70% of US Combat Vets on Anti-Psychotic Drugs: Gordon Duff

Vatic Note:  Early on in these wars that Bush started and Obama continued, I read much about how these soldiers were in shock about how they were told by their commanding officers to do brutal things to the enemy.   When I say brutal, I mean crimes against humanity.

Many of these soldiers talked about it when they got out of the service and just how tramatic this was on them.   Many were also  used as experimental guinea pigs for the Drug companies and most of the time, without their knowledge. The side affeects of these drugs were violence both against others and/or themselves.

These drugs are the reason so many of our boys committed suicide. In fact, the combination of both of these acts above, I believe seriously contributed to the high rate of suicide, along with the potential act of murdering these men who refused to fire upon American citizens, and probably wore the "Oathkeepers badge on their uniforms.  I do not know that for a fact, but since that was proven done to the football player, whose name I can't remember, then its possible they did it to many of those who did it to themselves. 

If I  didn't know better, I would think these wars were created to demoralize and desensitize our soldiers so  that they would be brutal and depressed and thus our military readiness would be seriously hampered, resulting in us losing the third world war.  At least our boys are not cowards like our foreign occupied handlers.  That cowardess is our salvation, along with their arrogance.  Both are tools to be used to bring them down. 

70% of US Combat Vets on Anti-Psychotic Drugs: Gordon Duff


An American Marine says as many as 40 percent of those who serve in the US military are under psychiatric care, adding that up to 70 percent of war veterans have been on anti-psychiatric drugs.
Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, made the remarks in a telephone interview with Press TV on Thursday, commenting on a Wednesday shooting rampage at a US military base in Texas.

Specialist Ivan Lopez, an Iraq war veteran, shot dead three people and injured at least sixteen others before turning his gun on himself at Fort Hood, the sprawling Army post in Texas. According to an initial investigation into the incident, the shooter was a mentally unstable person.

“The shooting at Fort Hood yesterday shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone.  Nor should it have been a surprise that the individual that has been accused was under psychiatric care. Frankly, as many as 40 percent of those who serve America’s military are under psychiatric care. More than that, a much larger percentage of combat veterans, up to 70 percent, have been on anti-psychiatric drugs,” Duff said.

“One of the issues that has come up is why should people who are under psychiatric care for depression, posttraumatic stress be allowed to carry weapons. Well, another issue might well be why they were allowed in Afghanistan and Iraq while under those same medications and that same diagnoses carrying weapons pretty much continually,  if we wonder why some of the issues have happened there?” the former American marine stated.
“And things we can add to this, a tremendous number of sexual assaults within the military, tens of thousands of veteran suicides. This is an issue of societal failure.   This is an issue of extreme indifference that war is more important to…sustain than the health of the military, than the health of the society, (and) there’s no accountability for what people do during warfare,” he added.

“The US was perfectly fine with having heavily drugged, deeply depressed, traumatically stressed people, carrying automatic weapons running around in Vietnam, where I certainly was for some period of time, or Afghanistan or Iraq or any of the other 50 or 60 countries” where the US has had boots on the ground, said Duff, a marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War.
“They are perfectly fine with that until they get home and actually shoot someone up. And here on a daily basis, what we are hearing is that they are shooting their families, they are shooting themselves. And what we have done is we have taken another generation, and this is another generation, we’ve put them in the grinder of war, we’ve eaten them up, we knew it was going to happen and we’re pretending that we’re surprised,” he concluded.
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Anonymous said...

Vatic Master; POST TRAMATIC STRESS SYNDROME or DISORDER is a smaoke scrreen the the government uses to hide true facts, info and reserach. If you say Agent Orange/Dioxin or Depleted Uranium all at once they start harping about PTSD..If yiou questions drugs, Vacinations, Chemiocals they start harping PTSD...Toxic Brain Syndrome is cxaused by chemicals, pills and vacinations..They also use high tech hypnosis to create zombies that will do anything they are ordered to do...Yes the Government is run by Snakes and most of them have those Judeo Masonic Rings on and are Attorney Lawyers---HUM??? They are our mostly deadly enemys....and the Bankers and Elite Snakes...