Why everyone is quitting Congress

Why everyone is quitting Congress 
Published by RT America on May 9, 2014
Congress members with a total of 660 years of experience combined among them are walking out of Congress. All of our most seasoned representatives are leaving of their own volition. According to Rep Henry Waxman from Wisconsin, who's been in office for 40 years, it's because Congress has become a gridlocked joke. He said, quote, "I think that Congress is much more partisan and paralyzed than I've seen it my whole career." The Resident discusses.

Vatic Note:  I decided to put up my Vatic Note after you read the above, just to show you have deceptive and devious these critters are.  What happens when you walk out of Congress?  You basically destroy our balance of powers system.   The comment about partisanship is the cannard they use to distract us from the truth. Its our "Roman Gladiator" Games.   Here is my speculation as to why they are walking out of congress, which is multipurpose....

1.  Nothing has worked for them and they are 5 years behind in their schedule.  No one has working Nukes.  Without them, our guns become the key weaponry in any conflict and we outnumber the bad guys 3000 to one. 

2.  The Twin Star is almost here as we can tell by the intense heat that happens when they are late in chemtrail dumping the cooling chemicals.   Everyone is going underground.  Its the only explanation why they are ALL leaving at the same time, both parties, and old timers and new.   They never agree on anything, except this.   Ask youself what could be so bad that they would all agree to leave at exactly the same time.

3.  They will be underground while we will be up here to deal with the impact of that large star passing by us with their long train of space debri behind it.  Its not the star per se that maybe the problem, its the debri.  Caves are a good bet for stocking and preparing, just make sure there are no bears in the cave you choose.  Now we know why they placed a quarter million 3 person coffins in different regions of the country, with each coffin able to house 3 bodies at a time.  They expect us to be gone when they come up.  That is for a whole different post.

4.   I have been watching the container trucks speeding through my town to the national forest on the other side of town.  ALL NATIONAL PARKS ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC,  Now we know why.  Remember also the Arctic Seed bank built by Rockefeller and his son, Bill Gates.  Make sure you have plenty of water and food, and if we survive this, then we better make doggone sure they NEVER COME UP if we want to get to a moral and liveable place on this planet afterwards.  WE must be the ones to create the society WE WANT TO LIVE IN and prosper in abundance for all. 

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