VATIC UPDATE: Alert! Pentagon Restricts ALL Leave to Diego Garcia – Is Flight 370 Being Hidden?

Vatic Note:  We have another update coming as well, but I have to wait til its confirmed and then I will put it up.  It appears the Militia are on the way to the Nevada ranch,  but I think its a set up, since the government sent in 200 armed BLM agents, and they would not have done that if it was intended just to fine the owner and take his cattle.  It appears it might be a way to measure our ability to resist these kinds of acts of war against the American people.  I will report more on that when I get more info. 

As for this below.... more strange stuff.  One of the reports on this cancellation of leave is from Reuters which is owned by Rothschild.  Hmmmm,  so why are they reporting something they are  possibly involved in?  Is there a division at the top of the bad guys?  Are they selling each other out???  Is this just another move to get us to revolt, along with the BLM issue in Nevada?   Remember, a revolution would weaken the nation and would insure our loss in a WW III situation.  Without a revolution, there is no doubt no one could take this nation and hold it.

There are many reasons for that.... 
-one is the geography of this country is a nightmare for anyone who thinks they can invade and then hold ground.  I almost laugh at the thought.
-Two,  we are 380 million souls and armed to the teeth.
-Third,   In addition, we have trained and disenfranchised experts in war fare and intelligence gathering who have been basically fired for their patriotism.  So they are more than willing to help us out, indeed.
-Fourth - The "militarized law enforcement has all the equipment and weapons that Homeland Security gave them and when they finally realize that what they are doing to help out this foreign invader to our nation, is pure treason, they may well change sides and bring all that fire power with them.

In other words there are too many variables/problems for them to risk doing WW III without a weakened and divided nation, which a  revolution would solve for them.   So, bottom line:   Is this just another deception to achieve an objective they need???  Its too bizarre to see it as something that "could" have happened for reasons of greed and thieving.   But it fits right in with their use of Deception and manipulation.   We will see. I will keep you updated as I find out what is going on.   You read and decide what you think. 

Pentagon Restricts ALL Leave to Diego Garcia – Is Flight 370 Being Hidden? 
by Dean Garrison, Freedom Outpost, April 9, 2014

The image was accompanied by the following message:

The Daily Sheeple reports:

RedFlagNews is reporting that as of April 4, leave travel TO Diego Garcia, the US military and intelligence base, is not authorized.

The notice was posted on the Diego Garcia Passenger Terminal Facebook page.

Located in the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia is described by defense observers as the "best-kept secret in the navy". The base is loaded with advanced observation and detection equipment which should have facilitated the search of the Malaysian airlines plane MH370.

Is MH370 – or evidence of what happened to the plane – being housed there?

This is getting to be an interesting possibility indeed.

Michel Chossudovsky reported last week that the resources of Diego Garcia should have been used extensively in the search for MH370:

Located in the Indian Ocean, the US Diego Garcia military and intelligence base –described by defense observers as the "best-kept secret in the navy"– has a gamut of advanced observation and detection equipment which should have facilitated the search of the Malaysian airlines plane.

But instead, the US military preferred to remain mum on the subject, as outlined by a carefully documented article by Matthias Chang.

According to Reuters (28th March, 2014, quoted by Matthias Chang):

Ultimately, the only country with the technical resources to recover the plane – or at least its black box recorder, which could lie in water several miles deep – may be the United States. Its deep-sea vehicles ultimately hauled up the wreckage of Air France 447 after its 2009 crash into a remote region of the South Atlantic.

The US has a state of the art spy satellite system, with very precise capabilities of monitoring the earth's surface, including moving objects. These technologies are part of the United States Space Surveillance Network.  

The Diego Garcia base "is one of only a handful of locations equipped with a Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance system for tracking objects in deep space." Given the levels of sophistication of these observation technologies, it is highly unlikely that the MH370 flight could have travelled unnoticed over a large span of the Indian Ocean.

So the United States should have been more heavily involved in any search and/or rescue missions and to our knowledge, they were not. Why is this important?

Well, last week we also ran into some interesting allegations that Philip Wood, an American passenger, allegedly transmitted a message and picture from Diego Garcia. Though the story seems far-fetched, it is entirely possible. The coordinates, taken from the "Image Exif data" clearly showed that the transmission came from Diego Garcia.

Can those coordinates be forged? Certainly, but that does not mean that they were.

It also bears mentioning that even if the transmission was, in fact, sent from Diego Garcia, it does not mean that Philip Wood sent the picture and associated messages. How could his cell have held a charge for that long? If he was really incarcerated, as claimed, wouldn't his captors make sure that internet access was impossible in the holding area?

Still, it is possible, and an interesting possibility that I felt was worthy of reporting.

Then, late last week, Philip Wood's girlfriend, Sarah Bajc, appeared on CNN and dropped a bombshell. She said her sources were stating that MH370 had a military escort and that she believed the plane was intact. She believes that Philip Wood is still alive. She did NOT make any claims that the plane came to rest at Diego Garcia, but her story would seem to fit that possibility.

If that were the case, the obvious question would be why the Americans might be involved. As I reported on Friday, there were 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductor on board that plane. Some believe that they may have been privy to some very advanced military technology that might need protection. Dr. Jim Garrow has claimed that the technology has something to do with the ability to force light to pass through solid substances. That can not be verified, but it is an interesting possibility.

None of these pieces of circumstantial evidence prove anything.

However, my contention since early on has been that, in the year 2014, it seemed highly unlikely that this plane could just vanish without someone knowing where it crashed or landed. With today's advanced surveillance technologies, I simply have a hard time believing that.

So does our military cutting off Diego Garcia, as a travel destination, have anything to do with a missing Malaysian Plane? I don't know, but it surely seems to be a possibility, no matter how remote.

At this point, we should pray for answers whether the passengers are alive or not. These families need closure.

Update 7:24 AM… After publishing this article, I decided to do some further research. It simply made no sense to me that leisure travel would be allowed to Diego Garcia in the first place. I have found an official statement by the DoD that Diego Garcia travel is "for official business only." However, I have also found that lodging is available, through Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, and includes various amenities such as Cable-TV.

What I cannot determine is if this a new policy or if it is a recent policy change. There is no date accompanying the statement I found. Answering that question would go a long way in determining if this is a real red flag or simply something that has been misinterpreted. If anyone can shed light on this, please leave a comment below or contact me via the link in my name. Always seek the truth. -Dean Garrison


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