The Only Way to Deal with an Unfree World is to become so Absolutely Free, That Your Very Existance is an Act of Rebellion

Vatic Note: Well, as you know we have published quite a bit on this subject over the past 4 years that we have been up and I can confirm personally, that this is true.  I have not only done this myself, but it has worked beautifully. Whenever I need something, I always tell myself that God will get it to you and everything will be ok.

If I don't get it, I find that it was either something that would have brought me pain and suffering, or it was  a lesson I had to learn or a test of previous recent learning to see if I 'got' it.  But most of the time, I get exactly what I need and sometimes a little bit more, but never less or so much that I never have to worry.  Ironically, knowing that if I show up, do the best I can, then God will take care of the rest and he does, and that has stopped my worrying about anything to a point of stress.  No more stress.

Its all in how we see it and experience it.  Even what the evil satanic ones are doing has an up side.  I know, its hard to believe, but we are becoming aware of the satanism around us and how its affecting our children and how harmful it is to them an anyone else it touches.   Same with our international banks, and corporations that have lost all sense of "good citizenship",  "good Neighbors" and "good examples for our children".   Now we have damage control we need to do, but it will be done and done well, I am certain of it. 

We had stopped noticing that until all these problems came up.  Materialism had taken the place of higher ideals.  Now we are more aware, many have cut up their credit card and thrown them away and more are saving or preparing.  We had both parents working and the children coming home to an empty house with the Satanic MTV to baby sit our children.

That has proven to be a disaster and our kids were reflecting it.  We are coming back to where we need to be, slowly but surely.   Our civilizations' survival depends on it.  One last comment about this below.  She would have been better buying a sail boat about 44 ft, ketch, and taking sailing lessons, since deisel is fuel and there won't be any available when the SHTF. 

Miracles, My New Life unfolding that I have desired and put positive energy into is happening
By Admin,  October 27, 2014

I have written about positive energies for awhile now. I have written about how I have really been learning and understanding, besides applying only putting positive energy out.

Last May 2013, I published this about my desiring Freedom.   I wrote how I desired to sell everything and move onto a boat.

Last year, I went back and forth with my intention and desire.  I wasn't really ready to give up my home.  My home is awesome, it has view of the Smoky mountains that is so peaceful and gorgeous.

One thing I did not mention or write about, is the fact that I put my name on a waiting list to go back to school.  There is one class I want to take that has a 1 1/2 year waiting list to get in to.  Besides that they have never had a female take the class before.  What type class is that, you may ask?

Considering that my desire is to live on a diesel motor boat, I figured I would need to know how to do anything on it, including working on the engines.  So the class I signed up for is Diesel mechanics.  My name should be coming up soon to get into the class.  I was number 64 on the waiting list in the beginning, last time I checked I was at 24.

My house has never been listed with a real estate agent.  In fact I had it on Zillow last year for a few months and put it on Zillow again this year for only a couple of months during the summer.  I then took it off again.  I put the energy out that people would come to me to buy the house and it would be an easy deal, without me having to advertise it or market it.  I believed this and visualized it.  I have put my energy into that outcome.

Well, in understanding the universe and the laws of the universe and how our energy is what creates, it all happened.  I have been ready to move on to my next phase of life.

My house is sold and we have a closing date of December 1, 2014.  I am excited and am selling everything in my house, even though I don't yet know where I am going for sure.  I do not have a boat at this moment.  But I have put out the energy of a 'miracle' happening, in that a wonderful boat/home will come forth.

I have had many miracles happen in my life, which I have also written about on this blog.   The fact is, I really should not be alive today.  That miracle of surviving being hit by a car, has now had effects that I am dealing with and have been for a few years.  But I am working on getting healed.

I survived that car hit, but I now have a spine that is crooked and my neck spinal section is starting to go the opposite direction than what it should be.  That has caused me an huge amount of pain this year besides my arms and legs going numb.  I have had problems doing things, including typing words as my arms hurt and go numb when doing so.

I am not saying this to get people to feel bad for me.  I am writing about this as it is a miracle I am alive in the first place and I am on my road to healing this situation.  

Considering I will walk away from the sell of my house with cash that will enable me to purchase a boat around the $80,000 range that is big enough (50+ feet) for my daughter and I to live aboard may seem impossible to some reading this.

But I believe we will have a 'miracle' of a great boat that is in good condition will appear.   As I write this, we don't have a home to go to, but I am moving forward with the energy that a wonderful home will come forth that we will be joyous, thrilled and will be perfect for us.   We will love living on it and having the freedom without an 'anchor' around our necks.

My daughter is excited.  I have told her over and over again, it is going to be small and she has to get rid of almost everything.  She is great with it.

My whole point with this article is that, the universal laws really do work!  Where we put our energy is what comes to us.  The universe brings us whatever we put our thoughts into.  It does not care if it is fear or love.  We are the ones who create our lives through our thoughts and feelings.

For all of those who are desiring a life change.  Feel the love for yourself and only see what you desire.  Every single day, I have put my intent out and I say various I AM regarding it all.   I have expressed that my life is full of miracles (mirror of our thoughts).

Live in Love, Forgiveness and Oneness.  It is all work in progress and it is releasing all the programming that we have been conditioned with on this Earth. Release the Fear and Live in Love.  It starts with One, which is you.

I really want people to understand, my life is proving the miracles and the positive thoughts and energy.  I AM healed, Abundant, Thankful, Joyous and have Expectations of Miracles happening everyday in my life.

I sincerely hope we will all be miracles to each other and all of our energies changing our own lives for the better besides changing the energies of the Earth from fear to Love.  We can do it, with intent, feelings, thoughts and energy.

We are the ones to save ourselves.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.  It is within us.  We are miracles for each other.

I will let you know when the boat miracle happens.   How it happens, I am going to let God/Universe take care of that.... I am simply going to go forward with the intent and expectations, know God works miracles everyday and I AM allowing those miracles!

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