VATIC ALERT: UPDATE: Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab Of Bundy Ranch

Vatic Note: (It would probably be better for you to read the article first before reading all this.  I got carried away, but it was necessary, believe me!) Aaaah, that is why all the law enforcement is acting out like stormtroopers. The gradualism with this was the TSA move toward intimidation and repression and we allowed it.  So now they have racheted the police state actions up a notch, so this must be phase two.   Remember, when reading all this, who is the exclusive broker for China,  Rothschild's Goldman sachs, and who brought major companies owned by either Americans, or international bankers,  into China.  A step toward globalizing.

(Here is a video with some "strong language" in an interview with the sheriff of the county involved, its worth a watch and will explain a lot about this vatic note I have done)


Here is a video that shows Alex crystalling Reid's involvement in the Nevada Land grab.(VN: Just noticed Reuters, WND, and major media getting involved showing on this video. Watching all these tells me the evil ones are doing this expose on purpose. Rothschild owns Reuters, WND is owned by Israel, so who is funding Alex? This must be to try and get us to be violent, so they can grab our guns. They really, really, need those guns. If they will do what they do now, it means they have something really bad planned once they grab those guns. I am disappointed with Alex who has reduced this down to Reid and the Chinese, when its the internationalists and its obvious. Agend 21 is about the internationalists and land grabbing, and the Chinese and Reid could care less about agenda 21, they just care about extracting wealth by selling out our country. Alex is doing what the MSM used to do, REDIRECTING THE TRUTH TO A REDUCED EXPLANATION INSTEAD OF THE BIG PICTURE. So, keep that in mind when you listen to him and see if you don't agree.  Is Alex trying to get us to want to go to a revolution nationally or WW III with China?  I can't figure out why he is doing that? Its a corporation that Goldman sachs brought into China. He tells the truth about what they are doing, but not about "WHO" and why! )


All of our manufacturing industries have been relocated to asian or South American slave labor countries.  Its beginning to appear as though, we won't have manufacturing back again, UNTIL WE ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR SLAVE WAGES.

So, what are our new industries that generate wealth for the nations top 1%?

Industries that require harm to all Americans:
1.  Illnesssource:  Chemtrails,   Solutions:  Medical treatment,  Income:  drugs, hospitals, in home care,  oxygen delivery, 
2.  Perpetual War:  Source:  Zionist bankers, like they did in WW II and WWI, Income:  Medical due to soldiers being permanently maimed, scarred psychologically; weapons systems and replacement;  Rebuilding of destroyed infrastructure, towns and cities;  interest on war loans for both sides of the conflict;
3.   Crime,  Source:  Criminalizing civil offenses; Income:  privatizing prisons for profit; largest prison population in the world;  judges paid off by private prisons to direct these prisoners to facilities needed to be filled.

There are dozens more like this, which requires a thorough airing and will do so in another blog.  I put this up just to make the point, but trust me, there is more.

Why use Violence, instead of manipulation?

Here is where the powers that be are sooooo stupid.  To avoid what is about to happen, all they had to do was to do what they usually do,  manipulate, use the press, hire an ad agency to do up a sales pitch to the people about the benefits of such a move, and how it would lower their mo energy bill,  preserve their land in perpetuity  from toxic activities since the Solar needs everything nice and clean.  They know this better than we do.

The sheep would buy off on it if the "PRESS SAID IT WAS THAT WAY".  So why didn't they do this that way?   The reason is the need to begin the switch over in power from the people to the rulers and begin the serfdom system they intend to use on us, and Agenda 21 was to be the beginning of it, and now we know what agenda 21 was REALLY all about, land grabbing, profit and greed.  They did this in Utah as well.  They found out state land had Uranium on it, so they federalized their land without their permission.  SEE, NEW SOURCE OF STOLEN INCOME to replace the wealth generated by manufacturing.  And of course, grabbing state land is grabbing the citizens of that states, wealth.  We will cover that in another blog later.

Oh, gee, what a surprise! NOT!  The final reason was to communicate the movement toward violence and repression and intimidation.  TSA was the beginning and this is phase two.  We will be seeing more  and more of it at this level now.   No more MR. NICE GUY PRETENDING........ now its "YOU COMPLY OR YOU DIE".  If you have not been seeing this almost daily with the unjustified murders of our unarmed citizens by Law Enforcement, with nothing happening to the cops that did it, then you have not been paying attention.

This is all part of the training of our cops by the FUSIA centers run by the khazar zioinist occupied Homeland security, and training  in Israel just for that reason..... to become desensitized to shooting, teens, pregnant women, old people, and Children, who are all unarmed.  The message is "IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY, YOU DIE".

What in the world did all of you think those billions of rounds of ammo to homeland security was really all about?  They also wanted to see just what kind of resistance would crawl out of the woodwork, and now they know.  I have an update coming,  Militia have begun arriving, so it will prove interesting how they deal with them and how many of them show up.  What I want to know is what that Sheriff intends to do about all this since he has the power to stop it all now. Will he do his duty under the Constitution or commit treason?  We will soon find out.

The evil ones truly believe that all this will work.  They maybe right, since today in talking to someone who professes to be a patriot, she was in fear that I am being monitored and she would be a victim of government spying and I laughed.  I told her, she already is and it has nothing to do with me.  Its that bad out there.  End of story.

We have a sheriffs race here and that is more important than the races for senator and Congress, so that is the one I am focusing on, but already massive amounts of money is showing up for some of the candidates for Sheriff. Contact your sheriff and tell him to contact Sheriff Mack for learning about his powers in his county as sheriff.

What everyone needs to know is, none of this will work for them, if every single American gets courage deep down to stand for truth and NOT BE AFRAID.  Volunteer with your local elected Sheriff as a posse.   That way he is backed up by the people, and he can deputize every single gun owner in the county.

It will make the evil ones work impossible.  They fear those that are NOT AFRAID.  300 million of us are more than they can handle.  Further, if we succeed then other nations will see it working  and do the same thing.  Lets lead the world away from this kind of intimidation and control.  Lets thwart these cretin perverts plans so they understand it will not go unresisted. 

Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab Of Bundy Ranch 
http://libertycrier.com/breaking-sen-harry-reid-behind-blm-land-grab-bundy-ranch/?utm_source=The+Liberty+Crier&utm_campaign=ddae762e0d-The_Liberty_Crier_Daily_News_4_11_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_600843dec4-ddae762e0d-284908225by Admin,  Liberty Crier,  source: Infowars.com.

The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations.

Corrupt Democratic Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) working with the Chinese gov't to take land from hard-working Americans.

Corrupt Democratic Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) working with the Chinese gov’t to take land from hard-working Americans.  (VN:  its called "globalizing".  Does that make it clear what we can expect when we all become one and there is no sovereignty?  All of Our lands belongs to fascist corporations through the Communist government that says  "no land ownership, rather land owned collectively".... which means, owned by "the peoples" government for the people, and those that rule, are run by the corporations and banks that put them in office through their campaign contribution system.)

Deleted from BLM.gov, but reposted for posterity by the Free Republic, the BLM document entitled “Cattle Trespass Impacts” directly states that Bundy’s cattle “impacts” solar development, more specifically th0e construction of “utility-scale solar power generation facilities” on “public lands.”

“Non-Governmental Organizations have expressed concern that the regional mitigation strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone utilizes Gold Butte as the location for offsite mitigation for impacts from solar development, and that those restoration activities are not durable with the presence of trespass cattle,” the document states.

The first segment of the document pulled by the feds from BLM.gov.

The first segment of the document pulled by the feds from BLM.gov.
Another BLM report entitled “Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone” (BLM Technical Note 444) reveals that Bundy’s land in question is within the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and surrounding area” which is part of a broad U.S. Department of Energy program for “Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States” on land “managed” by BLM.

The second segment of the document pulled by the feds from BLM.gov.

The second segment of the document pulled by the feds from BLM.gov.
“In 2012, the BLM and the U.S. Department of Energy published the Final Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States,” the report reads. “The Final Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement assessed the impact of utility-scale solar energy development on public lands in the six southwestern states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.” (VN:  See just how big they intend this to get?  Makes one wonder, just how many Bundy's this will affect in the future.  It could be thousands that they intend to pull land from and Ranching will now be turned over to South America, right along with our farming.....  total control of food.   Watch out.)

Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and surrounding area (Click to enlarge.)
Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and surrounding area (Click to enlarge.)

“The Approved Resource Management Plan Amendments/Record of Decision (ROD) for Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States implemented a comprehensive solar energy program for public lands in those states and incorporated land use allocations and programmatic and SEZ-specific design features into land use plans in the six-state study area.”

Back in 2012, the New American reported that Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, was the chief representative for a Chinese energy firm planning to build a $5-billion solar plant on public land in Laughlin, Nevada.

And journalist Marcus Stern with Reuters also reported that Sen. Reid was heavily involved in the deal as well.

“[Reid] and his oldest son, Rory, are both involved in an effort by a Chinese energy giant, ENN Energy Group, to build a $5 billion solar farm and panel manufacturing plant in the southern Nevada desert,” he wrote. “Reid has been one of the project’s most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on behalf of the project in Nevada.”

“His son, a lawyer with a prominent Las Vegas firm that is representing ENN, helped it locate a 9,000-acre (3,600-hectare) desert site that it is buying well below appraised value from Clark County, where Rory Reid formerly chaired the county commission.”

Although these reports are in plain view, the mainstream media has so far ignored this link.

The BLM’s official reason for encircling the Bundy family with sniper teams and helicopters was to protect the endangered desert tortoise, which the agency has previously been killing in mass due to “budget constraints.”

“A tortoise isn’t the reason why BLM is harassing a 67 year-old rancher; they want his land,” journalist Dana Loesch wrote. “The tortoise wasn’t of concern when [U.S. Senator] Harry Reid worked with BLM to literally change the boundaries of the tortoise’s habitat to accommodate the development of his top donor, Harvey Whittemore.”

“Reid is accused of using the new BLM chief as a puppet to control Nevada land (already over 84% of which is owned by the federal government) and pay back special interests,” she added. “BLM has proven that they’ve a situational concern for the desert tortoise as they’ve had no problem waiving their rules concerning wind or solar power development. Clearly these developments have vastly affected a tortoise habitat more than a century-old, quasi-homesteading grazing area.”

“If only Cliven Bundy were a big Reid donor.”

Update: The Drudge Report, the #1 news aggregate site in the world, has now picked up this story. Unfortunately for the BLM, the documents they wanted to delete are now exposed for the world to see.

Update #2: ENN Energy Group describes itself as a “privately-owned clean energy distributor in China.” However, as the People’s Republic of China is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party, all large companies in China, one way or the other, are either controlled or are heavily influenced by the Chinese government.

Infowars reporter David Knight confronts the Clark County Sheriff’s Office about this land grab – WARNING some strong language:
Alex crystallizes Sen. Reid’s involvement in the Nevada land grab:

Documents: Cattle Tresspass Impacts & History of Cattle Trespass – Deleted documents saved by several members of the Free Republic
Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone
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You want to know why Alex Jones "appears' to be re-directing away from? Well, there is an exception to every rule , and this is it. In this case, appearances are not deceiving because Alex is CIA.

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