“Red Dawn”: Supporters Rally to Defend Family Facing Showdown With Feds

Vatic Note:  WHERE IS THE ELECTED COUNTY SHERIFF?  HE IS THE HIGHEST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE COUNTY.   Boy, are they ever worried about this test of our tolerance.   They gutted  my very extensive Vatic Note and  the entire article.

I had to start all over again, so I have been at this one for several hours now.   Now I have to go to an appointment and will finish the VN's when I get back.  In the mean time, I want to put this up so everyone can watch out for that family and call your congressman and senators and tell them in no uncertain terms, that they will pay for their lack of action on this issue.  Its time they truly felt the heat. )

HERE is another article with more detail that I found later today, and it shows just how bad our government is getting.  This is beginning to look more and more  like Israel and the Palestinians.  Its out and out  blackmail.  After stealing their cattle after a court ruled in the Bundy favor,  they now want to charge the Bundys's for the gov cost of putting 200 armed militarized federal officers on their  property and they are quoting in the article something like a million dollars. 

I  think they want more than just the cattle off BLM land, I think they want to confiscate the Bundy ranch that his family has had since 1830's.  Does AGENDA 21 SOUND FAMILIAR???  If this is a move toward communism covering up fascism, then this makes sense what they are doing..... forcing a confiscation of their land due to fines and costs that they cannot afford to pay.  A society with no land ownership is a slave society.

It could also be another move to consolidate control over our food, through moving all of it to South America where the powers that be control  the upper class there and thus are not subject to us resisting.  I also believe this is why HAARP has been causing all the droughts and floods so no food in the fall at harvest time here in our country, and then farmers would have no income, and thus would lose their farms and ranches....

This is to try and get us to riot and they then declare martial law and take our guns. GOOD LUCK, THIS ARTICLE PROVES WHY THAT CAN NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN.  We proved a long time ago that these Zionists doing this are the very nazi's that did this in Germany.

Its time to get on the phone and push our elected reps so we show a united country wide front for our freedoms and way of life that they are trying to take away after 250 years of living as we have.  Better to try and stop it now, then to end up in a revolution that would weaken us for WW III that they are trying to start.  I have used the word "treason" several times and it seems to resonate.

I have called both senators, one of which is up for re-election, told them what I expected them to do, and I told them ".... your choice is clear.... represent us, or betray us and go with them.  Make no mistake if you go with them, treason is a death penalty offense, so now you have enough information to make a decision you will be held accountable for.  Good luck in your decision. "  That is how direct we have to talk, so they understand just how seriously we are taking this.

“Red Dawn”: Supporters Rally to Defend Family Facing Showdown With Feds 
Paul Joseph Watson
April 8, 2014
Supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy violated a “First Amendment Area” by staging a rally in support of Bundy, who earlier declared a “range war” against federal authorities in response to a land dispute that threatens to escalate into a Waco-style standoff.   (VN: not really.  This time we know what they are capable of doing, while the innocent people of WACO actually thought there was a system that worked and they were proven wrong.   We are fully aware of the lack of system working here in this country right now, and we are mostly prepared for it, and the sheep are waking up.  So, no, it won't be as easy as it was in WACO.  This time it will cost them, since we now understand who is running things here, they are CHILD MURDERERS AND PEDOPHILES, AS WE SAW IN PALESTINE (PEDOPHILIA) AND IN WACO (CHILD MURDERERS -  94 children, gee how brave of them to kill 94 little children.  Cowards.)

Supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy violated a “First Amendment Area” by staging a rally in support of Bundy, who earlier declared a “range war” against federal authorities in response to a land dispute that threatens to escalate into a Waco-style standoff.

(I have tried 3 times to put this video up.  I give up, so go to the link here and watch it from there and if that does not work, then go to the link above under the title of the story, and it works.  I tried it. ).  


Bundy is currently embroiled in a spat with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over his long standing refusal to acknowledge a 1993 modification to grazing rights on land that Bundy asserts has been in his family since 1870. On Saturday, hundreds of federal officials, aided by helicopters, low flying aircraft and hired cowboys, began rounding up Bundy’s cattle in northeastern Clark County.

The feds say the move is about enforcing the law and protecting the endangered desert tortoise, but the Bundy family says the spat represents a showdown between big government and American farmers.  (VN: Lets not forget that Hitler, very effectively got laws passed that he used through enforcement, that were nothing but violations of human rights and crimes against humanity.  These evil soul-less animals are nothing but entities of Satan and those Law officers need to know that these enemies of our people could not do anything against us,  WITHOUT THE LEO'S ASSISTANCE, WHICH MAKES THEM TRAITORS RIGHT ALONG WITH THE OFFICIALS DOING ALL THIS.  Treason is a death penalty offense and people better start considering that.  Do you really want to die or kill your fellow Americans for the international khazar Zionist bankers, who  laugh at you and hate you as goym, and believe you are so stupid you will believe everything they tell you??  In WW II it was the goyim who were killed through Nuremberg trials, and sacrificed to save the bankers.   You can't be that stupid.  Can you?  They have no more regard for you than they do for us. Wake up and smell the treason. Stand with your own people. )

“We’ve had enough, we’re going to take our land back, we’re done,” said Bundy’s wife, Carol Bundy, adding that the rally was held “to show that we are not standing alone. People are getting tired of the federal government having unlimited power.”

More than 100 supporters violated a crudely taped off “First Amendment Area” to rally in support of the Bundy family, erecting two flagpoles with the words “We the People” attached, above a flag which read, “Liberty Freedom For God We Stand”. The first amendment area stood empty, with one sign nearby declaring, “1st Amendment is not an area.”

“I grew up on this ranch. This is what we knew,” said Margaret Houston, Cliven Bundy’s younger sister. “It’s got nothing to do with the cattle and the tortoises. It’s about taking our rights — power — and it’s wrong.”

“Right now it looks like the movie Red Dawn, said, Ryan Bundy. “Right now we’ve got 200 plus federal agents up there in a military compound that they have put together and they’ve got snipers….everybody’s armed, and they’ve been monitoring our ranch with high-tech surveillance equipment….it was never about the grazing fees, it’s about control.”

Ranch manager Derrel Spencer warned that a “revolution” was brewing unless a solution could be found to settle the dispute.

As we reported yesterday in an article that has already garnered over 4300 comments, Bundy’s son Dave Bundy was arrested on Sunday by BLM officials after refusing to follow a dispersal order as he filmed cattle from a state highway. 

According to Dave’s brother Ryan Bundy, snipers had guns trained on them throughout the incident. Feds claimed Dave Bundy had violated the ludicrous “First Amendment Area,” outside of which free speech is banned.
The Bundy family posted still images of snipers who trained guns on them in the video below.


After his son’s arrest, Cliven Bundy posted a statement on his website which read, “They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow.”
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department asserts that the actions against Bundy are a “federal operation,” while the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association told ABC News, “This has gotten way out of hand,” while refusing to become involved.

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