David Icke - Syria:The Truth (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Vatic Note: This video truly speaks for itself, use the translation button and viewer descretion is warranted.  Its not pretty, and you may want to just do audio.  This gives a complete and lengthy picture of what these Syrians go through fighting the CIA, MI6, and Mossad funded so called rebels, who are
really Israeli's really working for  the foreign invaders of that nation, Syria.

This video truly highlights Hillary's total disconnect to anything in the way of humanity or human feelings.  They come into this country, destroy it, kill its people and they have done absolutely nothing to the USA, to threaten us.  There was no Congressional approval for war.  The good news is those traitors who allowed this president to do this are now out of office and new people are in.  NOW WE WILL FIND OUT IF BOTH PARTIES ARE SOLD OUT.  

The republicans get one chance and after that, if they sell out to israel, then we will govern ourselves since the congress works for another nation.... and we won't give them any legitimacy by voting in any further elections if they continue on with AIPAC'S agenda.   If you have no compassion for an innocent countries devastation that we are causing due to our foreign occupied government, than at least think about it being one of the cities in our country and see how you feel then, since that is their plan, just look at the condition they left Germany in after WW II. 

Take a hard look at this video, that is what they have planned for America using war to harm us and bring us down.  Imagine your home blown to smitherines, your child with his legs blown off or  your daughter raped by many soldiers...... imagine no food, no water, and no freedom.  That is your NWO by these satanists that they have planned for us.  True, this is a different culture, but they have no less right to live their lives than we do.  We best start acting like the people we used to be. 

David Icke - Syria:The Truth (Viewer Discretion Advised) 
Published on Apr 13, 2013

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