US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies

Vatic Note:  We published a blog on here a while back that proved there were 30,000 Mossad agents assigned to the US alone.   We arrested a slew of them in New York on 9-11 that were carrying large amounts of explosives in their "painted van" and were heading toward the tunnel.   It turned out they were mossad agents.   

They were then released and flown back to Israel where they were interviewed on Israeli TV and asked why they were there?   Their answer shocked everyone.  They were there to "watch the event as it happened".   They also had a painting on the side of their van of the twin towers being struck and the explosions on the buildings were painted on the van as well.  


Now we find out that the Mossad/Israel has infiltrated our NSA and that would explain the massive spying being down on Americans, that is unprecedented in American history and these cretins are suppose to be our allies?  Not hardly, with friends like this who needs enemies.   Israel has killed more Americans for political purposes than all Muslim countries put together.  And TRAITORS within our government not only knew about it, but allowed it.   

We are currently a "foreign occupied" nation having been taken over without firing a shot.  The collaborators are now being investigated, such as Bush, Obama, Cheney and others and listed as being considered for arrest for what they did on 9-11.   Its time someone took a stand against these soul-less, satanic worshipping pedophiles.  

We didn't even cover their theft of nuclear material and how to make nuke bombs,  from our country.   What else have they done that we know nothing about?  Bioweapons?  Chemical weapons?  Who knows.  They  use a moving van company front to conduct their dirty work against us.  They hate Christians and goyim, which is what we are, and proved how  much they hate Christians by the mass murder of them by the zionists when they took over Russia in 1917.    

US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies
by Jim Dean,  editor of Veterans Today,  and Press TV., Jan 3, 2014 
First published on Press TV on Decemeber 28, 2013


Once again we revisit one of American media’s most banned topics. Why do they refuse to cover this huge ongoing scandal when it has tremedous national security implications? Might it be they are working with the Zios?

“News is what someone, somewhere is trying to suppress; the rest is just advertising.” – Press Magnate Alfred Harmsworth,  later Britain’s Lord Northcliffe

Israeli spies just make appointments now to pick up what they have requested from Congress, or even the White House
Israeli spies just make appointments now to pick up what they have requested from Congress, or even the White House.  (VN:  That is called "treason" during time of war.  You know, "The war on terror", Frankly I call  it the Israeli "War of terror, which they are most proficient at for a long time.  Kick them out of the US like Iceland and Hungary did.)

There is a total stand down on prosecuting Israeli espionage networks here. Such a situation could never have happened unless all of our counter-intelligence, judicial and political institutions had been compromised as primary key targets of such an assault.

So why am I bringing this up again during the year end holidays?

The simple answer is I am piggybacking the huge readership that Gordon Duff’s Christmas day viewpoints got, Mossad, Bush planned, executed 9/11,” and then Kevin Barrett’s earlier piece, “9/11 truth vs. Takfiri terror.”

Press TV also did a follow up on Gordon’s article with their Israel suppressing report on 9/11 role: Intelligence analyst,” which also got big readership, a triple whammy week indeed.  I have been around long enough to know that is strong evidence that readers are ‘getting it,’ as they are Facebooking these important articles around.

Our readers are accepting the empowerment they have through social media to leverage the work being done by the writers and Press TV in getting this critical material out to a wider audience. It encourages more people to come forward with further information so we can do deeper follow-up pieces on these long running and complicated geopolitical intrigues.
To those who might charge me with grandstanding with a provocative title, my proof is in the pudding… the stand down on prosecutions. That alone is slam dunk evidence of the depth of the penetration, when it is generally known that no one will prosecute Israeli espionage here, other than a token case every few years.
And I can share more as to how deep this goes, to the point where presidents (for various reasons) choose to support the stand down or realize they are caught in a spider web of political espionage themselves, where they do not have complete freedom of action.

When the tide turned red 

The FBI can't do its job because of massive political obstruction of justice
The FBI can’t do its job because of massive political obstruction of justice

The independent intelligence community knew they were dealing with a coup when Bush (43) tried to duck even having a 9-11 investigation.  The lame excuse given at the time was that it would undermine national security by distracting critically needed resources to defend against the expected onslaught of new major terror acts.  (VN: Keep in mind as you read this paragraph, that The intel community in the USA, is currently housed and put under Dept of Homeland Security, so explain to me again about the FBI being good guys?)

We know now that not only were no terror attacks really forthcoming, but no infrastructure had been set up by the so-called terrorist volcanoes that were seething underneath their Afghanistan mountain command centers.

Not a single one was ever located by any NATO unit to the present day. We got hoaxed on that. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s bogus presentation on CNN, complete with cartoon schematics of the non-existent al-Qaeda command centers, is part of the legend of our debased American leadership at the time, which proved itself to be our greatest national security threat.

The public outrage over Bush’s attempt to avoid any review of how 9-11 really happened forced him to pull back to his plan B, an investigation with a catch, that no testimony would be taken under oath. The intel community again was not surprised at the outrageous caveat.
Our corporate media never attacked the 9-11 commission as a fraud. That showed there were playing their assigned role, an extension of the one they began on 9-11 with their bungling of reporting Building 7 collapsing while it was still standing in the back ground on live TV.
That stain on American media will never be washed off, not even with bleach. Other parts of our government went along out of fear of being targeted as a scapegoat. The ‘no testimony under oath’ gave them all a free pass to hide or give false testimony without fear of perjury charges.

Its effectiveness was confirmed when 9-11 commission members afterward publicly stated they knew witnesses had perjured themselves and withheld information they claimed they didn’t have – a slam dunk obstruction of justice felony.  (VN: and what does that make those on the commission that knew this?  They were responsible for making perjury charges against those that lied and did not do it.  Why didn't the commission tell them no oath, then no testimony and that would have outraged the public even more.)

The US intel community… the good, the bad, and the ugly

Loyal government people exist in all branches who know about the ongoing compromise, the who and the why
Loyal government people exist in all branches who know about the ongoing compromise, the who and the why

So the loyal intel community (versus those involved with the coup) began making a Who’s Who List of 9-11 aiders and abettors.

This gave them a living bread crumb trail back to the real planners and perpetrators. When the dust settled this list was in the 175 to 185 range.
Then began a quiet, off-the-record series of discussions with some of the top national security and law enforcement people who were out of the Bush administration at the time, of course.

These were the results. All these top people agreed that the 9-11 investigation with no under-oath testimony was a breach of the oaths of office for everyone involved, on a scale America had never seen.

They all agreed that something ‘deserved’ to be done about it, but, when looking at the names on the list, not a single person could suggest anywhere to take the information to pursue prosecutions. They frankly said no one would ever initiate prosecutions, as most of those on the list were deemed ‘Protected Entities.’

We know that teams of Israelis were arrested in New York City on 9-11 and quickly released in various ways. One included fake FBI agents showing up to take custody of one group… afterward they all just disappeared.
There were two plane loads that left the country that day – one full of Arabs with the bin-Laden family – and I will let you guess who the other one was full of. Both passenger plane rosters remain classified.

Stopping the next big false flag terror attack 

Bush (43) - "Not the Real Stuff " - Having his fantasy moment
Bush (43) – “Not the Real Stuff ” – Having his fantasy moment

At this point, the focus on taking the perpetrators down shifted to trying to stop another major false flag attack when the Bush (43), neo-con, and Israeli intel teams’ push to attack Iran began losing steam.

‘They’ knew we were watching (primarily military intelligence), as word had been put out at all levels of the community to report the slightest indication that something was in progress.

The bad guys were not going to catch us flat-footed like the first time, and there are many willing to take any risk to catch them red-handed on the next try.
Veterans Today editorial board member Gwenyth Todd broke up one such planned attack in Bahrain – an attack on US personnel – the usual terrorist bombing that would have killed our own people and then be blamed on Iran – which everybody knew Iran would never have done.

Iran already had a solid track record of not retaliating to provocations like their nuclear scientists being murdered because they knew that is exactly what the Western killers wanted them to do.
Gwenyth subsequently escaped an assassination attempt, the wonderful combination of quick wits and some fabulous luck. Navy personnel were involved in her attempted murder, and of course, no one has even been investigated much less charged.

Israeli espionage 

Israel Intel helpers in the US government run into the thousands, more that there are FBI agents
Israel Intel helpers in the US government run into the thousands, more than there are FBI agents

The major cover for the active supporters of Israel is that Intel sharing (how they like to refer to Israeli espionage here) is acceptable when done by an ally to whom we have given security pledges. But I am going to destroy that smokescreen.

Less known even among active Israel’s supporters is that one of the ways the Zios fund their intelligence operations worldwide is through their huge Walmart-sized contract espionage service.

They steal everything they can, much of it with assistance of willing traitors and ideological dupes. What they don’t need themselves, they sell to the highest bidder.

Up until now, the bad guys are winning. Included among them are the major US defense companies that are transferring technology to potential adversaries, often through Israel. This is done so they can then be deemed bigger threats, which then requires more public spending on new weapons systems to protect us.  (VN:  I wish that were the only reason and the worst reason they do this.  They do it now, to ensure we lose WW III.  That is why both admins, Bush and Obama, held military training sessions with the objective of teaching our designated WW III enemies the tactics and strategies of our military.... so the enemy can beat us when the time comes.)

This is mega-treason on the corporate level, but these same people have the red carpet rolled out for them wherever they go, especially with Congress… no guilt, no shame, no prosecution.

What are we going to do? So, you past readers all know what I am going to say now, that America’s biggest national security threat has been, and still is, right here at home. And until we decide to fight and win that war, we will never have any national security regardless of how much we spend.
The deck is rigged against us by homegrown traitors. What we have currently is an endless money-making machine that the real evil people have no intention of giving up. We are in a fight of us versus them, and yet way too many of us prefer Santa Claus do our fighting.
And for those who refuse to fight back, the traitors and thieves have nothing but contempt for you. They feel you have earned and deserve the yoke. I would ask that you ponder this for your New Year’s resolution. I have already made mine. You probably know what it is.

They did what they did - right out in the open, and were virtually unopposed
They did what they did – right out in the open, and were virtually unopposed.   (VN: this is your Cheney neocon/neolib stash of traitors, who created this mess we are in, including all wars since they did 911 in concert with  the USS Liberty murderers.  Its time to purge our gov of these dragos. That includes their military dept for the NWO called "Dept of Homeland Security"... then we will have no more false flags and accompanying drills on the same day. )

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