Israel - Occult Zionism - Hell on Earth - Documentary - WW3 - NWO

Vatic Note:  If you "truly" want to know the truth about our problems that are growing everywhere, but includes us, then this is  a must watch.  Its only through knowledge of "truth", that we can then determine solutions.  If we do not focus on truth, then we will come up with unrelated solutions that will not work and it will be too late to change them, once we find  out after the fact, that those solutions available are gone.  We cannot afford a mistake about this since we only get one shot at it.  To be on target with solutions, we must be on target with truthful assessment of the problems.

He speaks about Zionists, but neglects to say that a majority of those who call themselves Jews are in fact, Not Jews at all, rather they are Khazarians and pagans with a Satanic base and a deep hatred of Christians.  Watch this video and you will discover, as I did, why that hatred and the danger of the Noahide laws passed by congress as the basis for our legal system, changed from the previous base of the 10 commandments.  Bush Jr signed that resolution so its now a fact in our country and explains why the 10 commandments have been taken out of our court houses.  Its a lot  more sinister than I had previously thought.

Israel - Occult Zionism - Hell on Earth - Documentary - WW3 - NWO
Published by Perexusrex on Nov 8, 2012
NEW For those with awakened hearts . . . take the time to learn and understand the truth.

Israel refers to the 12 tribes of Israel. The seed of Abraham through Jacob's 12 sons. This seed is scattered through the earth. It comprises all those who who have accepted the atoning sacrifice Jesus Christ of Jesus Christ. Israel (the place) today comprises mainly the tribe of Judah. Judah the tribe has been taken over by occult Zionists. Zionists hate Muslims and Jews. Zionists practice a system of apartheid . . . [Perexusrex]

Jews and Palestinians were like brothers before Zionism (secret society) -- Rothchild Zionism. Zionism is apostate Jews (Jews turned against God) practicing Luciferianism, demonology, and hidden Knowledge. The NOW is a Zionist Government that will eventually be ruled by the anti Christ.

 Zionists will implement the 'Noahide Laws' -- These laws will enforce the decapitation of Christians because they consider the worship of Jesus Christ blasphemy punishable by death. They will kill Christians for the same reason they crucified Jesus Christ. . . . Jesus will save the tribe of Judah at Armageddon but not Zionist Jews who do not worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob . . . . please watch all the video and understand some of the truth . . [Perexusrex]

This powerful documentary exposes the hell that the palestinians have been going through since their land was stolen in 1948. From that day on, the world has been hijacked by a cabal of zionists/occultists, and the support given to them by governments has alienated much of the world. IsraHell on Earth looks at the origins of the abomination that is IsraHell and exposes its apartheid crimes.


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JanErik said...

And why is that?
See http://www.christian-reincarnation.com/Confgod.htm
and http://www.christian-reincarnation.com/JesMMiss.htm

Anonymous said...

It's true Bush signed the Noahide laws, but Ronald Reagan -- the "great" "liberty-loving" American -- was the first president to sign the Jew Communist Noahide laws.

Reagan was a Shriner. The Shriner oath is Islamic. Islam is a pre-cursor to Jew Communism. Jew Communists and the NWO gang use Islam as a weapon against us Whites.

Search Terms :

"Reagan + Education Day"

"Reagan + Noahide Laws"

Sharia law is the perfect cover for Jew Commies because there's no expectations of liberty under Sharia law. Sharia law and Noahide law fit together perfectly well, like the two last pieces of a jigsaw puzzle :

" Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism and the New Age"

The recent intense push by the Zionists to get the US to invade Syria in-support-of and in-alliance-with the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood shows how much Zionists "worship" Islam, especially Islamic Jihad.

"Zionism" is another word for "Communism". AND, Nazism is not an answer to battle Communism, because Nazism is tied-at-the-hip with Islamic Jihad, and ultimately serves Zionism/Communism.

The flooding of Europe with Mohammedans today is a continuum of Hitler's Nazi agenda. Hitler is the one who invited the Mohammedans into Europe with open arms. The Jew Commies always wanted Islam for Europe also. Same agenda. Plus, Hitler played a big role in starting the Muslim Brotherhood, and we know now how much the Zionists agitated to try to get the US military to invade Syria IN-ALLIANCE with the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood Hitler started.

About Shriners :

"Shriner Oath is Islamic"

ALL Freemasonry is Islamic. Islam in service to Jew Communism. Many of our presidents have been Shriners, unfortunately.

Reagan, a Shriner, also gave the illegals their first "amnesty". Soon afterward, the US was flooded with even more illegals. The "conservative" Reagan set the precedent for the Communist Obama.

Many know about the controlled- opposition of the Left [ Chomsky, for example], but few know about the controlled-opposition on the Right. About the controlled-opposition of the Right, Zionism, Empire, the NWO, Communism :


The controlled opposition of the Right is even more insidious and inimical to Liberty than that of the Left, and that's saying a lot.

I'm conservative at-heart, but the Right doesn't truly represent American Liberty. They're only "conserving" the Fascist/Zionist/Islamo/Communist NWO.

From : Salvatore

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that Reagan -- the "great" "anti-communist"-- opened-up the USA to the Jew Commies from the erstwhile Soviet Union. Commie Jews came to the US in droves under "Reagan's" watch, as Reagan was signing the Jew Communist Noahide laws.

The Noahide laws were the official laws of the Jew Commie Soviet Union, the Talmudic legal "justification" for the Jews to kill Christians en-masse.

The Jew Communists who came here under Reagan's "watch", Jew Commies he welcomed with open-arms, each and every Jew immigrant from the Soviet Union received One-Hundred Thousand dollars, food stamps, free rent, free medical care. Even the Jew Communist Mishpukas who came to the US with millions of dollars stolen from the Russian people. Many of the Jews who came here under Reagan were responsible for the mass-murder of Christians in the Jew Soviet Union.

So much for the "great" "anti-communist" "Liberty loving" Reagan and Reagan's "watch". Some "watch".

It's beyond me as to why exactly the "conservatives" laud Reagan to-the-heavens.

From : Salvatore

pjoser said...

Ok, let me give you a small theory/assumptions. We all know that zionists always were speaking about the promised land, right? What would be the best method to get the "promised land" whit out full militairy action? Miltiary action would create a bad image for the zionists leaders(the rich zionists ) and the other world powers would not let it happen that easy? Because the land was already inhabited by other people(arabs for many centuries) . how to do it? how to bringg al jews/zionists to gether in to one country, while they are all spread around the world. and don't have the "nationalistic" feeling. how to do that? How to lett all the jews decide to imigrate to palestina?

Banks have control over many currency around the world, many banks are controlled by rich people amoung which many are jews. By having control over many currencies, the world bank, and other nartional bank can create a currency crisis in germany. By selling all germany currency that banks have in reserve.(the same thiung would happen to the USA, if Russia and China and other countries decide to selll the dollar reserves they have) They creat a huge hyper inflation. So, Control the currency of germany, create inflation. after that crisis strikes german masses of people are mad, hungry and crazy. The oppertunity for the zionists bankers to set up a nationalistic party in germany, for "some" reason deside to exterminate jews.....

The rich zionists escape before the “jewish extermination” begins.(BTW many jews/zionists were send by hitler to palestina before the war started, hitler or nazi germany was the main financer of imigration of jews to palestina, still does not ring a bell?: google : the transfer agreement, hitler and jews, http://redpillmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Transfer-Agreement-Hitler-and-the-Jews-Copy1.pdf ) And only the poor normal jewish people are in the trouble. Hitler exterminets 6 million poor jews. While the rest of the jews/zionists around the world see that happen. They think , Dafaq? We need to regroup, and a coherent feeling of nationalism is created. All jews/zionists feel sorry for each other and feel like they are one. Even though they are spread around the world.

Now the war is over. The zionists are given the promised land, becasue they have seen so terrible things and need a ”place of their own”, so let us put all the palestin arabs outside and putt all zionists in side beacue they have money and the corrupt USA and UK(that have their balles in a iron gripp of the national banks that are controlled by many rich people from which many are zionists ) are just cable of doing that.. and nobody will opose like they would if it would be a full miltairy attack. Becasue the jews/zionists have seen such bad things happen and they are the poor jews. However unfortunatly the once that saw the terrible things, and the once that the deseverd the promised land, didn’t make it to palestina. Only the once that were sitting on their asses and watch tv and counting their cash, while their borthers were killed for their promissed land to become a reality.

P.S.( Zionists are not Jews http://www.nkusa.org/aboutus/zionism/judaism_isnot_zionism.cfm)