VATIC ALERT: DHS Insider: Bundy Ranch Standoff Not Over! Military, Federal Agents Seen Moving In

*** They are really messing with this below, so if you see anything weird just keep reading.   They do not want us awake and aware and acting out on our total abject and righteous anger.  I fix it but they keep messing with it so just keep reading and watching.  (To the traitors monitoring these blogs:  Thank you for the massive education I have gotten fixing your various attempts to mess up the blog)

Vatic Note: WATCH THIS VIDEO, ITS IMPORTANT!!!  MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!! This is the first report I have found on this issue. So either begin preparing or wait until I can confirm from second sources. Its against the constitution for our military to occupy our soil, thus it is illegal and moves those that ordered it and those that follow the "ILLEGAL ORDER",  into the category of traitor.  IF THIS IS TRUE, THEN the below is up for further reading.  If its not true, then ignore the below comments.

Now, if our state leaders, governors, and legislatures do not act on our behalf and stop the troop movements through their states, and do not recall their National Guard troops and equipment, and if local sheriffs do not deputize every single gun owner in his county, and call them into being a posse, then those that fail to do that are complicit in aiding and abetting a foreign occupying enemy, (The Rothschild Khazars of Israel,  who killed JFK for warning us about them)  in the take over of this nation.  Do not kid yourselves, this is a coup.

Make no mistake about it,  This is a foreign invasion by Rothschild and Isreal on behalf of "their" international banks, energy companies, DRUG COMPANIES, PORNO COMPANIES, and fascists corporations world wide. Now we know why 100 bankers were murdered. The implications of their response to our citizens, in a free country, in confronting the BLM,  is a coup and illegal and once they fire that first shot, then we are at war, and soldiers over seas, give your commanders a choice to either lead them back home or take out your leaders and find your way home. 

The very first American that these traitors kill, will bring the sheep finally into the fray, since it will confirm what all of the "conspiracy nuts" have been trying to tell them.  300 million Americans is nothing to sneeze at.  I don't care how many bullets you buy.   We have the advantage, since we have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.   

It now explains why DHS bought  targets for practice with pictures of women, children, and old people on the target, to desensitize DHS soldiers in shooting such normal non combatants.

It also explains why FUSIA centers and ISRAEL were training LEO's to kill unarmed civilians. These are nasty dangerous  people, but then we knew that about khazars.   They proved it in Russia in 1917 and in Germany in 1933. 

Anyone who collaborates with the foreign occupying enemy of our people and the Constitution, in bringing this nation down, is a traitor and thus is at risk of being some of the first to go. That is how Europe handled collaborators.  This is a good time to rethink what you intend to do.  In reading this below,  this whole exercise was a test and now its moving into a take over militarily by a foreign enemy and must be resisted by every single American without exception.  WE CANNOT BE DIVIDED OR WE LOSE.

UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL.   There is no doubt in my mind, that we win if we stand UNITED.  You are not alone, but accompanied by 300  million soldiers at your side.  
They cannot control or contain millions of us, and our geography and their assets (which are at risk if they finally make it clear they are our enemy) make it even more sure that we win, if we stand United.  Anyway, keep that in mind.  Just look at all the targets available of their assets that can be surreptiously taken out.   Oil derricks, refineries,  international bank buildings, etc.

Just a reminder to take with you when this all comes down.  I give this to you because it has worked for me like a miracle.  Keep remembering and saying......

"If I show up, and do my best,  then God will take care of the rest".  And by golly, He does. 

DHS Insider: Bundy Ranch Standoff Not Over! Military, Federal Agents Seen Moving In
by Bobby Powell,   Before Its News,  April 13, 2014

It was easy to run federal agents off wasn’t it? It was too easy.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bobby Powell puts together several pieces of information that have surfaced since the BLM “withdrew” and conceded to the demands of Cliven Bundy.


Bundy is the Nevada rancher who stood toe-to-toe with nearly 1,000 heavily federal agents for over a week. Fortunately for Bundy, thousands of unarmed protestors – and militia that were armed just as well as the federal agents were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

But, as reported to investigative journalist Doug Hagmann – co-host of the Hagmann and Hagmann report along with his son Joe – by a highly-placed source inside the Department of Homeland Security, the BLM withdrawal was a fake.

The entire standoff was, according to Hagmann’s DHS informant, a real world exercise designed to determine what kind of resistance the federal government will face should gun confiscations begin.

From this observer's perspective that resistance will be fierce. The feds should probably buy Depends by the truckload because people are pissed, and from what we saw on alternative media livestreams broadcast during the standoff many of them are ready to rock and roll.
Acting on a tip from a view who said that he saw "many, many, many" men in military uniform and federal agents checking IN to hotels around the Bundy ranch, after the BLM allegedly stood down, when they should have been checking out, TTiV Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell called area hotels and confirmed that there is not a single room available anywhere near the Bundy ranch.
The response of one young lady who answered the phone at the Holiday Inn in Mesquite Nevada will chill you to the bone.

Read the rest and watch this disturbing video at:

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Anonymous said...

Everyone please study what Federalism really is. It is a Marxist construct. They are usurpers of titles,lands,entire Gov'ts. They invented communism along with all the other esoteric Ism's. I think it is becoming more than in-your-face obvious (we must jump this creek) that the Bio-diversity, ReWilding, Agenda 21, land/region grabs are smokescreen policies now being enforced. Our sell-out, free-hole politicians have sold all federal lands, Nation parks, Interstate Hwy's, bridges, Fed.Building, anything they have plundered from U.S. population, to mainly Russia & China, who have now gradually and stealthfully enmassed throughout this land to collect their new legalized possessions. Hence we have the long expected foreign invasions occuring behind the mask of Federal land-grabbing Talmudic Psychopaths. They have already globalized many other country this way. This is end of the age stuff, and the fulfulling of the Monarchy vision of the O.T. Prophet Daniel. We must not role over, but stand and fight the Evildoers.