5 Seniors Die after Flu Shot at Assisted Care Center in Georgia

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Vatic Note:  While this is tragic, to say the least, it may well be beyond tragic, it could be murder if the institution knew about the vaccines and what it would do. Why do I say that?   Because country wide, if not world wide, there is a depopulation agenda at play here.  Vaccines are promoted now by foundations, such as Bill and Melinda Gates' foundation for purposes of sterilizing and preventing births and pregnancies, as part of that agenda. So it makes sense they would use them to Euthanize seniors.

I see in my own town/state, where seniors and permanently handicapped are being cut in food stamps down to only $15, and in one case down to $6 dollars.  Now why do that?  If they do not qualify, just cut them off, but if they do qualify, then they can't cut them off completely, so simply get them down to where they starve and die.  Its called EUGENICS and that program has been funded by the Rockefellers since the 20's.

It was Rockefeller that funded Dr. Mengeles in Nazi Germany in all his "Eugenics" experiments with prisoners.   There is an association today in existance also funded by Rockefeller.  Seniors and permanently handicapped are now "USELESS FEEDERS" and its been determine by these globalists, that the value of human life, should not be based on the life itself, rather on its value to society and seniors and handicapped are no longer valuable to society since they are USELESS FEEDERS.

They can't work and are unproductive and can't contribute to the wealth of the ruling class, in fact, their support cuts into the ruling classes wealth extraction from government programs,  therefore they must die when that condition exists.  This is your New World Satanic Order, how do you like it so far????

5 Seniors Die after Flu Shot at Assisted Care Center in Georgia

Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care center near Atlanta Georgia. Image Source.
Health Impact News

Health Impact News has just received urgent information from health care workers at Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care in Dacula, Georgia. According to our informants, on Friday November 7, 2014, all the residents received flu vaccinations. They all reportedly developed a fever immediately, and within one week, five of the residents died.

According to its website, Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care specializes in Alzheimer’s and Dementia care. Our sources indicate that 5 fatalities in one week is extremely unusual, as the center “maybe loses a couple of people every 6 months or longer to Alzheimers.” One source stated to Health Impact News:
The facility is not saying they are related to the flu shot but we all know they are, and they know they are.
Healthcare workers across the U.S. fear to speak out against injuries due to vaccines, as it usually costs them their job. If you know anyone with family members at this facility near Atlanta Georgia, please demand an investigation immediately.

Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care
Some facts about the flu shot:
UPDATE: Local media in Atlanta has contacted us and are interested in interviewing family members of those who died at Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care last week. If you are a family member of a resident at Hope Center that has suffered or died since last week’s flu shot, please contact us.
Hope Assisted Living & Memory Care is now publicly threatening their own employees with legal action on their Facebook Page:


We notice in their public statement that they are not denying there was a flu shot given, or that there were 5 deaths last week. (UPDATE: They have apparently removed their Facebook Page now.) (VN:  good thing these authors got a screen shot, huh?)

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Reader comments from our Facebook Page:

My grandmother was unresponsive less than 15 hours after her flu shot and died just a day after she got it. NO one should be getting this! – Jamie

That’s how my grandmother died. She was healthy but living in extended care. 100 years old – never had a flu shot in her life. The facility decided to give shots one year without consent. She died shortly afterward. Very tragic way to go for someone who took such good care of themselves all their life :( – Kim

I had an elderly client who at 70 was paralized by the flu shot. It took him 5 years to get out of the wheel chair. He had a paraplegic son to take care of and it was really hard on him. At 80 he was still planting a garden. I myself have only had one flu shot and was sick the whole year. Have not had another one since. That was 25 ywears ago and I just do not get sick anymore. – Linda

I had a conversation with a retired man last week, he said his wife was In bed with the flu, trying every medication to get rid of it, I said to him has she just had the flu vaccine by any chance, he said yes, she has it every year!? – Melissa

Got the shot once at the prompting of someone else… Sick within the week and ended up with pneumonia, never had the flu before the shot or after that first bout with pneumonia and I am now 71, and never intend to get another vaccine for anything! – Barbara

- See more at: http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/6-seniors-die-after-flu-shot-at-assisted-care-center-in-georgia/#sthash.IsfZrIKq.dpuf

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