Mexican authorities accuse Knights Templar of organ harvesting racket

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Vatic Note:  Organ harvesting has also been a specialty of the Israeli's.   They used to do and may still do organ harvesting by killing live donors and then harvesting their organs.  If these evil perverts ever take over our country, this could be anyone of us, under the age of 18, in the future. Now the question becomes "who are the knights Templar" and do they sell to the same people that the Israelis' sell to?

Get  rid of the buyer and you destroy the market.... so lets find out who they are selling to in the market place.  Well, here is one place they sold to, "...without family permission during autopsies, and selling them to medical schools...."   This whole article is filled with recipients in various countries and jobs.  So, who are the "Knights Templar" in Mexico? I have been trying to track them down, but having a difficult time, since deception is the evil ones great strength.

Remember our international bankers are drug dealers and money launderers and so are the Knights Templar in Mexico.... who are connected to freemasonry, which is mentioned in the protocols of the elders of zion, as being someone they can caste blame to for all the evil and satanic work, these khazar zionist bankers are doing, and it is these Rothschild bankers who coincidentally wrote the protocols in 1897.  So far, everything they laid out, they have managed to implement.  They are close to the end of their goals as they outlined in that evil document. 

I want you to notice the reference in here to cannabalism.   Remember, the rebels in Syria did the same thing as listed below, to the Christians in syria,  they cannabalized the Christians organs.  Now we know that the Khazars did the same thing in Mongolia and were kicked out for it.   So, it would not be that far fetched to believe these Mexican so called "knights Templars" are also khazars.

All we have to do is remember all the deceptions these maniacs have pulled on us in so many ways and so many areas of our lives.  Its time to stop it all.  No more "Common Core",  Agenda 21 for land grabbing,  transhumanism, no more anything along those lines.  These foreign occupiers need to be kicked out of our country or thrown in jail.  There is so much evidence now of their criminality
that we could jail them right now, for life.  Anyway, read this below and see what the poor Mexican people are going through.  Is this heading toward us if we don't stop it? I personally believe it is. A dark ages the likes of which we have never seen before. 

Mexican authorities accuse Knights Templar of organ harvesting racket

Last Tuesday Mexican police arrested a senior member of the Knights Templar crime syndicate, alleged to have kidnapped children to harvest their organs. Police say that Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of an organ-trafficking ring run by the infamous cartel. The ring is said to have kidnapped children and taken them to rented homes with medical equipment where their organs were removed.

"We have several statements in open investigations that point to a network of several suspects who would identify people with certain characteristics, especially children, and kidnap them," said Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Carlos Castellanos Becerra.

Following the arrest of Gaspar, the leader of a local vigilante group made a statement on radio supporting the police allegations. Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles of the civilian "self defence" group in Tepalcatepec said that several children had been rescued in his town while being transported in a refrigerated container inside a van. "They were inside a refrigerated box, tightly wrapped in blankets," he said in a morning interview with MVS, a local radio station.

The Knights Templar is a multifaceted crime syndicate that operates in the Michoacan region of Mexico. Whilst the cartel is heavily involved in drug trafficking, it current top sources of income are illegal mining, illegal logging and extortion. Authorities are investigating just how developed the group's organ-trafficking activities are.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's the old shell game again, the cain shuffle; do the crime and blame brother Able. The flesh is not wasted, say's Rabbi Abe Finkelstein in U.K. youtube interview. Do a search on this.Obviously,much related goings on could be found in Synagogues.

Vatic Master said...

I tried to find this on google and it was not available. Can you send me your link? Or at least I could not find it. But then, I am a ludite. LOL thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the link concerning organ trafficking, cannibalism. youtube.com/watch?v=pPxoKXMzcuM&feature=playerembedded It was about McDonald's burgers containing human DNA. Another link youtube.com/watch?v=ANBMxG_LO9Y It was a interview in U.K. concerning human DNA in McDonalds Menus.

Anonymous said...

Deeply appreciated' This is absolutly true' You r doing a great job to mention these low life gypsies' These babylonians are the lowest, most inferior breed on earth' Like vampires and draculas who live in the darkness; Afraid of the light of true' I have had casual conversations, so this artcle just confirm what we already know'