CDC Shuts Down Bioterror & Flu Labs After Discovering 327 Vials of Deadly Pathogens Misplaced

Vatic Note:  Do not go into fear,  go into "RIGHTEOUS ANGER"....Oh, my the Congress just gave the keys for the chicken coup to the fox to protect the chickens.... yeah right, and I have a plot of land over a nuke test site for sale, cheap.  Trust me!  Yeah Right!  The biggest terrorist organization on this planet is under the control of the Rothschild bankers, through their creation and control of MI6, CIA and Mossad.  What a joke.  I am talking about Homeland Security.

I am sorry but congress passed legislation giving bioterrorism control to HHS where it has been all along, but IS FORCING THEM TO COORDINATE AND WORK WITH THE DHS.  But there was a "take away from HHS" and its this:   DHS will take over the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (which the bill calls the Strategic National Stockpile), the supply of drugs, vaccines, and medical equipment.  Aaah, the fox will have a field day with that stock pile and those missing vials.  No question about it.These missing viruses were stolen or missing back a

No one in this business of dangerous bioweapons would ever have done this  under any circumstances.  Maybe missing 1 or 2, but 327?  NO WAY.  Its a scam and its totally criminal and treasonous. Its an inside job since the security on these labs would not have been lax enough for Arab/Muslim terrorists to steal 327 vials of bioweapon viruses. 

Our Government and DHS has been caught so many times doing drills during real live terrorist attacks, such as 9-11, and Sandy Hook,  Boston marathon and it has all been documented. Cynthia McKinney tried to hold subcommittee hearings on those drills in advance of and during 9-11 and the Khazars went after her and got her out of congress.  So we know why now!

So now we have 327 vials of deadly pathogens missing from CDC labs and HOMELAND GESTAPO SECURITY in control of the vaccines, which are what was used in Africa, Liberia and Ghana to actually pass on the Ebola, so now we will have a variety of bioweapons out there in these vaccines.  Great.  WAS THE CDC PATENTED EBOLA VIRUS ONE OF THOSE STOLEN???  AND WHO THEN COORDINATED WITH THE RED CROSS ON PUTTING THE VIRUS INTO THE VACCINESRemember, Liberia and Ghana kicked the Red Cross out of their countries because of the vaccines tainted and given to their people. 

First thing the Attorney general should do is arrest those responsible for the safety and care of the bioweapons, and the second thing he should do is file charges against them for criminal neglect in the performance of their duties. IF HE REFUSES THAN STATE AG'S SHOULD DO IT, IN EVERY STATE.  That will force the feds to do the right thing and not the criminal thing they usually do.  Pour vials down the underground facilities these criminals built and that will end their protection against all this. Let them experience first hand, their handy work. 

Then prosecute the highest officials involved along with those that lost the vials, and send them to prison for a very long time.  MAKE THIS GO VIRAL AND BADGER YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN AND TELL THEM THIS IS SERIOUS.  CDC SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY AND EVERYTHING TURNED OVER TO HHS.  PROSECUTION SHOULD FOLLOW IMMEDIATELY. 

If they do nothing about this, then you know who the perps are in this giant scam and we must begin to think about how to handle this since we will have no system left to deal with this stuff. If we do  nothing, then they will do this is every country the bankers have not taken over, Iran comes to mind, and many countries in Europe.   If anyone dies from those bioweapons, then that is felony first degree mass murder and that is a death penalty in some states.  Genocide is an international crime as well, so we have many ways to go.  NOW WE KNOW WHY THOSE OTHER MILITARY GENERALS IN THE PENTAGON WERE JUST FIRED.  PROBABLY THE LAST OF THOSE WILLING TO STAND BY THEIR OATH.

Remember, the illums send their children into various occupations and then they are mentored through the secret societies while they are in college and beginning their careers.  That is how our military, intel, medical, sciences, etc got infiltrated by these illums kids.  We did a blog on that called "The Brotherhood of the Bell:  Black Arts and Black Sciences".....

Is that why those last military men just got purged?  Does that mean those that are left are illums with no loyalty to the USA, and thus are traitors and criminals?   This better not get buried.  Has anyone heard anything about this from the MSM????   Sorry, I have put addition Vatic Notes below as i ran across these criminal acts by public officials. 

CDC Shuts Down Bioterror & Flu Labs After Discovering 327 Vials of Deadly Pathogens Misplaced 

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