By Vatic Master,  Vatic Project,  November 2, 2014

I have provided the link above to send you to the fear porn article that was put up by now proven disinfo agents,  Lisa Havens, and World Net Daily, who banned us for speaking 'TRUTH' about Israel and then gutted the comment.  Banning by WND, Alternet News, and Huffington Post, is actually one of the reasons we started this blog, to get away from the CONTROLLERS of information, and its on both the left and the right.  Its articles like this that are being used to prepare us for ACCEPTING A POLICE STATE THROUGH MARTIAL LAW.

Read down to the comments section and look for a post done be "MonKey", its an excellent, creative and effective way to deal with the police state that is coming through martial  and he explains the problem the powers that be have.  They cannot use military on civilian population,  and that is why they gave militay weapons to local police and sheriffs depts.

I decided to post his comment on here directly verbatim, so you don't have to go there unless you want to.

Here it is, its direct copy from the article comments section to here.........There are links to some of this included in the comment, so be sure and check it out.

:idea: :arrow: :idea: :arrow: The time is coming for all US citizens to battle for our country back. Their IS A 100% GUARANTEED way to STOP THE POLICE STATE & MARTIAL LAW IN EACH CITY once the criminals in DC start their physical actions. Remember this, it is NEVER TOO LATE; even when the Forces start to mass to control its citizens. Please read the below article and links! It WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!

If each community citizens takes phyiscal control over their LOCAL CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT by stopping their GOV Paid POLICE OFFICERS from getting to their Dept, THEY CAN NOT IMPOSE ANY CRIMINAL LAW OVER ITS CITIZENS! NO POLICE FORCES = NO DC CRIMINAL CONTROL!

Each of you need to find out where your local Police Officer Lives, it is safest to stop them inside their very home! If each city does, no DC criminal thugs can use their military grade weapons over its community to contain them!

Now do you understand why DC gave all local city these weapons? Yeah. Because the citizens can stop them cold in each city! Without any city Police Dept forces to protect the DC criminals from a overthrow, IT CAN NOT HAVE POWER OVER ITS CITIZENS! MAKE SENSE?


Check out their videos for REAL WORLD tactics; even when they are gathered. Use the exact same military tactics against any Police State masses. Surround them, do not let them contain the crowd into a box, and stop the personnel from gathering at their Gathering Points!

Find out where their command post, supply lines, refueling stations, food, etc is and stop all from gathering. DO NOT LET THEM DO ANYTHING TO HARM ITS CITIZENS! Why make it easy for them to resupply and control the scenes?

But stopping the physical forces from leaving their homes and gathering into a gang, they will have no power over you. Stop them one at a time, and it will weaken them slowly.

Keep doing it until the citizens gain back the power over them. If needed, remember, they also have family members these Officers left behind at home, so if needed, have them on the citizens side so their dad’s and husbands STOP THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIONS!

SORRY WRONG LINK:  try these

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBJnRWIvMQc (2 min)

Ground Zero on US Soil:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gmj7rFtG6M (3 min)


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