Orangutans under attack -- the plan to win

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Vatic Note:  As I am sure you have noticed that I seldom post articles or calls for petition signing or fund raisings except for our own blog so we can continue our work. However,  I figured if it was an issue you cared about, you would have signed the petition already, but in this case, this is the LAST PLACE ON EARTH where Orangs, Rhinos, elephants and tigers roam free together.

It reminds me of how many things are going bye bye since I was born.  We just dealt today and yesterday with the very last rancher in a place in Nevada that used to be surrounded by ranches and now the foreign occupied government, has all been taxed those ranches out of business.  He is the last ranch in that 600,000 acres.  And he is refusing to go.

He says he is fighting for that way of life that our Constitution guaranteed him.  So now we see that this problem is going global as well.   Time to fight with others on this planet to preserve what we have and fight against the satanists whose "god" is money and material wealth and NOTHING ELSE MATTERS TO THEM.

This leads me to the question, "Is that why Rockefeller and Gates set up the seed bank in the arctic?"  They have seeds of every plant on the globe and the DNA of every animal, and human DNA has been collected as well.  Now they are collecting the DNA of every baby born.  That is a very scary thought given the demonic nature of both of those men.

I do not know why they have done this, but I am sure that soul-less corporations can no longer play in our sand box, since sandboxes are for those with a soul and spirit that needs nurturing and these kinds of places give us that, especially for those who were born to it, grew up in it and became who they are because of it.  So lets support preserving it.   Its time to tell the corporations to grow up and behave.....or move to mars, there are plenty of minerals on that planet.

Orangutans under attack -- the plan to win
by Lisa Vickers - Avaaz
(* Sent by email for distribution, no link but many below) 

Dear friends,

Last year over a million of us successfully froze the plan to kill orangutans but the battle to save them is heating up again and unless we raise our voices once more - we could lose the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants roam free together. Click below to sign the urgent petition:

Last year over 1.3 million of us called for the protection of the last place on Earth where orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants still roam free together. Amazingly, we froze the proposed plan that would have destroyed vast swathes of pristine rainforest in Sumatra. But now the local government is gearing up to revive the destruction, unless we act.

Palm oil, paper and mining companies stand to make money from developing this delicate ecosystem, and their pressure on the government to start cutting trees is working. But Europe holds the key to an even more powerful trade incentive for Indonesia, and experts say if the EU Ambassador speaks up now, he could protect the orangutans for good.

Conservation organisations in Sumatra are doing their best to get his attention but they’re asking for our help to amplify the urgent call. Let’s shine the global spotlight on the EU Ambassador to make sure he acts before it is too late. Sign now:


Approval of the plan to free up this enormous area of forest for mining, paper and palm oil plantations is an environmental disaster of catastrophic proportions. This place is the last chance for many species already in serious trouble.

As the EU Ambassador for Indonesia, Olof Skoog, can provide the political and technical support needed for the local government to properly review the current destructive plan and convince them to protect the most fragile part of the rainforest. There is considerable momentum already towards this solution with individual EU countries taking an interest but it needs to be a coordinated approach to have a strong impact and the Ambassador is the best person for the job.

The EU has been a major donor to sustainable development in Sumatra and Mr. Skoog should feel obligated to ensure that the gains made through this investment are not being put at serious risk by this destructive plan. Insiders say the only reason he’s not taking action already is because he hasn’t realised just how important this issue is and what he can do.

The biggest battle to save this rainforest is yet to be won. Let’s raise the volume of the call to the Ambassador and let him know we’re relying on him to save one of the most important forests on the planet. Click below to sign the petition:


Against all odds, we already helped delay the approval of this plan -- ensuring the national government took action to amend it. Then we came together and saved one million dollars worth of habitat for endangered species including orangutans. This is the last step to win a safe future for orangutans in Indonesia, and the players are all in place to make this a win!

With hope and determination,

Lisa, Emma, Ari, Sayeeda, Emily, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team


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