NBC Local Crew Stumbles Across FEMA Camp in NY – Threatened, Chased by Gov’t Contractors

Vatic Note:  Aaah, well, I guess its not a "conspiracy theory" after all.   Looks like its a fact, especially if the cabal owned press has found it and recorded its existance and then was threatened by the hired traitors policing it.  Those on the left, read this below and understand why we, as Americans, both left and right, CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GIVE UP OUR GUNS.  I hope this makes it clear.  This below is only one of hundreds of these camps across the country, located in closed military camps, prisons, and other facilities.

Are these were our leaders intend to put us when they declare martial law over the Ebola virus and call it "Quarantine"?   I don't doubt it, or there would have been no fuss over the problem.   Sometimes you have to use the legitimate tool, called critical thinking and deductive reasoning.  There is no other rational explanation for what we see below.  Are we being pushed into a police state?  If so, we will have to start pushing back. 

NBC Local Crew Stumbles Across FEMA Camp in NY – Threatened, Chased by Gov’t Contractors
by Admin, The Tap Blog,  November 4, 2014

Where is your nearest FEMA camp? An NBC news crew many have stumbled across one in upper state New York…

Executive Directive 51 was signed by George W. Bush in 2007, which gives the US Federal gov’t the power to declare impose martial law in the event a ‘national emergency’, giving the White House and Homeland Security (DHS) the ability to detain millions of Americans on US soil under Rex 84 and other military programs previously planned and run as inter-agency exercise drills.

A number of bloggers, patriot groups, survivalists and preppers have compiled lists of FEMA Camp locations, but much of the reporting is still isolated and anecdotal.

One reason why evidence is relatively sparse could be because it’s not easy to film at these secluded sites with hired security personnel intimidating press and media.

It’s not just alternative media outlets being harassed by privatized government contractors. Even mainstream media crews are being chased off of these secret sites too…

1-FEMA-Camps-Map-GovernmentOFFICIAL MAP: Which FEMA region will you be in? (Source: FEMA.gov)

There are some strange aspects to this report to begin with. Local NBC news claim they were simply filming a news package for the “129th anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant’s passing” (bizarre anniversary date, 129 years?), and then decided to use an abandoned prison as the backdrop while he was speaking to the camera. Quite the odd incident occurred however when a prison Lieutenant rolled up.

According local NBC affiliate WNYT, “Corrections employees who are still working at the empty prison made every attempt to stop Mark Mulholland from doing his job.” This included a demand from a private contractor to ‘get off state land’ and then to hand over the tape – or face arrest.

Why the secrecy? Why the stress on the part of the private prison contractors (from Wakenhut, or Serco?)when it’s supposed to be ‘closed’? Clearly, this is not just an “empty prison” as WNYT reported.

Watch the incident here:


News crew threatened with arrest and confiscation of footage after stumbling across a potentially operational FEMA camp facility inside a “closed” prison


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