US Defense Intelligence Agency Director Reportedly Being Forced Out

Vatic Note:  Well, this man joins the other 92 High up officials of the Pentagon.  They foreign khazar occupiers of our government must have something totally insane planned that all those men refused to parttake in.  When it includes the top and 2nd in command of the intel division,  then it is even worse than bad. I keep saying this and I mean.... we must kick these foreign occupiers and their minions out of our government before we can't.  Iceland did it and other countries less powerful than we are as a people.  There is no reason why we can't do it, and pronto.

Its already reaching the local level as I see here.  Land grabbing has begun, and being fought tooth and nail, but we have no way to know how it will turn out through this corrupted system.  Israel has sent 30 thousand agents to local communities, so watch for it and they are using Moving companies as a cover for when they have to attend regional meetings.  We did a blog on that fact a while back.  Will try to find it but its getting harder now that we almost at 5,000 blogs for this site.  I will try anyway.

I wish this man well, and hope that he or his 2nd in command can tell us what is really going on.

US Defense Intelligence Agency Director Reportedly Being Forced Out
Posted by Veterans Today,  May 5, 2014


US Defense Intelligence Agency director reportedly being forced out

… from  Russia Today,   Moscow

Defense Intelligence Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
Editor's Note:  We will have to wait a while to find out what was really behind the turnover here. Having to leave a position prior to its term ending is quite a blow to a high ranking officer.
The journalist's input below of his being "disruptive" seems a bit silly. Trying to change any big organization is going to be disruptive.
Were "they" trying to close the door on the Snowden scandal? Did he have enemies on the Hill who started a whisper campaign?
His wanting to get desk people out into the field to support the troops from closer to the front... that is "being disruptive"? Imagine that.
Sounds to me like a lot of people did not want their comfortable DC postings with the family turned into possible field assignments. But hey, color me suspicious. Whatever they tell you it is... that is the first thing you can eliminate, right?
We will wish the general and his number two God speed, and a successful transition. And we hope the lure of the big money from the dark-side folks does not seduce them as a way to get some payback. More than a few have been hustled that way, by the Israelis especially... Jim W. Dean ]

-  First  published  April 30,  2014 -

General Flynn
General Michael T. Flynn
Both the director and deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon announced on Wednesday that they are to leave their jobs by early fall.
The move is thought be the result of mounting pressure by top Washington officials.
United States DIA Director Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn announced to Pentagon staff that he is walking away from that role a year earlier than anticipated.
The news came via a joint statement made by Flynn and the agency’s deputy director, David Shedd, who will also be vacating his post.
“We are proud of the legacy of sustained superb performance of the thousands of men and women we have served alongside throughout these many years,” they said.
According to Washington Post reporters Greg Miller and Adam Goldman the director’s unexpected announcement is the result of increased pressure coming from the likes of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and others who reportedly did not agree with Flynn’s managerial style.
“His vision in DIA was seen as disruptive; he’s not a guy to take the agency forward in a coordinated and comprehensive manner,” one former Pentagon official told the Post of Flynn, a former colleague.  (VN: in other words he would not play the treason game I bet)
Flynn, the source said, wanted to push DIA analysts and operators “up and out of their cubicles into the field to support war fighters or high-intensity operations.”
Critics of Flynn, the journalists wrote, considered his management style to have “sowed chaos, setting aggressive plans for changes without adequate follow-through” within the agency.
“I’m not sure DIA sees itself as that,” their source said to the paper.
According to Miller and Goldman, the decision to take Flynn out of his DIA role comes in the midst of other major changes within both the US intelligence community and military, both of which have been shaken up in recent months after former government contractor Edward Snowden began releasing a trove of sensitive material to the media.
“I think if I’m concerned about anything, I’m concerned about defense capabilities that he may have stolen from where he worked, and does that knowledge then get into the hands of our adversaries,” Flynn said of Snowden during a NPR interview that aired last month.
Previously, Flynn served in the US Army and participated in tours that brought him to Grenada, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. US President Barack Obama picked Flynn to be DIA director two years ago this month, and he was expected to depart from that role in 2015.
The agency has yet to select who will succeed either Flynn or Shedd, reported the AP.

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