Dead Pastor # 4 By Suicide In 4 Weeks, Add the 4 to the Dead Scientists and Bankers

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Dead Pastor #4 By Suicide In 4 Weeks
Published by Paul Begley on May 7, 2014


Spiritual warfare is taking place as the Devil is trying to destroy the message of salvation and the messengers.

Vatic Note: This is an appropriate place to mention that there are no coincidences in life....All these suicides happening over the past 6 months are all beyond coincidence.  If you do not go along to get along, then you may become a victim of "so called Suicide".   Were these, "men of conscience", who could not continue with the charade?  We covered suicides of bankers and scientists.  Now its the Pastors.

Were they involved with the "powers that were" (a suggestion by a reader to change the phrase to "were" instead of to "be") in any way that might have put them at risk.  We proved on the blog that many, who were betraying their country, included Pastors, especially evangelical preachers on TV.  

Hopefully you remember that Vatic project posted photos of 4 pastors who were giving their audience the "I Love Baphomet" hand sign which also includes "I love Satan".  So, in that sense, he is spot on about what may well be going on.  Remember, even David Icke said this was a spiritual war these days. 

Those pastors were Pat Robertson who was given a refinery in Algiers and a Lear jet to be able to fly to his new company to check out that all was alright. 

There was Benny  Hinn, and also Ted Copeland, giving that hand sign. Finally, Billy Graham did Bush Jr as a conversion, yet there was manipulation by those "powers that were",  when Graham came out in the press stating Bush Jr was sent by God.  What Blasphemy that is.

Anyway, listen to this video and see if you can tell.... was it Suicide or assassination?  I don't know, so its up to you to decide.

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Anonymous said...

This is horrific and I agree that it is not coincidental. May I suggest something? I know it is blasphemous but I'm sorry - I really am wondering this. I was very religious until a few years ago. Then several coincidences deeply disturbed me. Have you ever seen the Georgia guidestones? It says that humanity should be reduced to under 500,000,000. Do you know how many people are RH-? ~500,000,000. O- is supposedly the blood type of Jesus. The elect will be taken off of the earth before the tribulation (O- people?). The beast has seven heads; could it be O+, A+, B+, AB+, A-, B-, AB-? These are supposedly the impure bloodlines (those not of God's bloodline). Those on the side of the beast will be like tares burned in the fire. Those who remain faithful will be retrieved (A-, B- AB-?). If you read certain interpretations of the Bible, O- refers to the God-like beings. The sins of the father visited upon subsequent generations may very well be referring to blood type hybridization. It gets weirder but I'm stopping here. Upon reflecting on these things I lost my faith and fell into a deep depression. It is telling that pastors, scientists, and wealthy bankers may be privy to this sort of information. I apologize if this is disturbing to you but I'm being quite sincere. Any thoughts?

Unknown said...

Have you seen this? CONOP8888:


Occultists are quite fond of hiding things in plain site. CONOP sounds like a conjob. 8888? There are eight different blood types: O+,O-,A+,A-,B+,B-,AB+,AB-. Why four eights? Are you familar with XORGATE security protocol in computer programming? 00, 01, 10, 11? You cannot have 11...this reverts everything back to 00. Apparently this has happened with blood type (there are 8...four cycles of 8 = the end). Ever see Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy? The earth is a giant computer run by interdimensional mice (mice = pestilence in the occult). Four cycles x 2 (to represent duality...oh, rh+-? heh). This is the end of a computer cycle perhaps? I'm really not kidding. There is a whole lot more but I won't say it right now. Also, I posted that earlier message. I would appreciate your thoughts. I'm pretty concerned.

Vatic Master said...

Jayla, could you email me the title of the blog where you posted your first discussion about this, so I can go back and read it? Then I will try to go down that rabbithole, but first let me say that the Daily Mail in Britain was bought out by Murdock of Fox News fame, so that may well explain a lot, but I won't go there until I read your first blog. As you can imagine, I get hundreds of emails per day, so I can't read them all. LOL But this you have given us is definitely intriguing and worth pursuing.

Unknown said...

Sir, I don't have a blog. Would you be willing to call me? My num is (918) 928-9699. If you don't mind, I would appreciate speaking with you urgently on this matter. Right away. I know a lot more than I'm telling you. Thank you.