Second World War 'The True Story' untold

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What you will notice is that what happened to nazi Germany for starting the war is very similar to what is happening to us.  First is the destruction of a first world economy,  then is the  confiscation of land and occupation of parts of Germany by other countries,  in our case its the open borders that expands a neighbor country into occupying our country with non Americans.  So we see a successful pattern being played out by the INTERNTIONAL BANKERS MINIONS IN ENGLAND, FRANCE AND POLAND.  For us here, its Mexico.

You will also see the manipulation within Hitlers leadership group, which contained 7 zionists unbeknownst to us, who were banker minions, and when the manipulation did not work,  they tried to assassinate Hitler in 1938, since they lost control of him, and he was thwarting their planned agenda.  Britain had a big role to play in bringing around WW II, in order to destroy the economic prowess of Germany so England could take her place in the international trade markets.  England was desperate to reclaim her title as the "British Empire", but doing so without earning it.

There was more "FASCISM" in England at that time, then in Germany.  Anyway, watch and LISTEN CAREFULLY to what actually took place.  NO WONDER THEY MESSED WITH THIS.  It looks way too familiar based on what is happening to us at this very moment.  They are trying to crash our economy and start WW III to bring us down, they infiltrated our gov in key positions and implemented policies that make us look like the new nazi's.

Yes, history repeats itself.  If one does not study history, then one suffers a replay of that history down the road.  That is what we are going through right now and why this below is so important. 

Second World War 'The True Story' untold 
Published by TheWorldWar2History on Jul 3, 2013

This is a video originally called 'What the historians neglect to mention'. This has been copied and re titled to attract a larger audience to view what they never told us at school or on television, when they left you with more questions then answers. 

This video will hopefully answer some of those questions and guide you into some untold truths about WW2.


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