Scientists say papyrus referring to wife of Jesus is no fake

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Vatic Note:   My very first reaction was "What globalist institutions were involved in this?"  And sure enough, all of them.   Remember, these satanists hate Christians so what better way to attack them then by heresy.   Harvard, MIT, who did the project for the Tavistock group on manipulating mass psychology, then there is Columbia, and all of these are run and controlled by Rothschild, khazar, zionist bankers and Israel.  We proved that on here many times.

I can go through the list just from memory on the evil these institutions have already done for their masters.   Example:  above about the tavistock group we did several blogs on them, and how they helped set up the mass manipulation of large populations using mass psychology.

Then there was Obama graduated from Columbia, with Zbig as the poly sci teacher who got Obama a job with the CIA, whom he still works for.  But then, its not really Obama is it?   Just check out the ears and go back and look at our blog where we compared Obama to the double he used, and Obama is gone and the double is in the white house.  I will feel a lot better about this if there had been at least one university involved that was not deeply associated with the Internationalists and the globalists/Rothschilds/Israel.

It was the same blog where we showed the real Obama's scars on his head from brain surgery that must not  have worked, since the double has now taken his place.  The coup goes a lot deeper than infiltrating our government at every level, but also right into the top position in the White House. 

Now, let me be clear.  I do not know if this is true or not true.   What I do know is the information is coming from khazars who are masters of deception and proud of it.  That makes the information at least suspect.  We will see.  You read and decide for yourselves. 

Scientists say papyrus referring to wife of Jesus is no fake

In September, 2012, a faded fragment of papyrus, which has controversially come to be known as 'The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife', made international headlines when it was unveilled by Harvard Divinity School historian Karen L. King.  The announcement, unsurprisingly, was met with both anger and elation, as well as a great deal of skepticism as it contained a phrase never seen before in any other scripture: "Jesus said to them, my wife….", and "she will be able to be my disciple", a phrase that stirred debate over whether women should be allowed to be priests.

An editorial in the Vatican’s newspaper declared that the papyrus was a fake, as did a number of other scholars. However, the fragment has now been thoroughly tested by scientists who conclude, in a report published in the Harvard Theological Review, that the ink (actually pigment) and papyrus have ancient origins, and the fragment is not, therefore, a modern forgery.

The papyrus fragment has now been tested by scientists at Columbia University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), who carried out carbon-dating as well as micro-Raman spectroscopy to determine the chemical composition of the ink.

The results revealed that: the papyrus can be dated to approximately 700 to 800 AD, it is consistent with other papyri from the fourth to the eight centuries, the carbon black ink (actually a type of pigment) was typical of that used on other papyri of the time, and the text did not show any variations or inconsistencies which would suggest doctoring.

The text is written in Sahidic, a language of ancient Egypt, and the study authors have suggested that it may be a transcription of an earlier Coptic text that was based on a Greek copy made centuries earlier, as many early Christian gospels are. Therefore, a date of 700 to 800 AD does not mean that this was the first time the text appeared.

However, scientific analysis is not always enough to convince some. The Harvard Theological review, is also publishing a counter piece by Egyptologist at Brown University, Leo Depuydt, whose paper predates the scientific analysis.

According to a report on the story in the New York Times, Dr Depuydt said that testing the fragment was irrelevant and he saw “no need to inspect it”. He said he decided that it is a fake based on a newspaper photograph of the papyrus in which he saw “grammatical errors”, as well as similarity to writing in the Gospel of Thomas.

In a rebuttal, King finds Depuydt’s textual analysis unpersuasive.

Dr King has been quick to point out that the test results do not prove that Jesus had a wife or disciples who were women, only that the fragment is ancient rather than forged. She does hope, however, that the discussion, commentary, and focus can now move on from ‘is it fake?’ to ‘what does all this mean?’

Featured image:  The front of a papyrus fragment from an early Christian codex on which is written the Gospel of Jesus's Wife. Photo credit: Karen L. King
- See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-history-archaeology/scientists-say-papyrus-referring-wife-jesus-no-fake-001545#sthash.rhzySlto.dpuf

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