Cops dead from 9/11 illnesses outnumber officers who died in attacks

Vatic Note:  Why do we have to wait this long 13  years to find this out?  Its the same about the number of deaths from the trade center attacks, which exceeded 12,000, just like the war deaths, from all the wars exceeds the total number of soldiers killed in the Viet Nam war.  Yet, we don't hear a word about it.

What do we need the mainstream press for?  They are fully useless and now proven "treasonous" and should stand in the docket at the next Nuremberg trials as they will surely be called if any of us has anything to say about it.  In Germany they hung them for violating their responsibility

What is worse are the good cops who wanted to help and save lives were the ones killed and the self serving ones made sure they did not get involved, so that is who is left to protect us..... my foot,  they are here to protect the Bloombergs of this planet.  He is a Khazar traitor to this nation and to New  York City.

Remember,  he is the one that sent NY City cops to Tel Aviv to learn brutal policing of civilian citizens and they learned their craft very well based on all the dead kids, old people, teens that were unarmed and murdered.   We posted some of those blog son here to prove it.

Can you imagine what these poor officers families must have gone through watching their love ones die a slow and intentionally caused death perpetrated by their foreign allies and insider leaders who were hired and voted in to protect them from ALL enemies, both DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN???? Oh, don't get me started.

Cops dead from 9/11 illnesses outnumber officers who died in attacks
May 6, 2014

ALBANY, N.Y. - The names of police officers who died from ground zero-related illnesses now outnumber the 60 killed in the 9/11 attacks engraved on the New York State Police Officers' Memorial in Albany.

The names of 20 officers have been added to the black granite memorial. They include 12 New York City officers and one from suburban Peekskill who died from illnesses connected to the attack. That raised the total to 71.

According to authorities, the 13 died from cancers attributed to rescue and recovery work at the collapsed World Trade Center towers in Manhattan.

"I live near the World Trade Center. I inhaled the toxic smoke that permeated every square inch of lower Manhattan," New York state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said. "I know how nobly and heroically the NYPD carried out their duties on that tragic September day and the terrible days that followed."

Silver addressed hundreds of police, relatives and officials who gathered for the annual remembrance ceremony Tuesday at the memorial in downtown Albany to honor officers who died from duty-related causes. He acknowledged it was small condolence for surviving families that the experience of what their loved ones endured will prevent a similar fate for other first responders.

Six died last year, four in 2012, and three before that.

After the ceremony, several declined to talk, saying both the ceremony and what they'd experienced were difficult.

For those who died later as a consequence of the trade center attacks, it has also meant several years of disabling injuries and illness, Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy said. More than half of the 1,360 names on the wall were members of the NYPD, he said.

The names of seven other law enforcement officers were also added to the memorial.

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