The Ancient Hebrews

Vatic Note:  Now this was truly fascinating.  As I continually say, "It is amazing what we do not know about history".    Most of this is pretty good, but there is a part in here that mentions the instructions these Hebrews received and had transmitted to them about the 10 commandments and I put it in red below so you would take the time to truly read it.   It said these instructions were passed on through the peoples DNA.   

Now, normally, I would have pooh poohed that contention, as being airy fairy, in fact, I might have said that about this whole presentation, but I didn't because we posted a very scientific article on here sometime back, that discussed our DNA.  If you remember correctly, I also explained how I had used that information to heal myself of serious painful arthritis in my left knee.   

What I discovered was that for years, only 10% of our DNA had been mapped and the rest was called "Junk DNA" and that has been the case for about 40 years. (WE did a post on that fact early on in our time on the blog.)  However, recently, a Vienna Linguist and a Russian Microbiologist  began mapping that Junk DNA.  What they discovered is, that its a full blown language with a "25,000" Character Alphabet.  (We did a blog on that as well.)

English is a complex language and we only have 26 characters, so you can only imagine "why" such a complex language in our DNA.   Where did it come from and why was it needed and what was it used for? In part, I had the answer after I used it to heal my knee within 48 hours and now its 9 months later and no return of the arthritis.  My knee is  fully healed.   With that I surmised there must be more that it can be used for, but I was stuck with what else it could be? 

After reading this below, in red,  I now see it can be used for other purposes, it would just need to be determined how to do so.  That will be my next rabbithole and will report back as I find these things out.   I no longer see this below as airy fairy, since I am more of a science hobbyist than  a mystical follower and this below contains enough science for me to start filling in the gaps that I had with respect to the evil ones.  Why were they afraid of the RH negs?  Why track them since birth?  Lots of Questions and never any answer,  I hope this wll change over time.  

For instance,  Why were these people always called God's Chosen?   Now we know why.  Why were they different than the khazars?   Now we know why.   Finally, is prayer scientifically effective and proven to work, because of our DNA language?  Who are we talking to with it besides just ourselves, or God?  Like I said, its amazing what we do not know.  But that is changing and we can thank the evil Reptilian khazars for that.  

Its also amazing how out of evil can come good, such as these discoveries that would never have happened if the evil ones had not done the horrors they are doing.  It forced us to search for truth.  Now I understand why the Bible, in revelations, says that truth is more important now than ever before.   You read and decide.

The Ancient Hebrews
by Stewart A. Swerdlow,  Bibliotecapleyades
Most modern Jews have absolutely no genetic link to the Middle East. There are in fact, many different physical types of Jews, covering many racial characteristics. This supports the fact that they are not a homogeneous group, but a religious group that spans many cultures. 

The story of Abraham going out from the city of Ur and coming to Canaan is really telling the story of the Reptilian hybrids leaving Sumerian territory and colonizing other parts of Central Asia and the Middle East. 
The vast majority of European/American Jews can trace their genetic lineage to the Khazars, mentioned in the last chapter, who all converted to Judaism in the 800s to circumvent the Catholic rule of the Holy Roman Empire.

In the year 2000, the University of Pavia in Italy did a genetic study of European men. They found that 80% of them had a direct lineage to Central Asia and the other 20% to the Middle East. This supports the statement that the Sumerians entered into Central Asia and then migrated to Europe and the Middle East. This also nullifies the theory of Africa as the birthplace of mankind. There is absolutely no genetic connection from Asia or Europe to Africa.

The ancient Hebrews have nothing to do with modern Jews. As mentioned in the previous chapter, the Hebrews were Sirian-created in Egypt by combining Sirian and Lyraen genetics. These people were tall and powerful, and spoke the Sirian language which is the equivalent to the ancient Hebrew language. Scholars agree that the Hebrew language suddenly appeared on the scene.

The ancient peoples of Palestine spoke Aramaic, which was the parent language of Arabic, Farsi, and several other Middle Eastern dialects. Originally, Hebrew was a language used exclusively by the priesthood and the Egyptian secret society. Eventually, ancient Hebrew began to mix with Aramaic, among other languages.

The Hebrews were actually paid workers in Egypt. They went to Canaan to assimilate the native cultures for the Egyptian Empire. They mixed with the local tribes of Sumerian-hybrid descendants, practicing blood-ritual and human sacrificed. All of this was incorporated into a conglomerate religion based on ancient Egyptian/Atlantean/ Sirian beliefs. That is how Judaism was born.

The story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a poor retelling of the destruction of the island of Santorini in the eastern Mediterranean Sea by volcanic explosion. The lava dispersed into the sea causing it to turn blood-red. 

The volcanic ash and rock that spewed forth created the legend of the plagues on Egypt. Many citizens fled the area. The Red Sea parted when the ground under the water rose up, exposing land that could then be crossed. Several hours later, it sank back down, drowning whoever was still trying to cross.

The actual translation of how the Ten Commandments, or the Bible codes, were transmitted to the people of the Exodus, states that the people spontaneously started speaking the instructions. This is a demonstration of mind-to-mind communication. In this case, programming was electromagnetically activated, revealing DNA instructions that were then written down. These instructions were designed to keep the experiment/project in line.

The Middle East became a focal point for the Sirians and their Reptilian allies. Together, they generated a new version of religion and culture for ease of global control and domination. What better way to do that than by programming a race of nomadic people that would carry the religion and culture everywhere on the Earth.

Whenever the conditions within the experiment became unmanageable, the particular overseer group made corrections. For example, most people are familiar with the story of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, where a group of humans in the mankind experiment went awry. Their sexual habits were not conducive to propagation since they were predominantly homosexual. (VN: that is still the case today and why we are being inundated in our school system with "safe sex homosexuality".   Notice that is the case with Porn.  And just look at how many of our leaders and famous people are gay.  Its a continuation of the early ones worshipping of the phallic symbol, which is now still done by the khazars in Israel today.  That is why Israel has legalized prostitution and make billions off of the porn industry.  That is their biggest money making industry)

A virus was introduced into the population to destroy it. However, it started to spread outside the immediate region. This disturbed the controllers, so they sent two agents to investigate, and to determine if anyone was salvageable. The local inhabitants called them angels, because of their blonde hair, blue eyes, and perfect bodies.

Lot and his wife took the agents into their home to protect them, since all the men in town wanted to have sex with them. Soon after, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. To this day, radiation can be detected at the site. Melted rock is seen in the canyon walls. Sodom and Gomorrah were eliminated with a nuclear weapon.

In the early 1960s, Israeli scientist digging at the site of Sodom found remnants of bone and body tissue encased in rock. American scientists were called in because they had better equipment. What they found in the preserved body tissue was a sample of the virus. 

The Americans reconstituted it with living cellular nuclei. Quietly it was tested on a terminally ill patient in a St Louis Hospital in 1967. The man died a horrible death. The virus was called AIDS because it removed whatever immune system the man had left. The American research determined that this thousands-of-years-old virus was artificially genetically created.

The ancient Hebrew religion was a conglomeration of the Sumerian-Reptilian belief system, ancient Egyptian-Atlantean-Lyraen belief system, and the Reptilian tribal subcultures found in the land of Canaan that were incorporated into one acceptable dogma. It included blood-ritual and human sacrifice, which is why Abraham was so eager to please God by killing his own son on an altar. This symbolism came in handy later on for religious purposes.

The Hebrew language itself did not appear until after the Hebrews left Egypt, and then only for religious ceremonial purposes by the priests. In fact, many of the terms and names used in the Hebrew religion came from the Egyptian ceremonial rites. The name, Moses, originates from the title given to adepts of the secret Egyptian pyramid cult.


This Egyptian ceremonial title, Moshe, means "he who is anointed with crocodile fat from the Nile River."

Here, we suggest Swerdlow does not deal well - with the academic evidence Moses was Akhanaton - ref: Out of Egypt , House of the Messiah , books etc. But at least he perceives correctly that the best Hebrew rites were mostly descended from Egypt.


The ongoing conflict between Enlil’s Amun Ra priests, versus Akhenaton’s ATUN ( Enki) probably reflects the Enlil more Drac reptilian persuasion, versus Enki - the rebellious son from Sirius, pushing the possibility that a (his?) genetic experiment here could produce a blood line recovery from the catastrophic Nephilim DNA condition.


With the beneficial result to the advanced Draco’s of new access to a blood line that COULD resume star navigating - where the big salaries are made- because of renewed gravity making power in imploding ignited DNA.

This ceremony was performed inside the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid.


In Hebrew it meant "out from the water", in reference to the crocodiles. The Egyptian word for crocodile fat was Messeh from which the term Messiah is derived. To be anointed with crocodile fat rendered into an oil, was to absorb powerful, unchanging Reptilian energy and assimilate this into the body. Moshe, or Moses, was a ritual title, not a persons name and was a reference to the crocodile fat used in temple and pyramid ceremonies.

A leader such as a Moses was a logical choice to spearhead a migration of people to safety from a place of turmoil, such as when the destruction of the island of Santorini, also known as Thera, blew up and created havoc on Egyptian territory, causing many to flee. It would also make sense for the Sirian controllers of Egypt to send out their genetic creations, the Hebrews, to a place of safety in the Sinai desert like a safekeeping until needed.

It was then that the Torah, or Holy Commandments, was given to this people as a code by which to live. This document is in a code that can only now be deciphered with the use of a computer. The land of Canaan needed to be conquered in order to give development room to the new creations. In effect, the Hebrews were the next sequence of the experiment, and the old versions were to be eliminated or assimilated.

The Hebrews carried the new coded laws in the Ark of the Covenant (Coven of Ants), that only the priests could touch. When the University of Minnesota in the 1960s attempted to build the Ark as described with instructions in the Bible, it was so electrically charged that it had to be dismantled!


This is why the ancient Hebrew priests entered into the Ark area alone, for safety reasons. They also had to wear white linen, as non-conductive clothing, and wore a special breastplate that grounded them electrically and acted as a protective shield. The Ark was really a communication device. This is why the priests had messages from God whenever they were in the Arks presence.

The Ark also acted as a location device for beacons originating outside of this planet. The Ark was originally kept in the Great Pyramid to focalize energies. It was sent with the Hebrews for safekeeping. It has since traveled from Egypt to Canaan/Israel to Ethiopia, back to Israel, and now is located under the pyramid again.


However, there are actually two Arks.


The second one is in Jerusalem.

We feel this information is incomplete, in that clearly the Ark was a fractally arranged (Orgone) capacitor - whose charge compression could contain radioactivity. And that feeding the charge of this device is the reason it must be located on a major ley line - today it appears- precisely on the Michael line - St Michael’s (Enlil) Island cave in the Azores - image above left (Assuras = assa uru)- where Jacque Cousteau’s son lost his life for getting too close.

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