Ukraine - Satanists Take Us to the Brink (Again)

Vatic Note: Aaaah, there are good days and great days. This is a great day.... Henry exposed the "BLUFFINGTON POST" and I have been waiting 4 years for someone else with a long record on the net of viable and credible reporting to do so, and now we have it with Makow. I have been watching the powers that be "desparately" lobby the American people and the world's people for war against Russia, on actions that the bankers, British MI6 and mossad run CIA along with our foreign occupied government traitors had deceptively created.

LET ME ASSURE YOU THAT ALL NUKES ARE BEING DISMANTLED.  That is why they could not use nukes as false flags as proven by the LA submarine missle that went haywire off the coast of LA. Remember, the PTB announced a suitcase nuke attack was said to be planned by Muslims against LA, and then the submarine showed up, launched the missle toward the city that would have been blamed on a suitcase nuke, and voila, went haywire right before our eyes.

I have stated from the beginning that we are going to experience "..... the return of the ancestors and wisemen" as reported to us by the Mayan Shaman interviewed and translated, that we posted back around 12/25/11.   That is why the evil ones built those underground facilities.  Visitors are either here or on their way.

Also note, that No Korea also tried to launch a missle to hit us and start WW III and failed, so no world war, then the PTB, tried Syria, then the Ukraine and nothing has worked so far.  All visible UFO's have been our governments space program and vehicles, to try and convince us of an invasion and for us to fight them.  Bill Cooper was killed for disclosing this information. We did a big 3 part blog on his write up of Majestic 12. 

Its TOO LATE for the evil ones to try to fool us anymore, we know too much and will not support any action against the Russian people or the Chinese people or the Muslim people, so the evil zionist bankers CAN MAKE MILLIONS OFF THE BLOOD OF ALL OUR PEOPLE.   These are seriously "mentally ill" people and need serious treatment. I have said this before, "The only real danger to the planet are these khazar zionist bankers and if there is to be world war, let it be against the international bankers and THEIR ASSETS".   In the meantime, kill them with "Love".  LOL 

When they begin to rebuild their precious expensive residences,  office buildings, an other assets, etc., then we should refuse to work for them and have them rebuild their own buildings and we quit paying any taxes at all to  the fiat currency king of the globe.  The remainer of my Vatic Note is below, and next to the subject matter I am commenting on, to make it easier to connect the subjects to the notes.  

Ukraine - Satanists Take Us to the Brink (Again)

200 West Street, the new Goldman Sachs headquarters. Makow Note: I am not sure if Putin has been cast in his role in order to instigate a world war, or whether he is sincere. I'd like to believe he is genuine. However videos like this suggest to me it's all one Illuminati club. 

(VN: yes, of course  its all one illuminati club or Putin would not be prime minister of Russia, which is controlled by the bankers and has been ever since the revolution in 1917. They had to control both sides of the conflict in order to orchestrate this world war with them in total "anal retentively" in  control of how it goes and ensures we loose the war and become occupied by Russia and China just like the winners in WW II occupied Europe and we saw how that has turned out.  That is when the Christians will be massacred, just like in Germany in WW II.  Unarmed civilians simply murdered at will who were christians.

Why do you think all those war games with Russian troops in Denver and Chinese Troops elsewhere on our soil?  It was so they could learn our military tactics and strategies.  All leaders of Europe are on the bankers payroll, as is Canada and Australia, but the US is a bigger problem for them. Yes, our leaders are gone as well, but,  We are not our leaders and will do as we wish if the leaders fail to do their jobs.  We are armed to the teeth to be able to ignore our leaders and respond credibly to their actions.  Thus they needed this war and our loss of it to take control.)

--- Remember the Maine! Media warmongering continues.  Illuminati house organ, Bluffington Post

New York Post - Obama's "Top Fear" is Manhattan Getting Nuked.

(VN: not really,  remember we reported a few years ago or more that Goldman Sachs, had nuke hardened their corporate headquarters in NY, which meant that they, (Obama included) intended to nuke NY, and if they do, THEN WE GO AFTER THE BANKERS......since that is an act of war by them upon us. My friend visits her family in NY and saw them start construction every night at 10 PM, and work all night til 7 AM in the morning so no one could see exactly what they were doing to that building and putting into it.  Its is fully nuke hardened with a basement and tunnels.  

Also we reported the bankers hired Blackwater as their army.  Then on top of all of that, we reported the Wall Street bankers progeny, Israel,  had bought up Petagonia in South America to relocate to.  Then we reported about the USA in 2003 giving Israel billions of dollars to do underground NUKE HARDENED facilities, in their desert, and in anticipation of a nuke attack, and that was well before any noise of a WW was being trial runned by us in the news.  So now they must be ready.  Watch for all these indicators we are giving you.    

Here is an excerpt of something I just found by chance.... This is even more indicting of their plans to harm us...... they prepared well before the financial crisis, by building this new building and no indication its a Goldman Sachs building.  Now how odd is that? This was back in 2010 and since then is when they nuke hardened it with all kinds of military additions to the building.  Read the article, its worth it.... and then look for this excerpt which confirms they are preparing for war against us, since we are the only ones they don't want to know its their building, now how can anyone afford to build such a huge building and not tell potential clients,  what it is or who owns it?  Who would spend billions doing that? The benefits of fiat currency, so only the Rothschilds/Rockefellers: 

"Several thousand Goldman employees have just moved into a sleek steel-and-glass headquarters in lower Manhattan that is emphatically not called One Goldman Sachs Plaza. 

At 200 West Street, as the building is known, the name of the firm appears nowhere on the exterior, or in the lobby, or even on the uniforms of the security personnel or the badges given to visitors. Forty-three stories tall and two city blocks long, the Goldman building appears to have been designed in the hope of rendering the company invisible."

The photo above is a picture of the building, and now you have that plus the address of the building.   Good luck, New Yorkers.  They do have branches all over the world, and they have the Federal Reserve, THAT THEY OWN,  here with branches all over the country.  Keep that in mind, if it becomes necessary. Don't forget the above ground residences as well, oil derricks, pipelines, gas lines for natural gas, etc.

Paul Craig Roberts "How Much War Does Washington Want?"   This is an excellent article about political reality in Ukraine but
Roberts can't see that "Washington" belongs to the world banking cartel. No mention of Freemasons, Jews or conspiracy. Is Roberts a Freemason? (VN: Better yet, is Roberts a Khazar Zionist, or just a greedy goyim?)

After retirement, politicians can be truthful. Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt says Russia is justified in Crimea.

First Comment from Peter:

paul-craig-roberts.jpgIs Roberts a Freemason? In my opinion - yes.

I'm glad you asked this question, I noticed the Washington portrait (with the classic masonic hand placement) he has behind him a while ago - a clear signal in my mind. Also, I can't imagine anyone who was once employed at the upper level of government and a published writer for mainstream media being anything but co-opted. Those with moral integrity are ignored or demonized. 

(VN: I believe you are onto something here.  These messages to their handlers are getting more subtle, since the major leaders of nations have previously, been photographed and distributed all over the world, with the Baphomet hand signal, telling their masters that all is well and how much they love Satan.  Well that got exposed continually and haven't you noticed, how its stopped?  I have not seen a single leader, artist, musician, bureaucrat, businessman like the koch brothers, etc give that hand signal in the past couple of years now.  So this must be the new chosen way to say "I am with you and have completed my task as assigned, with the final message being "I LOVE SATAN"   I truly believe we are close to the end of this one way or the other.)

- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/03/The%20West-Sock-Puppet-Masonic-Jewish-NWO%20.html#sthash.BTn67SDE.dpuf

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