FEMA Region 3 Alert! Rockets dumping lithium over population

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Vatic Note:  Is the dumping, she describes  below and shows us on this video, the cause of this recently revealed shrinking of the human brain?  Combined with the Common Core, is this the beginning of the transhuman efforts to dumb us down to where we will not resist the tyranny, that these satanists have planned for us? 

Those militarized LEO's and military men following orders, its time for you to look at what those orders mean and represent.  Once you understand this is a final push by a foreign country, Israel, for the international khazar zionist bankers, to take over our country, then you will realize what they ask you to do to us, you are automatically doing to yourselves and your loved ones.  Choice is upon you NOW.  If you are near someone who is doing all this and they will not stop, then you must act in concert with others to stop it all.  

The chemtrails are getting more potent and dangerous now.  Its truly time to push back or it will definitely be too late.  For those who are pragmatists, this means all skill levels in every field and occupation will be decreased or damatically reduced to almost nothing, which would be foolish for the evil ones.   For those looking for a breakthrough in conscious evolution, there will not be one, if this continues.  If anything, there will be a devolving of such consciousness down to their level.

We are at a point were they are pushing now, and I believe in panic which makes them dangerous.  Rats pushed into a corner, risk everything out of panic and will attack even if it means their own death. That is the case here.   This is a good place to say to RUSSIA AND CHINA, AND SOUTH AMERICA....watch what these evils ones are doing to the USA and be advised YOU WILL BE NEXT.

Remember,  almost all of us believe this battle with the Rancher is not over.  It would not surprise me if they militarized this standoff.   Why?  BECAUSE THEY ARE FOREIGN INVADERS WHO HAVE SUCCESSFULLY TAKEN OVER OUR GOVERNMENT without firing a shot so far and they will not allow themselves to "lose" ground after so deceptively acquiring it. 

Did this below happen because of the stand off in Nevada?  Or did Nevada happen to cover this event in FEMA 3?  I believe that is now a central question.  They never do anything for just one reason.  They always have multiple agendas for everything they do.  We  seriously have to stop this kind of stuff below.   Its not war, its murder or better yet, its genocide if we do not stop them.  

FEMA Region 3 Alert! Classified Deployments Launched From Wallops Island Now Commencing (Video) 
by Susan Duclos,  Before Its News
April 13, 2014 

A major FEMA Region 3 alert comes out from Revmichellehopkins via her YouTube channel, in where she asks if anyone within the FEMA Region III area which includes, DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV,  are feeling sick, tired, fatigued with a burning sensation in their heads, and she alerts that those in the area are under attacked right now!

via the video details


What appears to be classified stratospheric aerosol deployments were dropped from sounding rockets today, launched from Wallops Island. More Lithium compound, used in earlier experiments is suspected. Weather for the entire eastern United States was cleared for this unconscionable, classified experiment on the public without our knowledge or consent. 

Your doctors may want to do unusual blood testing over the next few months. Police officers in the area may wish to do blood tests during unconstitutional roadblocks. But we in this region have been denied a constitution in this quote “Constitution Free Zone!”

Our videographer shows the zones and location where these attacks are being launched from, the Wallops Island, with imagery and describes the symptoms that she believes will be felt from this attack that she calls a crime against humanity!


( VN:  check out region III, which are the states in the light aqua colored area.  The head of our gov is being attacked first to eliminate leadership of those who would resist, and I believe there are still some who might, and to finish the full and complete take over of our government.  Its not going the way they had planned, but its still going.   They never give up, so we must never give up either. Remember, WW III is just around the corner, if we do not prevail).

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Anonymous said...

It's gotta have something to do with the fact that 1 million gun owners in N.Y. have,like Connecticut, have refused to give up their illegalized weapons. Ya' reckon?

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose it's a pre-emptive on the 1 million owners of fire-arms recently declared felons in N.Y. who also refuse to give them up,like in Connecticut?