World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Nuclear Summit

Vatic Note:  While this is important to see, world leaders announcing their loyalty to an international occult entity,  its even more important to note that President Obama did not do it and why?  Also note the interesting hand of John  Kerry in Quelling the irrational actions pushed and promoted by Israel in all of this. 

He has prevented us from turning Syria into a funeral Pyre and has held back the hand of Israel with respect to Iran.   A caution to accompany what I am about to say.  This report below was done by Reuters and picked up by Paul Watson of info wars.  Reuters is a Rothschild owned press service.  Keep that in mind, as I do, when following all this. 

Something is certainly going on.  Are they waking up to the true nature of the khazars and their psychopathic intentions? Are they seeing the extent of the danger the world is in, with WMD in  their hands through surrogates?

We also just posted a blog up about their plans and perspective,  in major detail and if anyone  who is in power  would read that , who is NOT a Khazar, then that alone would cause them to reverse course in aiding in this insane journey to oblivion, this planet is on. 

Are our congressmen, military, intel, etc beginning to see this is well beyond corruption, profits, wealth and power.... its about destroying all that is goyim everywhere.  That is for the other blog that is up soon after this one.  

Well, I am getting stories coming in rapidly right now and I will try to put them up as hurriedly as I can, but they appear to be showing the disintegration of the programmed globalizing plot and all its machinations, due to an awakening by the various coopted leaders of our and others countrys, as to the insanity we have been screaming about.  

It appears a sane hand has inserted itself into the bizarre cacophony of insane plans and actions by our foreign occupiers.   Things are breaking rapidly and you know how that goes.   Will try to keep you updated as it breaks and try to confirm what we are getting.  Thanks for your patience.

World Leaders Wear Bizarre Illuminati Pyramid at Nuclear Summit
Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com, March 27, 2014 


World leaders at this week’s Nuclear Security Summit wore bizarre illuminati pyramid lapel pins while gathered around a giant eye with a floating holographic pyramid suspended above.

Interestingly enough, President Barack Obama was one of the few world leaders not to wear the pyramid symbol.

Is the symbol an innocent motif designed to express unity around the issue of nuclear security, or does it represent an occult display of power?

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helene said...

"...world leaders announcing their loyalty to an international occult entity.... "

Or they want us to believe it
/And maybee obama wants the world to know that he's not "in" (joke :-)/

I saw, when they got out their cars, that the Russian and the Japanese weared it upside down, later.. it was back to "normal"

Question :If they are ALL in this, what are they waiting for to pass all the laws they need (if they need any laws) , to etablish it... who would go against them ? they got the armies, the police , medias,gps,satelites,cameras.....

Why are they waiting ?