USS Liberty Dead in the Water Americans Murdered by Israel

Vatic Note:   This is ONE of many times Israel has attacked and killed Americans.... .the USS Liberty,  9-11,  the USS Cole in yemen,  the LaVon affair, etc.   They have infiltrated our government at every level possible and in key positions.  Guess who started Monsanto and sold it to Bill Gates???  Thats right, an Israeli family, the wife whose maiden name was Monsanto and sold it after they created the GMO's.  Don't get me started.  

This is a MUST SEE VIDEO.... I did not know half of what you will see and hear on that video from those who managed to live through it.  Like Viet Nam, it was all a game to advance the New World Order and Johnson did both of them, the Viet Nam bogus false flag to get us into Viet Nam and he did  the USS Liberty.  The military does not send out nuke armed planes without the direct order from the civilian officials, like McNamara and he won't do anything without Johnsons permission and cover.  

What was done in the Middle East under Bush Jr, was what was suppose to happen after the sinking of the USS Liberty, but they got caught so it got delayed.   Now Israel controls the middle east with their most dangeous enemies to their ambitions, dead and gone, like Gaddaffi.  That is also why the Israeli's want Hitlary Clinton in as President next time around or someone like her on the GOP side of the equation.  She has done and will continue to do as she is told.  Her girlfriend is her Mossad Chief of staff.

These men who survived have been waiting decades for an investigation into what occurred and have had no response from either party or leaders of either party.  That screams volumes about who controls both parties in our country.  I am beginning to believe that the founding fathers were right about not having political parties, since they can be bought and will sell our their nation and its people.  I am sorry that I have lived long enough to see what they were saying and how right they were.  What great wise men we had as leaders.  Wish we had a few of them around today.   We sure need them. 

USS Liberty Dead in the Water (Full Movie) Americans Murdered by Israel
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on Oct 2, 2011
Listen to the words of surviving members of the Israeli attack on the U.S.S.Liberty.

Who do you believe? Our own veterans or the Powers That Be?
I am not anti-semetic. I support the JPFO. I am anti-Zionist, Anti-NWO!
On June 7th, 1967 we were within 7 minutes of all out nuclear war, and you probably never heard of this before.

Why do we give money to any nation? Why do we support this so called ally?
How can you believe ANYTHING our government and media tell you?

How much blood of our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers will it take before you care enough to take action?

When will you reach YOUR moral imperative?
Talk about it. Call your local stations and make it a topic!


Here read this about the American legion's management.

Basic Facts about USS Liberty
34 Killed in Action
174 Wounded in Action
Congressional Medal of Honor
2 Navy Crosses
38 Silver/Bronze Stars
208 Purple Hearts

This is one of the three American flags shot down by Israeli forces during their attack on the USS Liberty.
Despite American Legion members’ support for Liberty veterans, Legion management opposes USS Liberty crew
The American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veterans’ assistance organization, officially committed to “devotion to our fellow servicemembers and veterans.” Yet, Legion managers have torpedoed resolutions supporting the Liberty, refused to allow a booth by the Liberty Veterans Association at its 2013 national convention, and refused to publish a paid ad in support of the Liberty crew, and treated survivors and family members with arrogance and disdain. Read more

U.S.S. Liberty Veterans Association
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