Media Story on Ebola is falling to Pieces: Ebola Zaire isn't a virus. It's a parasite.

by Admin, Tap News Wire,  October 13, 2014

Oh boy, you'll all love this video. 

So many dots joined.  Two links as one was blanked.


Ebola Zaire kills too quickly to spread well.  90% morbidity in 2-3 days.  Facts in the media are being changed continuously.  Ebola has never been an aerosol contagion. You have to come into contact with bodily fluids.  The virus cannot survive outside the body.  It can only spread/survive in bodily fluids long enough in climates where it's hot and wet.  The Dr in Atlanta did not have ebola.  He claimed nine days with ebola.  Impossible.

Ebola kills by liquefying your internal organs.  Some people survive ebola.  The people who survive never go beyond initials symptoms - high fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

Ebola is a bio-weapon.  And not a very efficient one.  It doesn't spread easily between people.  The vaccines created for ebola can only work if 'they' also created the virus.

In Nigeria they don't have ebola.  They have dengue fever according to a health minister there.  Yet CNN states it's ebola.  Nigeria never had a case of ebola.  Other countries never had a case.

Early stages of ebola are exact mimic of malaria, dengue fever, typhoid and yellow fever.   She suspects deaths from malaria, dengue and yellow fever are being reported as ebola.  These three kill 1.5 million people a year.

Some deaths may be ebola - a few but not all of them.  The Centre of Disease Control in Atlanta is run by the military.  (VN: when did that happen?  And the military is now run by Israel and its dual citizens after all the purging of our military by Cheney and Obama.  A very bad combination..... Military, Israel and Center for Disease Control..... A sure recipe for a false flag bioweapon attack on America.  If they do this with even one death, after the USS Liberty and 9-11, than we best fight back.  We have already proven they are cowards.  They will be certified as an enemy of the United States if they go through with this.  Then I won't care what we do to them. Hopefully we kicked all the Israeli puppets out of congress and senate.)

90% of the world's copper comes from The Congo.  Other fascinating facts.  Listen.  It's well explained.

Polio.  Vaccine.  Held up as pinnacle achievement of the medical profession.  By 1955 polio was already almost completely eradicated.  The vaccine caused more cases of polio than before the polio vaccine came out in 1955.

Polio was called something else - 'asceptic meningitis' took over to hide the fact that polio was going up.  Then they created other diseases to hide the fact that polio was running all over the place.

'Polio-like' virus is spreading across America.  Chronic fatigue syndrome.  meningitis.  encephalitis.  EVD68. They are all polio.  It's not a polio-like disease spreading now.  It is actually polio.

US doctors are not obliged to report cases of EVD68 i'e' polio.  Not once did they report that a single unvaccinated child had ever contracted this disease.  They admit that every single case had been vaccinated against polio.  Polio is a live virus vaccine.

'Killed' virus vaccines are not actually killed.  MMR viruses are put to sleep.  Once they enter the body they reactivate again.  You cannot inject a dead virus into a human body and have an antibody reaction.  It's impossible.  They are injecting live viruses.

This is why the polio and flu viruses vaccinations don't work.

Smallpox.  WHO are talking of going for a live blood vaccine for ebola, same as smallpox.  The smallpox vaccine did not eradicate smallpox.  It caused massive amounts of illness all around the world.   It gave leprosy to Hawaii and wiped out thousands of people.

Ebola.  The media story is falling to pieces.

The power of suggestion.  Tell people they're going to die and they probably will.  Don't trust doctors.  Question their decisions. Don't trust the media programming about ebola.  If people are diagnosed with ebola, the terror could kill them, when it's actually dengue, malaria or yellow fever.

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