VATIC ALERT: UPDATE: Real Reason Bundy Ranch happened.

*** further update 4/14 - VN: Further update as promised from below,  it follows the original email I received with the promise to update Sunday the 13th, and this below the original posting, is the UPDATE.  PLEASE READ IT.... Its important and all urban  dwellers, understand that when they are through taking us rural patriots down, they will be coming for you.  Its a much more detailed information piece, and expands on what this first part was about.  This 4/14 update is even more detailed now and the bigger plan behind it, which makes it a lot more important than the initial report.   PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE 4/13 UPDATE.

They are trying to divide American into the urban vs rural communities becuase our situations are different, but if they succeed with the rural, then its a peice of cake with the urban, since all they have to do is surround the city and take control.   They war gamed that very scenario that we blogged about on here a while back, where they did so with Russian troops and US military troops.  

I also just read that they have begun by arresting homeless and putting them in the FEMA camps for chipping, but I am waiting til I can confirm that is happening.

Vatic Note:  This was sent to me by email from someone else that I trust implicitly and whose previous emails have always without exception, panned out to be true.  So, I am running with this without a link, that I will try to find later through rabbithole searching.  But read it and keep it in mind until we can confirm with a link.  Thanks and hang in there, they can't control anything but themselves, so they are in the weakend of a long week. 

Update sent to me by friend Ken Hildebrant (running for US Congress/Virginia) -

From Doug Hagmann

At 1750 hours ET, I was contacted by my source within the Department of
Homeland Security regarding the current situation at the Bundy Ranch.
To put it bluntly, the people are being hoodwinked into believing that
the situation is being resolved. It is not. It is a strategic
de-escalation to fool the public. This source stated that the retreat of
the BLM agents and the release of the cattle was actually crafted as a potential plan yesterday (Friday, 11 April 2014) based on the following:

1. A military assessment of satellite and drone surveillance imagery of the “patriot resistance". Drones under the control of the U.S. military were in use, taking real-time photographic images of not just the activity at the ranch, but
“identifying the protesters, any arms and any supplies they might have or be carrying." “Mission accomplished.”

2. Real-time communication intercepts between patriots on-site and their off-site support;

3. Active monitoring of internet traffic regarding the coverage of events at ranch;

4. The monitoring of real-time video from the scene.

This source stated that a response by the patriot movement was
anticipated, although it exceeded their expectations. Although this was a
real operation, they also ran this as a test case for future government
operations once they saw the response. They were also actively managing
the media, in some cases threatening to cut off White House access to
anyone covering the event.

Despite this, the coverage by the alternative media began to create a public relations problem that was not easily managed. Note the lack of acknowledgment by the White House regarding this event. They are intentionally framing it as a state issue, despite the fact that all federal response has been and continues to be from the White House.

There is a reason for this – a reason that has not been identified in any of the public reports to date. I will explain in further detail in a follow-up report on Sunday, after this source attends [redacted] to obtain more specific information about future federal operations.

 Regardless, according to this source, the government will take back ‘their land’ as they must to fulfill international obligations. It was never about grazing rights or anything other than (1) “securing clear title” to the land, and (2) further
demonizing any patriotic resistance.

It is my understanding, based on the information from this source, that it is a critical task to create a situation that will also advance their agenda of gun control and confiscation.

A more detailed report will follow on Sunday, 13 April 2014, with additional and much more specific information about their inside plans and future operations.


Monday, April 14, 2014
By Paul Martin

Special Note: As I stated in my report yesterday, additional information would be forthcoming today (Sunday). To those who object to the lateness of the hour for this report, it should be understood that I rely on my sources at their “convenience” (although convenience does not exist in the realm of exposing the agenda of the feds). Also, this is still a dynamic situation, meaning that federal assets and plans are still in play.

Narrative: As indicated in my report dated yesterday, 12 April 2014, I have been in contact with my primary source within the DHS as well as a secondary source outside of the DC area on multiple occasions throughout today. It is important for people to understand that the “breakdown” of the federal exercise is nearly as methodical and time consuming as the run-up to their arrival. The situation is still fluid, and there are federal assets still being debriefed.

Based on the information obtained from both sources who are known to this investigator but who are requesting anonymity for obvious reasons, however, the federal initiative to claim the land at the center of controversy in Nevada remains intact. Perhaps the most important information derived from both contacts is that the situation is not over. In the words of the DHS source, “they [the BLM and other support agencies] will be back.”

According to both sources, plans are being made to physically return on or about the date of the “American Spring,” which is scheduled for 16 May 2014. The purpose for choosing that date or approximate time period should be obvious. The most vocal and visible leaders of the patriot movement will be busy organizing and attending the DC event. It is during this period that the BLM and support agencies, by way of their physical presence combined with court actions, is intended.

Additionally, I was advised by a separate intelligence source that it is important for us in the patriot movement to understand that the situation is much more important to the federal government than just the visible components , or the stand-off, at the Bundy ranch alone. Consider the following:

· The current leadership wants to create [2014] as “the summer of rage.” They are astutely aware of the difference in public perception between the rural population and the urban areas, and intend to shape public perception against the patriot movement. They are already spinning the situation at the Bundy ranch into a “display of reasonableness” exhibited by the BLM, DHS and all federal agencies.

· The current leadership is attempting to ramp up the rhetoric in the mainstream media about the dangers of the patriotic movement and the threat they posed to life, limb and liberty. Of course, this is untrue. The intent is to cast an even wider net of anti-gun ownership initiatives over those displaying such “radical” tendencies as shown at the Bundy ranch.

· It is important to note that the intelligence source contacted by this investigator stressed that the leadership has every intention to stretch out future stand-offs and events, as such ultimately work to (or will be spun) to their benefit. It is their intent to “game the resolve and practicality of the people.

· Additionally, it must be noted that Cliven Bundy is literally “the last man standing” in the way of this federal land grab. Over four dozen ranchers have fallen victim to the federal land grabs.

Clear title to the state-owned land cannot be claimed unless and until all claims to that land, (the Bundy presence) can be removed. As many already know, the intent is for the federal government to hold clear title as collateral and ultimately conveyance to global interests. While many are aware of its value to Harry Reid and others, this is also about the resources under the ground.

Additional updates will be provided as further data is developed from source – and not before. 

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