VATIC ALERT: CLIVE BUNDY = ONE, BLM = 0 - BLM has vacated the property.


***UPDATE: Breaking news - Texas Militia is on the way to Nevada, with 12,000  members.  Got this news from insiders. Others  are mobilizing and heading out as well.   Time to talk to local sheriffs for local gun owners.  Form a posse, since this will spread rapidly.  These evil ones are control freaks, that are anal retentive and will have to react.  Time to mobilize everyone.

Vatic Note:
Listen to this man on this video below, he has a complete handle on what is going on and the agenda that precipitated the BLM move against him... and why they did it which had nothing to do with anything endangered except maybe the independant American spirit. We saw this coming 12 years ago when we saw the twin towers go down and those involved were entrusted with the care and safety of the Constitution and the people of this nation, and yet, they BETRAYED THAT TRUST, and collaborated  with Israel and the International Rothschild Khazar Zionist bankers, to kill Americans for a political reason, globalizing.  Its what JFK tried to tell us in 1961 and 1963, just weeks before he was assassinated.

We knew then that the agenda was HUGE, and we knew that meant they were willing to risk the death penalty for what they had done.  Further, they even told us what they intended to do, in their neocon/neolib dual Israeli citizen paper called Pax Americana to achieve their goal, it was going to take a Pearl Harbor type event, and that was taken from Zbig Brezinszki's book, "The Grand Chessboard".   There is evidence enough in both those documents to prosecute these traitors for treason.   It  would be ironic if their Satanic rules of pre-disclosure, actually brought them down. We will see.

They had done it before, twice, that has now been confirmed.  The first time, it was confirmed by Vanunnu when he was released from an Israeli prison, that Israel committed the murder of JFK, in collusion with Pres Johnson and certain elements of the CIA, (George Bush Sr ring a bell?) and the second time was the USS Liberty, again, President Johnson was involved.

I, personally, with no evidence, except serious circumstantial evidence that they also did the Gulf Blowout since the Dual Israeli citizens control the movie industry and had done a film released 9 months before the blow out, called "The Knowing" which showed the news report on TV of the Gulf blowout with the actual photos of it being blown up and the fires that resulted from it. Also just prior to the blow out GOLDMAN SACHS, OWNED BY ROTHSCHILD,  SOLD MAJOR SHARES IN BP OIL.  Now why did they do that? 

The fourth time the Israeli's attacked America and killed Americans was 9-11 and the fact that Chertoff included "IMMUNITY FOR ISRAEL" in the Patriot Act, for anything she did on 9-11, sealed their role in that act of terror and treason.  Bush and Cheney were the collaborators and aided in the deed.

Our people who betrayed their country were not the same, but the foreign invaders were the same in all three instances and now its time to say it directly and without fanfare or apology.  Israel and Great Britain, who created Israel, and are khazars, are the enemy of the United States of America and is hard set to bring this nation down.  We best wake up to that fact, no matter what,  as should all dual Israeli citizens currently living in this country.

Decision time is upon everyone, including the dual Israeli citizens who must end up making a choice.   If you have to do that and choose Israel,  then, please, at least go live where you choose.  If you choose Israel then please depart as soon as possible and live in your country of choice and I say this without ranker or anger, just need to clean house of all our enemies.  So the innocent do not get in the middle of this.   If you stay here, then know that this revolution that is about to start, is being pushed on us in order to ensure we lose their much needed World war III, so you will not be safe here after the war. 

U.S. Inc. feds vs Living Man, Bigger than Clive Bundy

No matter if you believe yourself a civilian (rome) or citizen (slave to corp) this is one of the most important video news today bar none


Download and share before it gets blocked

Notice that the speaker does NOT say he will have a gun but that he will be present and defend his land and rights with help from other locals that STAND and RECORD the abusive actions.   (VN: in fact, he says he will not fire the first shot, but he will defend his land that has been in his family for generations, since the early 1800's.  No one wants to live in a nation like Israel with legalized prostitution, child molestation, and drug running and money laundering.  They have attacked us from within by trying to make us like them.   I am glad our people are refusing to follow their filthy way of life.  No wonder the mongolians kicked them out of Mongolia in 800 AD. )

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