VATIC ALERT: FT Hood: Breaking, Shooter on the Loose on Base. UPDATE: Shooter kills himself.

Vatic Note:   This blog is heavily tied into the previous one about the horrific number of soldiers on psychotropic drugs,  and it turns out this has been the case with every shooting of this type. That includes the previous Ft. Hood  shooting.  All were on psychotropic drugs. Remember WHO owns the drug companies and sits on their boards of directors.  Example:  Baxter owned in part by Obama,  Rahm Emmanual, and khazar bankers, and IG Lilly  owned in part by the Bush family.   It is becoming more clear everyday that if we do not purge these dual Israeli Khazar zionists out of our government, we will be doomed.   Its the only solution since they have no intentions of giving it up.  If Iceland can do it so can we.  Lets get started.

They don't even hide their hatred of us, as the ADL and SPLC have proven with their training of our cops and their continual mantra about how Americans who talk about the Constitution are "domestic terrorists", and the NDAA bill signed by Dual Israeli Citizen, Obama, (On his mothers side of the family) allows him to murder any American without  cause, trial, or due process. Is this the case here and covered up with a "story"? 

Here is my take on this thing.  They have not told us who he shot.  Was it officers or was it other enlisted men?  Did he leave a family behind, friends, or anyone who knew why he did it.   Was it because they tried to take his weapon away from him?  Was it because he was refusing to shoot Americans and they just killed him and used this story as cover?  Were the other victims also those that refused to fire on Americans? Were they all wearing "oathkeepers badges"? Did the firing of 92 top generals in the Pentagon have anything to do with this in the end?  

Lots of questions and if things play out as they usually do, someone will tell us what the truth is.   This time, if its the powers that be, then  we must arrest them, conduct the prosecution and sentencing.  Forget the system, its not even operational  anymore.  Time for us to take over again.... until we can  get it cleaned up from all this perverted filth like we had to do last time.  Only then, it was the British, but then back then we did not know they were khazars handled and run by the Rothschild bankers.  NOW WE DO KNOW! 

FT Hood: Breaking, Shooter on the Loose on Base

Shooting Update from Press TV….11:18 EST

A shooting incident at Fort Hood military base in the US state of Texas has left at least four people dead and 14 others wounded.
According to US media reports, the shooter who has been identified as 34-year-old soldier Ivan Lopez, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
In 2009, the base was the scene of a mass shooting which left 13 people dead and over 30 others injured.
According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, US President Barack Obama has been informed of the recent shooting incident and will continue to receive updates.
“Any shooting is troubling. Obviously this reopened the pain of what happened at Fort Hood five years ago,” said Obama.
“We’re heartbroken that something like this might have happened again. I don’t want to comment on the facts until we know exactly what happened,” he added.  (VN: You have to have a heart to  be heartbroken, right? So what are you really? ) 
Fort Hood officials say a “shelter in place” order will be lifted as soon as they believe the base is safe.
The shooting comes a few days after two people were shot and killed aboard a guided-missile destroyer at a US Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia.
In another shooting incident last September at the Washington Navy Yard, which is some 200 miles north of Norfolk, a gunman killed 12 people before he was shot dead by police.
Learning to ignore CNN
Learning to ignore CNN

Take Shelter (UPDATE:  Tentative “All Clear”)

By Gordon duff 

Latest:  We are told the shootings left one dead, 3 wounded.  We have not reliably learned that there is an “all clear” on the base but if order seems to be restored, it likely has been.

Please note that military bases, at best, are dangerous, sexual assaults, robbery and murder.  TV dramas like NCIS don’t exist for no reason.

(original story)

Was just called from Ft. Hood.  Sirens going off, reports of a shooter on base, at least one rumored dead, others wounded.

There are no confirmations.

Checked on CNN, they are lying thru their teeth.

They claim they know nothing except that the shooter/shooters is/are a “lone gunman” and that there is “no conspiracy.”

How I hate CNN…  (VN: Yeah, me too!  In fact, I am beginning to think them all corrupt or sold out to the Mossad and CIA and MI6.  Frankly, I am sick of all these foreign interlopers who are either infiltrating or buying into our nation through the systems we depend on to keep sanity alive and well.  If there is anyone that creates harm, chaos and drama, its the Rothschild khazar bankers and maybe that is who we should conduct WW III against. We better decide soon. I bet that is why Goldman Sachs hardened their corporate building against weapons fire.)

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