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Vatic Note:  As is typical of Jesse Ventura, this is a good video of his analysis and well worth the watch.   After all the research I had done, I did not realize the number of cameras around the Pentagon was as high as it turned out to be.  I knew about the one at the hotel and the one at the gas station and store, but the rest were never mentioned and the ones that were, the camera's were confiscated and never seen again, until much later, and I do mean years later. This is a good video and write up and worth your time.

I firmly believe that this issue will NEVER go away until it is finally exposed and those that did this are finally prosecuted and if already dead, are historically portrayed as the traitors they are.  Jesse has always been a thorn in the side of those perps who have tried and are continuing to try to bring down the USA.  He is simply too well known to be done away with like most others, and thus these issues will continue to confront those that have done this until justice is done.  I can hardly wait for the victims families to obtain their justice, that they deserve.

Published by Werdstrangers on Jul 18, 2013



The basis for the conspiracy theory regarding Muslim hijackers with box cutters was based on supposed phone calls made by Barbara Olson, wife of Bush Solicitor General. Solicitor General Olson claimed he talked to his wife on a cell phone, spoke with her at length, while she described the hijackings as now dramatized by Hollywood.

When it was proven that a cell phone is incapable of making such calls, Olson claimed it was a "seat back phone." When it was proven that there were no seat back phones on American Airlines 757 aircraft, nothing further was asked.

Then investigations shows he received one call, lasting "0″ seconds. Ventura questions as to whether Olson was duped or complicit? Should he be arrested too? Was his wife, Barbara, ever really on the plane?

Then Ventura looks into the flight itself. Not only was the flight recorder "dead" but during the flight itself, the transponder was turned off. Even more suspicious, the plane disappeared from radar for 28 minutes.

There is no discussion of this 28 minutes, but speculation, perhaps no longer speculation, has long been that the flight landed. As to what happened then, we cannot guess, or can we. One of my friends, a former Pentagon official, had a friend on that aircraft. Not long ago, he asked me. "Gordon, what do you think happened to him, do you think he was executed? Bullet in the brain as they stepped off the plane or something even worse?"

Ventura didn't go there. None of us want to. It requires visualizing a scene out of Auschwitz.

Can Americans (VN: Khazar Zionist Bankers & American dual israeli citizen traitors)  be so brutal, so devious, so traitorous? It isn't just Jesse Ventura that is willing to risk his life to bring it out, Fox News journalist Geraldo Rivera, several weeks ago, debunked the Building 7 collapse at the World Trade Center as "controlled demolition."  (VN: it's not Americans, its khazar zionists that are and have been running our white house.  I don't know how many times we have to prove it before it sticks nor do I know how many sources we have to have. We have so many now, that its beyond ridiculous.  Arrests  could have been made based just on Minetti's testimony backed by military personnel on site, to the 9-11 commission.


Ventura investigates the rumors of a possible cover-up of the black box recordings from the airliners involved in the September 11 attacks which could contain evidence that 9/11 may have been an inside job

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