Rabbi Josef Antebi exposing Zionists, even after being tortured by them!

Vatic Note:   This is a MUST WATCH AND HEAR FROM THIS RABBI.  It is  the most definitive confirmation that "REAL JEWS" of the Torah were Palestinian Jews and that the "Jews" that run Israel are not.  I can't believe what he has been through for his courage to speak out.  They have tortured and harassed him and that torturing resulted in his crippling and illness that cannot be cured.

He has to live in another country to remain safe. Even then, he is not safe since these zionists are everywhere.  He traveled to Israel one time and it was horrible. His families assets were seized for no reason except greed.  If he had not had a second phone on his person, he would have disappeared, but he had a second phone which allowed him to call his adopted countries embassy and get help to leave Israel.  Otherwise he was going to disappear.  This is what all real Jews have to go through. 

Notice this rabbi says that "Zionism" started in Eastern Europe about a hundred and fifty years  ago.  So who were these "Jews" that were Ashkenazi European Jews that started Zionism?  THEY ARE KHAZARS and not semitic Jews of Israel.  They are the ones that wrote the protocols of the Elders of Zion. (Rothschild wrote the protocols and they were adopted by the Congress of international Jewry at that time in 1897.)

It was proven this past year through DNA that these Ashkenazi Jews do not have one drop of semitic blood in them, so they are not from Israel, rather they are khazarians from Khazaria who migrated to eastern Europe and took over the Jewish religion under threat from both the Muslims on the East and Catholics on the west, about a thousand years ago.  They were originally, pagans who worshipped the phallic symbol, and today worship Satan.

They were also violent and brutal to their neighbors. (Is that why they were kicked out of mongolia?) They took control of the rivers in Khazaria and affected the "Silk Road" trade from east to west, extracting blackmail profits from those using the rivers that run through khazaria to deliver their silk products to the west in Europe and that is why they were invaded and had to adopt a religion with a moral base to it.

When they converted (wink wink) to Judaism, they became the majority of those who call themselves Jews.  They are also anti-semitic, and hate not only real Jews, but Muslims and Christians because of their morally based religion... which conflicts with their paganism, which is dressed up by the trappings of Judaism through changes in the Talmud and other writings such as Noahide Laws that makes it a crime to believe in Jesus, with "decapitation" as the penalty.

That explains the so called Mossad/CIA backed "Rebels" actions against the Syrian Christians whereby the Christians were decapitated.  No one knew why they did that, but it was set up to do through the adoption in the US by congress of using Noahide laws to replace the 10 commandments as the basis for USA justice system.  Bush Jr signed the legislation that passed and made it the law of the land.  The press neglected to tell us about it.

These zionists are much more than just criminals, they are intentional destroyers of any culture but their own.  Real Jews have been persecuted in Israel  and have had to flee and seek asylum in NY and in London. 

Rabbi Josef Antebi exposing Zionists, even after being tortured by them!
Published by account4reUploadings, Jan 20, 2011 

Most people don't know, that many orthodox jews oppose Israel and the occupation of Palestine. These orthodox jews believe Zionism endangers peace on earth. One of them is Rabbi Josef Antebi (born in Hebron), who was tortured by Zionists. This is an interview made in Amsterdam, the last day of Hanuka.

Did the mainstream media ever inform you about the numerous protests worldwide, made by Jews against Zionism? http://nkusa.org/activities/demonstra...


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