Here’s an Escape Route from America’s Decline …

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This below is up to measure against what actually did happen and once we determine the match, we can decide if we want to take their advice in the future.  But encased in this was truth and information about the politics that is becoming a key factor in all of this.   Watch out for predictions since  they are assuming underlying facts are accurate and viable.   That is a weakness in all of this.  With deception being the weapon of mass destruction, its difficult unless you use your "heart brain".  

Here’s an Escape Route from America’s Decline …
by Total Wealth Symposium,  The Sovereign Investor,  10/10/2013

America's Decline
Beginning last week, 800,000 federal employees had to explain to their families that they are furloughed.
National parks are closed, passports are no longer processed and war veterans are being turned away at their memorials …
All because the charlatans in Washington D.C. can’t agree to put the interests of our country above their own.
I keep hearing one question from folks here at the Total Wealth Symposium in Las Vegas:
“How is it possible to live in a country where our voices aren’t heard and the ruling elite sacrifice OUR bottom line for their own benefit?”
Think about it:
  • Our national debt is increasing by $1,800,000,000 a day.
  • The Fed’s money-printing addiction has been diluting the dollar for years.
  • Near 0% interest rates are pummeling savers, while enriching the big banks.
That’s why it’s important to invest a portion of your wealth offshore, where the strongest growth opportunities exist in assets that help you retain (or even gain) purchasing power.
And it’s easier than you think …
There is Hope for Americans … if You Know What You’re Doing
When Sovereign Society legal counsel and former U.S. Congressman,
Bob Bauman, took the stage, you could hear a pin drop as the audience sat quiet in rapt attention.
Attendees, like most of us, are worried that the U.S. has crossed a point of no return.
That’s why learning about Bob’s Five Flags of Freedom is more important than ever:
Flag #1 – Get Residency or a Second Passport
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that U.S. citizens have the right to multiple citizenships.
The first step in obtaining dual citizenship is to check your family tree. Several nations offer bloodline-based citizenship – if you can prove one of your parents, or even grandparents was born overseas. (For the full list of participating countries – be sure tolisten to Bob’s talk.)
Gaining residency is much easier than securing a second passport, and you should NEVER attempt to buy a second citizenship online.
Flag #2 – Set Up Your Offshore Business Base
One of the most important steps is to set up a foreign bank account, offshore international business corporation or offshore limited liability company. There are many benefits to doing business in overseas jurisdictions, including: affordable, abundant land; interest-free loans; tax holidays; and minimal regulation.
Flag #3 – Residence & Domicile
The next step is to find a country that does not impose taxes. Panama is a great example; it does not levy an income tax as long as your income is earned outside the republic.

Flag #4 – Asset Protection – Trusts and Foundations
There is still sufficient and much stronger bank secrecy in many countries than in the United States.
For a list of five countries that offer the greatest banking secrecy, privacy and asset management, as well as the best way to legally defer taxes offshore, be sure to download Bob’s PowerPoint presentation.
Flag #5 –Choose Your Haven Wisely
Finally, Bob recommends you get to know your haven well before making any permanent decisions. Make sure the climate, geography, culture and leisure activities excite you – and make you feel “at home.”
Everyone walked away from Bob’s speech with a Master Plan on how to get “off the grid” and protect their privacy and wealth from legal predators, identity thieves — even the U.S.government.

The Greatest Investment Trend of Our Time

As the U.S. continues its downward spiral, all the prosperity we once knew is happening overseas in developing countries.
In the next five years, almost a billion souls will emerge from poverty around the world, eager for the lifestyle and products we take for granted.
The Sovereign Investor Executive Editor, Jeff Opdyke, sees huge opportunities for investors who look beyond America’s borders.
I’m talking about getting in on the ground floor with tomorrow’s McDonald’s, WalMart and Coca-Cola.
Jeff revealed two of his favorite plays to take advantage of with the rise of prosperity around the world.
Play #1: Big Profits From an Unlikely South African Firm …
The next Kraft Foods is emerging in Africa because of rising prosperity throughout the continent. Some 300 million Africans have already risen from poverty, and another 200 million are set to enter the middle class over the next decade.
And they all want one thing – better, more easily prepared food. And this South African canned-food firm is delivering the goods to this massive pool of demanding buyers.
This company has averaged 16% annualized returns since 2004, pays a 3% yield and it’s poised for even more rapid growth as it continues to expand its sales outside of South Africa.
Jeff believes this is a stock you buy, forget about and collect profits for years to come.
Play #2: South America’s Next Success Story …
It’s not Brazil, Argentina or Ecuador …
It’s Colombia, of all places. With the worst of the drug wars over and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) pleading for a truce, Columbia is rich with investment opportunities.
Jeff recommends one bank that pays a steady 3% yield and has significant growth potential as more prosperous Colombians open bank accounts and obtain more car and home loans.
This emerging bank is a play you don’t want to miss if you’re serious about growing your wealth in the coming years.
To get the ticker symbols that Jeff revealed to the attendees, click here.
Then, to top off the session, Knut Anderson of Swissmetal Inc. showed us the easiest and fastest way to potentially double your money with strategic metals like tungsten and tantalum.
These metals are crucial, basic necessities for most of today’s booming industries and emerging technologies such as smartphones, LCD monitors and computers.

Tell You What …

The buzz here in Las Vegas is contagious. There is a feeling of energy and purpose in the air. Everyone seems to be excited and focused.
And we’re just getting started!   This afternoon, I’ll fill you in on our next pair of popular speakers: Harry Dent and Eric Roseman.Until then …

Your Conference Insider,
Mike Crespo

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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered exactly why it is that the so-called "pilgrims" didn't stay in their respective nations to struggle for liberty there, instead of going the incredibly harrowing route of "refugees-find-new-continent" routine, when lo and behold, the countries from which they fled have now become nations that are livable. Did they flee, or were they sent?
My second doubts are because of the "appropriate" nations willing to accept american refugees. Columbia? Really? Right next to Venezuela, which is going communist, sure thing I'm gonna pack my bags, be on the next flight to Bogota....yeah, I don't think so. The second passport thing I suspect is because no one wants us or our money! For which we can thank the successive imperialist murderers we call "presidents" for that. And really, who can blame them? The world already knows what monsters we produce, primarily due to Hollywood, Iraq, Afghanistan and on down the list...
Although, on paper, reading a book about how some refugee made a desperate boat trip to Slobbovia and invented a new life for their family, being a refugee in a foreign country is no cake-walk.
It is much more productive to change things at home where if you get mugged or killed, you can at least understand the language you're being robbed in! Well, maybe not in L.A lol, but you get my drift. I've been outside of the usa, and while I agree that life is freer elsewhere, it used to be that way here! Because the nations from which the pilgrims fled have now become nations in which people invest business, I don't see why the same thing cannot happen here, eventually. If those with skills and intelligent minds flee and give their talents to another nation to exploit, it will take that much longer for us to aright ourselves.