:  This is going to be a very short note for me...... My biggest complaint is the lack of law enforcement of those at the highest levels of the money chain.  This simply supports the validity of my complaint.   I will apologize if I am wrong, but I doubt a single banker will see the inside of a prison anywhere, either here, Britain or Africa.

The one thing that did bother me about this article was the treatment of all those so called terrorist groups were as if they were not connected to the CIA, MI6, or Mossad, when in fact they are connected to all three.  Several points also need to be made.   First, Zbig Brezinszki wrote a  book called "The Grand Chessboard..."  that lays out the timing and the plan to bring down Africa, which Zbig felt should be easy due to high corruption and little advanced technology.  He felt it would be easy to do, while the rest of us were going to be difficult.  He has no idea just how difficult its going to be. 

The second point that should be made is the drug trade that the international banks are up to their necks in to finance their black ops for bringing down Russia, and the US of America.  That also includes their slick money laundering.
So, the question is "What other illegal activities are these Mossad and CIA terrorist involved in that we don't know about. 

ECIPS Calls Arrest Warrants for Bank Directors and CEOS Who Aid Terrorism Finance in Africa

WORLD NEWS  TOMORROW –  Washington DC –  PR reports.

The European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) called for International Law-Enforcement to issue arrest warrants for Banking CEO’s and Directors. This comes after some banks were linked in terrorist aid by not running proper AML compliance  and due diligence checks on funds and clients, and in some cases, knew that their clients have doggy activities avoiding to report it to International law enforcement and authorities. It seems that money talks in world of standard banking practices.

According to international Criminal law experts, in most cases banks, their CEO’s and Directors, gets away and simply pay a fine if any is imposed, which is seldom the case. Experts says, that under the international banking laws, any bank who has aided, or is under question, should be investigated and their banking license be suspended till cleared from the investigation. This would account even if a terrorist were a client of a bank. A gray area not much debated in public and left open to interpretation by banks in Africa.

The recent development of ISIS, al-Qaida and Boko-Haram in Africa, boasts of free tax revenue (VN: its because they work for the globalist bankers). Recently the Guardian newspaper of London, quoting anonymous intelligence sources, reported that ISIS could be worth $1.5 billion. Intelligence sources highly doubt that figure as well. This raised the question, who are they banking with, and how is the trade made in cash transfers? After all, justice and law enforcement departments, around the globe are fighting terrorism day and night. The armed terrorist forces certainly needs blood in its veins to function.
(VN: the only thing these law enforcement and Justice depts are fighting is getting exposed as the real  terrorists funded by the British, American and Israeli taxpayer)


The President of  the ECIPS said that prosecution is on the way, and that an international prosecutor has already been appointed and that those who have abused the banking system days are counted.

In recent months, several cases of banking violations has been made known, but little is said in public about what is behind the scene. ECIPS President, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky said that, it’s time to act vigorously to defend the integrity and history of our European Borders and the identity of Europe, particularly that of the Banking system that is presently under economical stress. He said that the focus should be on illegal international banking practices in Africa and that Africa is the heart of the problems.

He urged the international community  and said that our governments should not be afraid to exercise their duty and their purpose in the combating of international crime and terrorism by using the international laws and judicial system, to root out the problem, that what he called, “The African Terror Banking Aid”

Presently, South Africa offers the best immunity to criminals whilst terrorist organizations can easily abuse access to the financial exchange system of European and US currency. He said, the risks of such terrorism aid by allowing bankers to have a free ticket in Africa, is more likely to increase, and by not paying attention, the international community, is giving them a free ride to profit on the backs of European and the US banking system. Something that aids money laundering and the drug trade.

The President of ECIPS warned and said that this could come at a huge security price, that threatens our critical infrastructures and borders of Europe, if not paid attention to with immediate effect.

By James Lee, Correspondent for WNT news USA

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