Tens of Thousands of Jews Leaving Israel for Germany -

Vatic Note:   The young people of any country have not, during their teens and early twenties, committed to a life style yet that they embrace.  They are still trying to find their way, who they are and what they want in life.   When you live in a developed country that has options the young can see in everyday life, then its easy, but that is not the case in third world countries.   This author did not say it directly, but he did say it indirectly, and that is "Israel is a third world country".

The young see no opportunity for themselves in Israel, for a future that is not fraught with death and destruction.  When a child does not feel safe, they are busy figuring out how to survive, rather than "exploring" and identifying their talents, likes and dislikes. When that happens, it eats at the fabric of the society in general.

I believe that is what is happening in Israel and why "real Jews" have sought asylum in New York and London.  Now these are heading to Germany and I believe from the example they gave below, that our analysis of the young is supported by the way in which these young people were enticed away from Israel.   They have their leaders to blame for that.  If they cannot third world globalize Israel, then how do they expect to globalize the rest of the world.... They can't and they need to get that and back off.

Tens of Thousands of Jews Leaving Israel for Germany - 
By Richard Walker — American Free Press

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