McCain says US should send troops to Nigeria to rescue schoolgirls

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Vatic Note:  I put this one up just to highlight just how "SOLD OUT" McCain truly is.  He is the total lap dog for the Rothschild pervert brigade.   We just published evidence that this whole Nigeria schoolgirls issue was a false flag once again, orchestrated by the NWO crowd.  Its becoming evident that we have some help from the spiritual realm, since the timing of this article was beyond coincidence, and occurred just after we published a previous blog on Nigeria.

We just published a blog on this about 2 days ago, showing this was just another false flag excuse to go into Nigeria and grab their Natural Resources, so John McCain is a bit late and obvious, in his call for US to send troops to rescue "NIGERIA'S NATURAL RESOURCES" from the global market place..... oh, thats right, to rescue schoolgirls that are not kidnapped.  Eyes rolling upward.  Gosh,  what an obvious Puppet this man is.

He is the worse one to send anywhere for any reason, since he was a proven traitor to the USA, by what he did in Viet Nam.  Remember when he was sent to Libya, JUST BEFORE THE KILLING OF THE AMBASSADOR?  We published pics of him walking with a big grin on his face, with the Ambassador to Libya, who had a frown and an unhappy face at McCain being there?  And shortly thereafter, the ambassador is killed.  Another coincidence? 

We speculated that he was delivering arms and cash to the CIA/Mossad paid rebels, and the Ambassador was not happy about it and that was why he had to go.  Was that a "Hillary special" project?  Now he is in Nigeria doing, who knows what piece of treason, for his foreign occupied government handlers?  Its amazing just how easy this all comes for him..... he even has a smile every time he does it.... as if he truly loved his work.  AZ, get rid of this guy,  its embarrassing you. 

McCain says US should send troops to Nigeria to rescue schoolgirls
By Jim W. Dean, senior editor,  Veterans today, 5/14/2014

John 'da loon' McCain with Al Qaeda in Syria
John ‘da loon’ McCain with Al Qaeda in Syria (VN: CIA/Mossad financed Al Qaeda.  His brain was restructured during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.)

McCain says US should send troops to Nigeria to rescue schoolgirls

Top Daily Story   …   Press TV,  Tehran 

Now we have even the independents acting crazyNow we have even the independents acting crazy
[ Editor's Note:  I  am still recommending brother John for psychiatric evaluation. His Senatorial buddies should do him the favor, or have a family intervention... but his being left to torture us in public like this has be be stopped.
Here he is acting like America's top trained soldiers are nothing more than game board pieces to be moved around to entertain certain people's egos.
To my astonishment I read yesterday that Susan Collins has gotten the Senate women banded together to call for intervention in Nigeria, despite the government having extensive military and 'being there' Intel capabilities.
This showboat grandstanding is just so stupid, and irresponsible... it's scary to think we have people like this running the show.
The US has been holding the entire country of  Syria hostage, 150,000 dead and unspeakable crimes against women, and where have all these phony women's rights ambulance chasers been? And that included Michele Obama with her "Bring back our girls" sign, and then Ann Coulter's spin of countering with her own "Bring back our country" sign. It is a sickening display of our political system.
What will make it worse is probably there not being a whimper from their constituents, where such events are also a form of distraction entertainment. Why do I have the image of this being a Roman circus in my mind?
Am I the one who is delusional, living in an alternate universe, and they are the sane ones? You know what I am going to say now, "You just can't make this stuff up!"... Jim W. Dean ]        ___________________________

First published May 13,  2014  - 

"Sond bird McCain" in Hanoi. This commanding officer wanted him court-martialled. Nixon had to amnesty all the PoWs to stop the proceedings.

“Song bird McCain” in Hanoi. His commanding officer wanted him court-martialled. Nixon had to amnesty all the PoWs to stop the proceedings.

Republican Senator John McCain says the United States should send troops to Nigeria to rescue over 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram takfiri militants.

“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in US troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain said in an interview with The Daily Beast on Tuesday.

“I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan,” the senator added.

In April, Boko Haram committed mass abduction of teenage schoolgirls from Chibok school in northeastern Borno state.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said that he believed the girls remained in the country.

On Tuesday, the special duties minister, Taminu Turaki, said the government was ready to hold talks with the militants about the kidnapped schoolgirls.
McCain said that the UN charter authorized military intervention on behalf of the girls because their abduction rose to the level of “crimes against humanity.”
“The United Nations Charter recognized crimes against humanity, this fits into the category of crimes against humanity, and that gives any nation the license if they can to stop a crime against humanity, the same reason we should have if we could have freed the people at Dachau or Auschwitz,” McCain said.
The hawkish senator said there is no need for the Nigerian government’s permission for a military intervention.

“I would not be involved in the niceties of getting the Nigerian government to agree, because if we did rescue these people, there would be nothing but gratitude from the Nigerian government, such as it is,” he said.
“If we rescued these young girls, it would be the high point of the [President Barack Obama’s] popularity.”

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Vatic Master: All the POWS that were with McCain in Nam say he was a snitch and rat and got spoecial treatment becuase his Dad was a Illlumanti Snake...Also the Draco Khazar Zionist are scared that China will take Africa..thats the reason they want to go to Africa so they can get the minerals and wealth--they dont give a damnn about the poor blacks...Theyt are in a War with China to get Africa...