My Mother Exemplified Selfless Love

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Vatic Note: Dr. Makow has such a great handle on what these illums are doing to destroy the foundation of the family, thus undermining the health of a civilized and stable society.  The family is truly the foundation for a very large, big, structure called the American Constitutional Republic.

I grew up as oldest of 8 children, with a mother no taller than 5'2" and raised as an only child .   She was an amazing woman and a great example to her children.   My father used to tell us that if our mother told him she had a bad feeling about something, he said "I always listened, since she was never wrong about those feelings".  Further, I learned all my morals at my mothers knee.  

I would come home from school complaining about something about my brothers or sisters, or school chums and she would have a platitude that fit.  Those platitudes are stuck in my mind.   She was a smart stay at home mom and everyone of us would have a fit if we came home and she was gone somewhere.  

She was the one that worked on campaigns and dragged me along so I could learn about right and wrong with respect to our nation and our freedoms.  She was incredible.  She used to tell me that a free country comes with a price..... vigilance and courage were the two pillars that the people of such a country must have if they are to keep it free.  No wonder her generation was called the greatest generation.

That is the level of stability and connection we had with her.  She was responsible for our compassionate natures,  our caring for the less well off, and we were obviously lower middle class due to all the children and my dad worked two jobs, just to meet the monthly expenses, but somehow, she always managed to find a way to help someone less well off.  I truly relate to Dr. Makow on this one.   I guess I may have given my age away with this diatribe.  LOL 

My Mother Exemplified Selfless Love
by Henry Makow, PHD,  May 10, 2014

mothers-day13.jpg(left. My mother feeding my brother in 1958)

By her example, my mother,
Helen Iskowicz Makow(1919-1983),  taught me what is love. But,
I didn't learn to show it to her until it was too late.


(left. My mother feeding my brother in 1958)

By her example, my mother,
Helen Iskowicz Makow (1919-1983),
taught me what is love. But,
I didn't learn to show it to her
until it was too late.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.MW5xiCvY.dpuf
When the Illuminati are making young women unfit for marriage and motherhood, I am glad to see Mother's Day enjoying a vogue. Restaurants are booked solid as families prepare to honor mothers for their sacrifice.

My biggest regret is that I never expressed my love to my mother before she died in 1983 of breast cancer, when I was 33. I think she knew I loved her but I was still too self-centered to repay her in kind. I remember with embarrassment sitting in her hospital room
marking term papers during an extended visit. When people are dying, we cannot really say our goodbyes. We want to maintain the hope of recovery.

mothers-day12.jpg(Left. The nuclear family is the building block of a healthy society. Dad took this picture of us.)

My mother showed me how a woman brings love into the world by her selfless dedication to her husband and children. When someone totally sacrifices for you, when someone is unconditionally for you, you can't help but love them with all your heart.

I don't have to tell you mothers are the unsung heroes of society. They do the difficult, thankless work of caring for and rearing children in sickness and in health. 

My mother's credo was to serve her husband first, children second, Canada third and Israel fourth. She wasn't on the list.

She never demanded anything in return and as result we took her for granted. We all exploited her. 

She was so selfless that I remember noticing when we were older, she once took a choice cut of meat for herself at dinner.

Once, when I was eleven and doing a TV appearance in NYC for "Ask Henry," a producer showed us the sights in his little convertible sports car.

We got into an accident. The car door flew opened and my mother fell on to the pavement.

I screamed in panic, "Mom!"

Thankfully, she wasn't hurt. But I remember afterward she remarked, with satisfaction, "You do love me."

Why did it take an accident to show her that?

My mother didn't finish high school and didn't read books. But she had a sophisticated stamp collection and made batiques.

Once, when I was eight-years-old, I told her about an incident that occurred at school. She told me to be strong and stand up for what is right. She said this is called "moral courage."

You don't learn this in school. She knew it in her soul. God Bless Her.
- See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/#sthash.MW5xiCvY.dpuf

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my English is very bad, but I whant to say THANK YOU for such a post, which touch the heart.

Vatic Master said...

Thank you for those kind words. You did very well with your bad english. I deeply appreciate your comment and feelings with respect to our blog. Thank you and God bless you and keep you safe.