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Vatic Note:   Like everything else they do, the evil satanic cabal has multiple agendas for everything including TSA.  So what are some of the reasons for this farce?
1.  To intimidate and humiliate the arrogant public who thinks they run everything,
2. To accommodate the pedophiles that work for DHS,
3.  To get the public used to and accepting unreasonable search and seizure that is specifically forbidden by the US Constitution. Gets us used to succumbing to the orders of the authority figures, sort of like the Gestapo in nazi Germany.  Funny how its the Zionists that keep coming up with these nazi type acts.  
4. To prevent resisters from traveling easily.  Airlines are far quicker and easier for traveling than any other mode, so discouraging resisters is definitely one of their objectives.  Keep resistance localized where it won't spread.
5.  To act as early identification of potential militia/resisters, such as digital face recognition program they need in case the resisters succeed in pulling off some thing the cabal does not want done.

On top of all that, they are making us pay for our repression, violations of our rights, and for their perversions.  I think we should locally start new government, elect those of our neighbors we trust and who are not professional politicians, and then redirect our taxes to their care to use for roads, infrastructure, investments in our communities and thus, remove all need and financing for the "foreign occupied" federal government.

Start our own schools, since we are doing it anyway through home schooling.  Might as well eliminate all public schools and just do community based neighborhood schools with good qualified teachers to provide the education by maturation level like we used to do.

While we are doing all that, also send out official notice through the newspaper that we, the people are no longer responsible for the repayment of debt incurred by the elected government since they are not using it to meet our needs, rather to serve the needs of a foreign occupying government for the benefit of the foreign government, and thus they can pay for it, themselves,  and that includes all wars.  Tell them they will have to send their own children to fight their battles.  We are done. 

Ethan A. Huff, staff writer, Natural news,  2/17/2012

(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has proposed significantly hiking air travel fees to cover the costs associated with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) molestation of air travelers. Under the new plan, which would garner a whopping $32 billion in ten years, ticket fees that cover the costs of TSA security screenings would more than double for passengers, costing them at least $5 per one-way trip.

As the TSA continues installing naked body scanners at U.S. airports and hiring hordes of new agents to grope travelers at airports, bus stations, trains stations, and even sports stadiums, the agency's more than $8 billion annual budget is rapidly ballooning. And rather than continue to siphon the cash to pay for this unconstitutional nightmare of tyranny directly from taxpayers, Obama and Co. wants to make airlines, airports, and air travelers foot the bill.

According to a recent Reuters report, the administration wants to charge airlines a $100 departure fee for every commercial, business, and other type of jet that takes off from an airport. The plan would also eliminate federal grant funding for medium and large-sized airports to complete construction projects, which means the airports would have to significantly raise fees for travelers and airlines in order to cover these costs.

This massive proposed shakedown of Americans who utilize air travel would not be necessary, of course, if the TSA and its pseudo-security monstrosity was simply eliminated altogether, as is one of the proposed plans being made by 2012 presidential candidate and Texas Representative Ron Paul. If airports and airlines were permitted to simply establish their own air travel screening protocols, in others words, none of these federal fees would even be necessary.

But being the war-mongering globalist that he truly is, Obama would rather have air travelers directly cover the costs of TSA goons digging around in granny's underwear, or taking off the diapers of young children. In essence, he would rather that every air traveler pay directly to be blasted with ionizing radiation in the backscatter x-ray machine, or to be molested by the prodding hands of a TSA screener.

What this will all accomplish, of course, is the utter destruction of the private airline industry, which is already having a difficult time staying afloat as frustrated travelers increasingly choose other forms of travel to avoid being illegally groped and screened. And just like General Motors, the endgame of this scenario is the takeover of the airlines industry by the federal government. (VN:  why not, they are confiscating private property in record numbers to make us into a communist country on its way to fascism. Bundy is back in the news again.  This below is no different.)

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