Pentagon urges Kabul to sign deal agreeing to US permanent Presence In Afghanistan

Vatic Note:  WHAT???  No one asked the American people if they wanted their sons and daughters occupying a foreign country that has done nothing to us.  More blood of our children,  more wealth stolen from this country to support a fascist agenda by the khazar international bankers that want the trillions in  resources buried in the soil of that poor country.  Forget it.  Bring them home.

Maybe its finally time for the American soldiers stationed there to refuse to guard the illegal Heroin poppy fields for the Bush cabal, or to die fighting people who are trying to free up their country from the theives who have come steal their land from them and their wealth.  Our soldiers have been given the right to refuse illegal orders and that would be an illegal order for them to do what they are doing.  Guarding poppy fields for the Bush/Rothschild families, is not what our military is paid to do. 

Maybe the foreign occupiers of our country would take over occupying Afghanistan themselves instead of having us do it for them.  After all, they killed our Americans on the USS Liberty without batting an eyelash,  so maybe its time they did their own dirty work instead of infiltrating our government to have us do it for them. They are the most ungrateful allies, I have ever seen.

Frankly, I am sick of these insane, I mean totally insane, soul-less creatures running our country and culture into the ground with their perversions and wars.  If they want a greater Israel, then do it themselves and see how far they get.  This is not how Americans would operate.  Israel has proven, as has Rothschild, that this is how "THEY" Operate.  So do it and leave us out of it.

It really is almost time for us to take a stand, keep our sons and daughters home, and tell them no more money, no more wars, and no more kidnapping our children for any purpose whatsoever, including for their satanic rituals.  Don't get me started. 

Pentagon urges Kabul to sign deal
Written by Press TV, The Rebel Forum

Pentagon urges Kabul to sign deal
The US Defense Department has urged the Afghan government to sign a security deal that would authorize an enduring US military presence in the country while a recent poll shows the war in Afghanistan is the most unpopular war in the American history.

Despite pressures from Washington, Kabul has declined to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), which will allow thousands of US troops to stay in Afghanistan for up to a decade beyond 2014.  (VN: well, If they do not, who is going to guard, protect, and deliver the poppy fields to the drug refiners working for the Bush family? we should create a new saying and logo,  "US Soldiers:  DYING FOR DRUGS! Heroine specifically. )

“We are prepared to sign the agreement,” said Steve Warren, the acting Pentagon spokesman, on Monday.

“We urge the government of Afghanistan to sign the agreement promptly. If we cannot conclude a BSA promptly, we will be forced to initiate planning for a post-2014 future that does not have a US troop presence there,” he added.

Washington has repeatedly said if the deal is not signed, it will have to pull its entire force of some 44,500 troops out of the Asian country by the end 2014, warning that the pullout could destabilize the war-stricken country.

Earlier in December, the administration of US President Barack Obama extended the deadline for signing the agreement to January despite an earlier ultimatum that the deal must be signed by the end of December.

The US efforts to force the Afghan government to sign the agreement comes as a recent CNN/ORC International survey shows America’s longest war has become its most unpopular one as well.  (VN: good, then our people will take a stand against that same agreement.  WE ENCOURAGE THE AFGHAN GOV TO NOT SIGN THE AGREEMENT.

The poll, released on Monday, indicates that support for the war in Afghanistan among Americans has dipped to just 17 percent and that a majority of Americans would like to see troops pull out of Afghanistan before the December 2014 withdrawal deadline.

Source: PressTV
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